The decision to test some things out was made way before anyone stepped on the court against Toronto this week. After all, that is what the preseason is for, right?

While the result wasn’t what anyone in Boston was hoping for, there was a lot to get excited about in Mondays loss- specifically the chemistry between Gerald Wallace, Jared Sullinger, and Celtics rookie Kelly Olynyk.

After the game, CSSNE.com's A. Sherrod Blakely caught up with coach Brad Stevens who had this to add:

"They did a really good job out there," said Stevens. "You know, I don't have a plus/minus report right now ... but they played pretty well together." Olynyk and Wallace were plus-3 and plus-2, respectively, when they were on the floor while the C's were plus-9, the best on the team, when Sullinger was in the game.
The leadership potential that Gerald Wallace possesses is going to play a big factor this summer. As an NBA veteran who has played on teams of all levels in both the Eastern and Western conference, his comments about the synergy he is starting to feel with his teammates is a bright spot in the early part of the season.
"Those are guys that for me personally, stretch the floor," Wallace said. "They're able to knock down jumpshots and stretch the floor and open up the lane for me. I'm able to penetrate and get in the middle and kick out to those guys. We compliment each other well on the court." - Gerald Wallace

The Celtics preseason rolls on tomorrow night, Wednesday October 9th in Providence against the New York Knicks.

Source: A. Sherrod Blakely, CSNNE.com

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