Jason Terry will be posting an online diary up on ESPN Boston. Here's a snippet from his first entry:
The funniest moment on the trip was we were attracting a lot of attention because of KG's [Kevin Garnett] size. He's so tall that they recognized him easily. We were getting bombarded by pictures. So all of sudden, KG takes the camera from one lady and started taking pictures of her. We got quite a crowd around us once they saw what he was up to. Definitely a bonding trip and the reason is because you're around each other and you're in foreign territory. You rely on one another to communicate because you mainly just stay in touch with your loved ones through the internet. You kind of lean on one another for the 7-8 days we were there. We ate breakfast together. We ate dinner together. At night, I called it campfire style where we bonded and formed a group called the Wolfpack. So it was the same group of guys downstairs at the hotel sitting under heated lamps telling stories and playing cards -- that was really big for us. The Wolfpack was everybody on the team. Everybody every night was down there but we called it the Wolfpack as a team bonding thing.

First off needless to say some Celtics Lifer needs to photoshop the Celtics into the Hangover Wolfpack scene. EK? DH? QD? PBB? One of our readers? (Thanks EK!: Afternoon Delight: The Wolfpack!) The whole diary entry is a great read, so I recommend you read it all and I look forward to more of Jet's entries. I'm also looking forward to the regular season to watch Terry playing with Rondo. I think that is when his game will really take off (Sorry I hate corny puns, so the jet taking off pun was 100% not intended).

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