Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce loved their warm welcome home to Boston on Sunday. Except for one thing: Gino was missing. In the above video from their post-game press conference, KG and Pierce expressed how much they missed Gino, whose American Bandstand video set to the Bee Gees "You Should Be Dancing" track is traditionally played on the TD Garden's Jumbotron during the Celtics' blow-out victories: 

"I thought we was gonna see Gino... I thought they were gonna show Gino!" Garnett repeated to the media.

Pierce added: "That was probably the only thing that wasn't on the video. They shoulda had Gino... We miss Gino."

This still photo of KG looking up at Gino on the Jumbotron was
included in Garnett's tribute video, but to the dismay of Pierce
and KG, no actual video footage of Gino was included
A reporter pointed out that the last frame of KG's tribute video showed a still photo of Garnett looking up at the Jumbotron during Gino time, and immediately after the video ended, "You Should Be Dancing" came on over the PA speakers, but it wasn't the same as having the full Gino time video grace the screen.

The lack of Gino in the tribute videos came as a surprise not only to KG and Pierce, but also to myself. Back in July, it was reported that Gino would in fact be in Garnett's tribute video, but I guess someone made the decision to edit him out before the final cut. Remember this?

In any case, with the current state of the Celtics roster, we haven't seen much of Gino this season. Should the Celtics production team have gone against tradition and played Gino for KG and Pierce even though the Celtics-Nets game wasn't a blow out? Was this one of those circumstances that the rules should have been bent a little bit? Vote in the poll below (or click here if you can't see the embedded poll) and sound off in the comments:

Danielle Hobeika 1/28/2014 09:30:00 AM Edit
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