Ira Winderman

Don't discount the Heat no longer having a mid-level. There still could be a sign-and-trade for Ray Allen, with the Heat perhaps using a draft pick as enticement. Remember, LeBron and Bosh were sign-and-trades. Heat could create a traded-player exception by moving a player for a pick.

Ira Winderman is the Heat beat writer. This is the idea I proposed last week. If you're going to lose Ray, might as well get something for him. LeBron and Bosh both originally agreed to sign with the Heat back in 2010, but then later they were signed-and traded.

Now the Celtics don't want to help their rival, but they have to look out for self first. Remember the Celtics goal is to win the championship. Not just to beat the Heat. The better team the C's have the better their chances. The Western Conference with the reloaded Lakers and the Thunder won't be pushovers. If the Celtics can get an asset for Ray they have to do it. Even if that asset doesn't help this year's Celtics, Ainge can always flip it for someone who will.

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