When the Celtics decide to play, they clearly are the better team. It's a shame they don't come to play more often.  It could make things so much easier for them.  Cracks me up that they get upset with people bashing their team but yet their own fans constantly bash their team and every player on it.  Their hate for Hawes is way worse than for any Celtics player it seems.  Enjoy today's Comments ...

Anyone else believe our Bench is about to wear the Celtics out? Those guys have a lot of older players playing some serious minutes over the course of the series.

If I have to see Avery Bradley's should pop out of socket again I'm gonna throw up.

I would've love to see prime time Pierce against prime time Turner...would be quite entertaining! But nonetheless, finally someone putting Pierce in his place!

We need to win this damn game. I don't see us winning a Game 7 in Boston.

Why did the NBA gave us a two day break? They should give us a break and hand us a back to back.

Does anybody else get bothered with other fans bashing our team? Like saying stuff like, ''Boston is having trouble with a awful sixers team''? Or calling our players scrubs? How do you deal with this? It's annoying and unnecesary.

It's true. They are losing to an awful team. And that is where all the fun is.

No Bradley = game over for them Imo. That guy is the reason our offense only works in fits and spurts.

Bradley's arm would have to be limp, dragging along the court for him not to play. It's not coincidence that his entry into the starting lineup happened at the same time the Celtics turned their season around. That guy's defense is bad ass.

So, who's calling the game tonight on TNT?...

Tom heinsohn Donny wahlberg and lucky the leprechaun


Just as long as the sixers don't fall asleep like they do defensively at times on Avery, Allen isn't quite as forgiving on open looks

And a special F*** you to David Stern. Thanks for giving them an extra day off, while you made the Lakers and Clippers play back-to-back. Asshole.

I would like to see Brand get out there and give KG another face rake

we’re getting shafted by the referees tonight…I can JUST FEEL IT!

These Rondo layups are nauseatingly easy.

Hawes is so soft

Turner= scrub.

Can hawes just got hurt or something? Something that will just not make him play anymore.

Celtics pulling out a "game 3" and luring us to step away from out defense?

Brand needs to be making those easy jumpers consistently. It's to the point where Rondo's jumper is more reliable than his.

OK we left Stiessssssssssssma wide open 2 straight possessions.

Not only has KG been setting those BS illegal screens, but I’ve seen Stiesma do it too.

Holy crap that Stiemsma shot looked like he knew what he was doing.

You wouldn’t know the Sixers have the lead with all the Stiemsma praise we just saw

Game plan Don’t defend Stiemsma.

Hawes is already looking like a scrub. He does nothing but hurt us in this series.

The trash talking Celtics scare him and take home out of what game he does sometimes have.

Glen Rivers is obviously the best coach evar.

Ryan Hollins just ate Thad Young

If the Celtics win, it’s because of the refs!!!!

"THAT'S RIGHT JRUE, NO BASKET!!" Dick Stockton getting a little giddy there, huh? Bet he's wearing his lucky Celtics underwear for this one!

I feel like every Boston shot goes in when the crowd gets into it.

I hate PP

KG is killin us

Philly getting all the 50/50 balls, Boston getting all the 50/50 calls…

Hey did you guys know that the whole Celtics team is playing hurt?

Anytime Pierce throws his head back its a foul

Where was the foul on that play? The baseline camera showed Hollins bobble it, KG came up with the ball and while Hollins pushed Thad out of bounds, KG put it up and in. Can I be an NBA ref?

We got plenty of calls at home. It happens.

Papelbon was right, Boston fans are dumb. Cheering ludly for a block wayy after the whistle.

Pierce yelling like a bitch again

You all know there has to be at least one quarter where we score in the teens though. All this scoring is making me feel weird and confused

Every fan base got bad apples...but the stereotype Boston fan definitely annoys me


He'd just miss

Hawes is a clumsy Neanderthal whose widow's peak reminds me of Eddie Munster.

Celtics players definitely can't understand 50% of what Rivers says during timeouts

Can we shoot Hawes at half time? You know like they do to a wounded animal?

Garnett when Hawes is on him = Prime Duncan
Garnett when Lavoy is on him = Poor man's Ryan Hollins

Man I hope Turner emulates Paul Pierce as he progresses in his career.

You would like him to come out to the court in a wheelchair? It's a little dramatic for me but I get it.

Have I mentioned I hate KG?? And Pierce too. All Pierce does is drive in and as soon as there is any light contact, he screams out loud so a foul is called. It's BS. Iggy needs to start screaming too.

Rondo crashing the offensive boards....so dumb Rondo...never do that!! Haha

Will smith should give garnett the same backhand he gave to that guy on the red carpet. Set him straight.

