Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen are still not on speaking terms and Ray has given up trying to talk with The Big Ticket. This according to Jay King at masslive.com:
Update on the Kevin Garnett-Ray Allen tiff: The two former teammates still have not spoken over the last two years because Allen left the Boston Celtics to join the Miami Heat as a free agent.

Shortly after Allen's departure, you might recall Garnett saying that he no longer possessed the sharpshooter's number and made a choice not to communicate with him. Before the first Celtics-Heat game the following year, Allen tried to greet his long-time defensive anchor but was thoroughly shunned. Allen told reporters earlier this week that he does not try talking to Garnett anymore.

I can't say I blame Garnett.

Ray's shot last year in the NBA Finals in Game 6 was huge in solidifying Lebron James' legacy. Not to mention, his killing the Nets in this series to the tune of 16 points per on 7-12 from 3.

I've never wanted to be a Ray hater because I was always a fan of his from UConn, to the Bucks, to his Seattle days and of course with the Celtics.

I also love the movie He Got Game and cannot say I blame a Hall of Famer for being frustrated that he was tabbed to back up Avery Bradley. Also, having played a fair amount of basketball in my lifetime I can attest that no one really knows what went on behind the scenes with the dynamic of him and Rajon Rondo.

Having said that, if he would have made just one of the countless jump shots he missed (3-14) in 2010 against the Lakers in Game 7 when Perk went down the Celtics would've won that game.

Not to mention, last night it felt as though every time he hit a basket someone was stabbing me in the gut.

Hence, I am very much with KG on this one.

Ray's a phenomenal Hall of Fame player but what he did is unforgivable and he definitely should never have his number hanging from the rafters in Boston with other Celtic greats.

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Clint Corey 5/09/2014 12:54:00 PM Edit
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