One Celtic makes the Top 10. Well actually two, but only one in a positive fashion. A couple thoughts I have are I don't really consider Blake Griffin's push-off throw in shots dunks personally and Vince Carter's dunk was nothing special at all. Also when a guy puts his body in the way trying to take a charge (a smart defense play) and a player dunks on him, I'm not sure all the stare downs are necessary. It's not like you really dunked on him as he attempted to stop you. I'd rather have my big man step in to try and take a charge or attempt to block the shot then step away to avoid being posterized.

Out of these 10 dunks, which would you say was the best? Or was there another dunk missing from this list that should have been #1?

JR 4/26/2014 05:10:00 PM Edit
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