Next up on the NBA schedule is the Orlando Summer League, which begins Monday, July 9 and runs through Friday, July 13.  Following that is the Vegas Summer League which runs from Friday, July 13 through Sunday, July 22.   All games from both leagues will be aired on NBA-TV.  Many of the games are live, while some will be on tape delay.  Many of the Orlando SL games will be rebroadcast while the schedule shows just one airing for each of the Vegas games.  There may be replays at a later time.  All times listed are Eastern.  You can check out the Celtics' roster and schedule here.   Celtics games are in bold print. Watching on NBA-TV sure will beat the streams on the Magic website we've had to settle for in previous years.
Schedule is after the jump.  

Monday, July 9
11:00am BKN vs ORL (Replay: 7/10 12:00am)
1:00pm BOS vs OKC (replay; 7/9 8:00pm)
3:00pm UTA vs DET (replay: 7/10 4:00am)
5:00pm IND vs PHI (replay: 7/10 7am)

Tuesday, July 10
11:00am PHI vs UTA (replay: 7/11 7:00am)
1:00pm IND vs OKC (replay: 8:00pm)
3:00pm DET vs ORL (replay: 7/11 4:00am)
5:00pm BKN vs BOS (replay 7/11 12:00am)  

Wednesday, July 11
11:00am IND vs BOS (replay: 7/12 6:00am)
1:00pm OKC vs DET (replay 7/12 8:00am)
6:00pm BKN vs PHI
11:00pm UTA vs ORL

Thursday, July 12
11:00am DET vs BOS (replay: 7:00 pm)
1:00pm BKN vs OKC
3:00pm IND vs UTA
5:00pm PHI vs ORL

Friday, July 13
8:00am UTA vs DET
10:00am BOS vs ORL
12:00pm PHI vs DET
2:00pm IND vs BKN
Start of Vegas Summer League
4:00pm ATL vs WAS (replay: 7/14 2:00pm)
6:00pm HOU vs TOR (replay: 7/14 1:00am)
8:00pm GSW vs LAL (replay: 7/14 4:00am)
10:00pm SAC vs CHA (replay 7/14 12:00am)

Saturday, 7/14
4:00pm MEM vs NYK
6:00pm GSW vs DEN (replay: 7/15 4:00am)
8:00pm LAL vs SAC (replay 7/15 1:00am)
10:00pm HOU vs WAS (replay 7/15 12:00am)

Sunday, 7/15
4:00pm NYK vs PHO
6:00pm DEN vs DAL
8:30pm CLE vs CHA (replay: 7/16 1:00am)
10:30pm NOH vs POR
4:00am TOR vs MIA

Monday, 7/16
9:00am WAS vs D-League
12:00pm SAS vs ATL
2:00pm NOH vs POR
4:00pm ATL vs BOS
6:30pm HOU vs SAC
8:30pm LAL vs MIA
10:30pm MIL vs NOH
3:00am CLE vs D-League

Tuesday, 7/17
9:00am LAC vs MIN
4:00pm DEN vs NYK
6:00pm WAS vs MEM
8:30pm CLE vs PHO
10:30pm MIN vs CHA
1:00am POR vs HOU (7/18)
4:00am SAS vs LAL (7/18)

Wednesday, 7/18
9:00am CLE vs PHO
12:00pm CHI vs BOS
2:00pm MIN vs CHA
4:00pm MIL vs WAS
6:30pm SAC vs TOR
8:30pm NOH vs PHO
10:30pm GSW vs MIA
1:00am NOH vs PHO (7/19)
4:00am ATL vs DAL (7/19)

Thursday, 7/19
9:00am SAS vs LAC
12:00pm MIL vs WAS
2:00pm CHI vs HOU
4:00pm NYK vs TOR
6:00pm POR vs ATL
8:00pm CLE vs MIN
10:30pm CHA vs DEN
3:00am BOS vs SAC (7/20)

Friday, 7/20
9:00am LAC vs LAL
4:00pm NYK vs CLE
6:30pm MEM vs CHA
8:30pm CHI vs GSW
10:30pm DAL vs NOH
1:00am DEN vs POR (7/21)
4:00am MIA vs SAS (7/21)

Saturday, 7/21
9:00am PHO vs D-League
12:00pm MEM vs CHA
2:00pm DAL vs NOH
4:00pm POR vs MIA
6:30pm GSW vs NOH
8:30pm CHI vs LAC
10:30pm MIL vs BOS
1:00am MEM vs PHO (7/22)
4:00am DAL vs SAS (7/22)

The 7/22 schedule for NBA-TV isn't posted yet but this will get you up until then. I've listed all of the games in case you wanted to watch them all, or just watch a particular rookie.

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