Jamie Foxx did a pretty solid Doc Rivers impression last night on Jimmy Fallon. Check it out.

While on the topic of Rivers, count me as someone that doesn't understand the vitriol that he's been getting from Celtics fans. He's the only coach we've had to lead us to a title in the past 30 years. Danny Ainge was going to tear down the team and Doc was not the right coach for a rebuild. We got out of his contract, got a better rebuilding coach in Brad Stevens, and got a Clippers 1st to boot. He didn't go to a rival like LeBron and the Heat at the time or the Lakers. He went to the Clippers.

Boston has the best fans, but too often once guys leave instead of celebrating what they did here, we turn on them. I blame the Boston media mostly for this as they LOVE to write hit pieces when guys are on the way out. I think we should be better than that.

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JR 5/20/2015 01:52:00 PM Edit
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