Well it's nice to see Love finally realize that Kelly Olynyk would be just about the last player to do something dirty on the court. Time seems to have healed all wounds here as just a few weeks ago Love wasn't ready to talk to Kelly:

As for Boston's Kelly Olynyk, the one responsible for putting Love in this uncalled-for predicament, he claims to have moved on from the disdain of hearing Olynyk's name. He claims.

"Oh yeah. I'm over it," Love said. "I'm just trying to get healthy."

Love said Olynyk has reached out multiple times and he acknowledged not returning any of his calls. He'll save that conversation for down the road. Right now, he has more important business to tend to.

"All I'm focused on is getting healthy right now," he said.

While I wouldn't put the odds of the Celtics landing Love as probable, I would say he's the most likely star to end up in Boston. So whether Love would be your first choice or not, I think it would be wise for Celtics fans to get behind him. He's the only realistic option this Summmer. The Celtics will have the cap space to sign him to a mx deal and if necessary could offer the Cavs a quality sign-and-trade deal to trump the Lakers max offer. Not sure why no one has mentioned this. With a sign-and-trade deal Love wouldn't leave any money or years on the table and the Cavs wouldn't lose him (or in essence Andrew Wiggins) for nothing. Obviously signing Love with out a sign-and-trade deal would be more ideal for the Celtics, but the NBA is a business.

JR 5/31/2015 03:12:00 PM Edit
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