We suck.

Wow what a dirty ****. Garnett just flat out tripped brand. Didn't even try to be subtle.

That should be a flagarent foul. Garnett is always trying to trip somone!

Thaddeus you mental midget

KG gets blocked, jerks uncontrollably, foul called.

Spencer plays like he hates competence.

Are the refs afraid to call fouls on the C’s?

No one wants to see the Sixers win outside of us Philly fans remember?

Yep, we have a couple refs who traditionally pander to the home team regardless. Specifically Ed Malloy and Rodney Mott.

Refs r gonna get one over on us…I can just feel it!

Kenny was a scrub, and Barkley has no rings…..expert analysis indeed.!

Kenny SMith was no scrub, and Barkley’s a HOF. C’mon you’re smarter than this.

Boston fans shouldn’t be cheering Hawes fouls

Does Bass ever miss. So annoying.


i’m a fan of the contested ft myself

Lol Garnett elbow actually called a foul… and Boston fans don’t like it.

Oh dear… shut the crowd up please.

I really despise Doug Collins.

I’m glad Iggy just stopped to complain to the ref instead of running back on D.

The refs allowing straight hacks on D in the 3rd is upsetting me, I think ill go smoke tobacco in the basement

They are going to lose BC of free throws

I expect the Celtics to go stone cold in the 4th.

This game is gonna go down to the last second and Bass is gonna hit the game winner

You know what would be cool? Defense against Bass.

Damnit, start missing, Brandon Bass--I'm stabbing the little voodoo doll I have of you in the elbow

I liked when we were up by 6 for like 20 seconds

That was right when the sixers got two free throws and the ball but got no points off of it.

I keep thinking its a replay.. But no, it’s just always bass

Only rondo could make a trip look beautiful..

I hate everybody and everything. Most specifically, that terrible bench thing.

I want to physically injure something.

I want to mentally injure my TV

Celtics are clutching and grabbing- and the Sixers are losing composure. It is not the refs fualt- the Sixers have to respond with similar defense instead of hanging their heads

Wtf, Mr make everything and even go to the rim a lot, Brandon bass—well, he is making it happen. Stop him and them,

they’re not winning this game.

How do you let Brandon Bass absolutely destroy you in all facets of the game.

Not liking how these fouls aren’t going both ways.

I think the Sixers are 100% focused on the fouls and have lost focus on the Celtics.

Unreal were losing because of Brandon **** bass

Rondo is picking this team apart.

What is this crap? A layup line for the Celtics? Lay one of them out already

We suck

Brandon Bass has 18 3rd quarter pts, are you frickn kidding me???!!!! That is the most hilarious think I've ever heard...

Collins need to get some help ASAP. Maybe someone can donate a brain?

Somehow hawes is the only sixers with a positive +/-.

Why +/- , when taken individually, is a mostly useless stat.

Nearly as useless as Spencer hawes

Someone needs to start a fight so we can have some sort of fire going into game 6, else this shit is over.

ET fouling Rondo's thrown elbow with his gut...

Sometimes I wish I were a Thunder fan.

Bass is just trying harder than any Sixer on the floor. Pathetic.

Pierce missed no call yelled gets whistle unbelievable.

Celtics are playing around – don’t take that from them.

Wow, this team sucks Out of gas.

Which I don’t quite get, because the other team won the men’s rec over 45 league last year

I wish we had Rondo

Hopefully I suffer some form of amnesia that makes me forget the second half.

The Sixers are only down 20. Teams have scored 20 points in 2:49 multiple teams before. We can do this!

I really don't understand these foul calls. Evan turner gets fouled but no call. Celtics go into the paint and no one touches them and a foul is called.

Not saying the refs lost this game for us, because noone wants to guard Bass, and we cant make a shot, but the refs sure didn't help. So lopsided

It’s not heart. It’s that they’re not good and go through stretches where they’re badness comes out.

I thin guys like Hawes were trying but they're just terrible at basketball.

Above average players don’t get foul calls.

Brandon Bass is above average but not a star and got the most ft attempts for the C's with 10.

Lavoy Allen’s face fouled Kevin Garnett’s elbow

Good night, everyone.

I’m going to go throw things.

Why are people so hung up on the refs? The Sixers don’t make free throws, so it doesn’t really matter.

Stern's already booked these refs for Game 7

The refs were actually helping us by calling every foul on Hawes. No way in hell you can blame them for this loss.

Thaddeus Young is a waste of space

I hate Boston! I hate Boston's punk a** players I hate everything about Boston. I hate the air in Boston. I hate everything!!!

FLCeltsFan 5/22/2012 01:56:00 PM Edit
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