I came across a summer league game thread from yesterday's game thread and the comments were so good I just had to share.  It appears that Hawks fans are quite bitter over their losses to the Celtics. I guess losing to the dame team year after year after year will do that to you!  There aren't a lot of comments like there are for regular season, but what they lack in quantity, they make up for in hilarity.   Enjoy this bonus SL edition of Comments from the Other Side! 

Beat the Celtics!

But they have sullinger And melo……… God I hate the Celtics.

I can hear them now “Guys we got Suh-linger. This kid is the next Gahr-nett. Bill Simmons told me so.”

Is it wrong to HATE this group of Celtics?

"If hating you is wrong, I don't want to be right."

If I had one dying wish I would call Paul pierce to my death bed just so I can say “go to hell” with my dying breath

I hate everything about Boston

They willingly donned the green and white uniforms

And now they have broken many hawks fans hearts By taking Jason Terry

Man am I glad Boston took Melo... That would have been a horrible pick.

Remember, a big man develops slow, he has huge upside

Kwame Brown had huge upside too.......

COACH Tyronn Lue??

Boston keeps surprising me with new ways if how to hate them

A comeback win would make up for the blown call in Game 6 Not really

Sullinger seems a little fat to me

He's always been fat He used to be fatter

FLCeltsFan 7/17/2012 09:43:00 AM Edit
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