Remember when we all thought Paul Pierce would be a career Celtic? Remember after that, when we thought he would have a couple years in Brooklyn and then call it a career? Having him team with KG made it a little more palatable, along with the notion that their team would possibly be contending for a ring, but it still felt weird to see him in that black jersey.

The Brooklyn situation was poisoned pretty quickly when it became apparent that Brooklyn stunk, thanks Deron Williams. An owner that thought throwing cash around equaled NBA rings, a team that played with a surprising lack of heart, and a first year coach in way over his head (at the time) in Jason Kidd, the situation felt strange from the start. A new franchise in a strangely dark arena, Brooklyn seemed to be great at acting good and acting cool, but actually neither good nor cool. It was frustrating as a loyal Pierce fan.

From there Pierce sought refuge with the Washington Wizards, a young and talented team that needed a veteran presence, and an off the bench talent like his. Washington was a much happier experience for Pierce, and a much happier watch for his fans. He embraced the team, the team embraced him, and the city embraced him. Watching Pierce play very efficient basketball, segue into the older, smarter version of himself, was a pleasure to see. He provided leadership, offensive punch, and some absurdly clutch shooting in the playoffs (along with incredible post game interviews).

A lot of us saw how much he was beloved in Washington, and how much he seemed to love being there. The fact is they weren't quite ready to compete for a title. With Pierce's last year or two finally on the horizon (at least we think they are, I thought that 3 years ago), it was understandable he might want to be on a contender one more time, but would not leave Washington for just anywhere. So when the Los Angeles Clippers came calling, Pierce's interest was piqued. It offered him a homecoming, a reunion with his old coach, and a chance at a title.

I said the Clippers didn't deserve him, and I meant it. Even I had no idea that DeAndre Jordan would bolt for Dallas, leaving huge gap in the middle for the Clippers to try and shore up on the fly. Sure with Blake Griffin playing a small ball center, perhaps Pierce could be that small ball 4, the role he thrived so well in when Randy Whitman was finally smart enough to go to it, but we'll see eventually.

The fact is that Paul Pierce, a player as linked and synonymous with the Celtics organization more so than anyone in the last 20 years, is about to play for his 4th team in the last 3 calendar years.

My first instinct was to respond to Burke's tweet with "YOU'RE THE WHORE, WHORE!", but the math is the math. Four teams in three years? Who would have thought THAT was going to happen? We know Pierce is, and will always be a Celtic, but the merry-go-round of the last few years has been one that I surely didn't see coming. I'm going to hate seeing him in LA, especially on a team different than what he anticipated, but hopefully he at least chides Chris Paul a few times.

Let's look on the bright side, if we have R.J. Hunter or James Young play well one time against the Clippers this year, Doc will probably bite if we want to trade them for Pierce.

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Chris Thompson 7/08/2015 08:15:00 AM Edit
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