The Celtics still aren't playing like they are even interested in this series until the final 5 minutes of the game.  If they ever decide to show up and play right from the beginning they'll actually get a win.  Regardless, Sixers fans are terrible.  They trash their own players until they do something good and then they cheer for them and when they make a mistake they go right back to trashing them.   The last comment kind of says it all - Sixers fans should be thrilled with the officiating. It was a big reason why they won.  Beside the 21 to NINE free throw advantage, there was that offensive foul they called on KG at the end after letting that go on both sides the entire game.  But if the Celtics had given half an effort throughout the game, the would have won in spite of the officials, so can't blame the loss on the officiating.   Enjoy the comments but I expect the next edition to be much better after the Celtics finally wake up and win in Philly.  

We MUST win this if we want a chance of beating Boston in this series..

LOU needs to be put on a leash...because he ruined that game for us.

Celts struggles when KG is on the bench. KG can't and won't play heavy minutes. If KG's on the bench, we need to take it to a higher level and build a lead.

Rondo's' a bum on offense, keep playing him the same but get a butt on him after the shot goes up... Let garnett take all the long 2's he wants

Bradley is very good on the ball and gets away with being allowed to slap people all the time... But even then turner should be able to own him... Turner and jrue must attack

We steal this one tonight. No way does KG get those jumpers to fall again.

Boston is old as crap and Miami just lost Bosh possibly for the season. We have a legit chance of getting to the finals. Don't sleep !

No doubt in my mind that we are taking this game tonight.

Hopefully, they can come out with some intensity tonight and catch a much older and slower Boston team off guard.

Rondo did nothing on us until late in the 4th... Ill die by his jumpers all day anyday

I've never seen a player put up the numbers that Rondo puts up in such an unimpressive way. It didn't even seem like he was in the game until he hit a couple jumpers late.

The Celtics don't have the better roster, and they don't have the smarter coach eiter. Doc rivers is a bad coach who was blessed with thibidoigh and 3 very good crunch time players, that doesn't make him a better coach than Collins, or even a good coach at all, he was gift wrapped his roster, and won a title around thibs defense.

Spencer Hawes on Garnett is an absolute matchup nightmare. I went back and re-watched Garnett's 12 made field goals, I'm pretty sure not a single one of his jump shots were contested.

Elton brand is worthless

Boston has an open look every time.

When you miss your first 2 baskets and they're layups you know it's going to be a bad night.

Brand is half-dead out there. Dude isn't even a Cancer. He's much worse.

Ah cmon! Bass isn't this damn good.

What to do the sixers got to do to draw fouls?

Father time has caught up with Elton Brand. He stinks.

He has been sucking since we signed him.

The Devil only allows one old dude to play well. KG won out.

Giving KG and Bass open jumpers IS NOT A STRATEGY

Lets hope Hawes forgets how to get back into the game!

Ray Allen complains so much.

The Sixers have stone hands.

Stiemsma should not be getting easy layups...

Bass will never be covered – I’ve accepted that – but I’ll live with that shot. They got too many other, better options. If I’m going to perish, I’m going to perish via Bass fifteen footers.

Rondo just pisses me off.

he's a condescending d***** He really disrespected Sager’s comment the other night, it was rude

5 on 8, we got em like

KG will literally hold onto someone with his arms on a screen, no call everytime.

Does thad young understand getting back on defense

Lou is on his game tonight....his specialty is missing shots...right?

Lol amazing how he's put into the game to jump start the offense but shoots 1-5

Rondo has more BB IQ than the sixers guards combined

Avery Bradley is so good.

Whoever the put Bradley on can forget about scoring.

Can we trade Avery Bradley for Lou during a playoff series?

Hollins is so damn awful.

Ruh roh Bradley is hurt.

Sixers continuing their strategy of injuring everyone

Injure everyone!

When you can't finish over Ray Allen, just give up.

I can't believe a guy like Ryan Hollins is:
A.) even on a team like the Celtics And
B.) actually plays for them.
The guy was a scrub on the Bobcats, how is he even in the NBA? As a Sixer fan, I'm so thankful for the fact that for whatever reason, the Celtics are forced to play this loser.

Would Hollins get any playing time if Jermaine O'neal wasn't injured?? Sad to think that he was behind a guy that old and past his prime on the depth chart

Do we ever get calls?

**** Ryan hollins

Ryan Hollins is NOT good, please stop C-Webb. He's 7 feet tall, he's never been able to rebound or block shots, and he's a human foul. He's done two things this game....fouled Thaddeus Young but got bailed out by the refs, and then got bailed out by a bad decision by Iggy.

Never realized how much Doc Rivers *****es about calls

You know you suck when you get posterized by Ryan Hollins

For some reason I just can’t stand that guy

This officiating is pretty awful. These are clear flops. Iguodala isn't that strong to knock a 7 footer back 10 feet.

Hollins the bum is flopping all over the place and getting calls as if he's played in the league for a decade

Yeah there TOTALLY wasn’t a pushoff there. Ray Allen magically got open.

Another Hollins flop What’s up refs?

You do not make a call against a Der Stern favorite team if you wish to keep your refereeing job.

David $tern wants the Celtics to win

Love how calm Jrue was when he took that.

Bradley being out makes everyone calmer


Bleep you Pierce

P.S. Andrew Bynum took your parking spot

The low-scoring is a Boston pace that the Sixers should try to force upwards. Old and slow Boston can stay with them in a low pace game and right now they are in control.

Sixers MVP = Brandon Bass

TNT analysts really respect the sixers. I’ve noticed this. Celtics arent trying. Sixers really trying but they totally suck, apparently. Also, the only good basketball that occurred in the first half involves only Celtics highlights.

I have to agree that the Celtics aren’t really taking the Sixers seriously. Other than that, the TNT analysts are full of crap.

Ray missed one? Weird.

Everyone sucks

I’ve noticed that the Celtics never move on screens. Just an observation.

This game is hilariously bad.

Two top 5 defenses on display Not a lack of effort. Quite the contrary.

Our general lack of talent is really appalling. We’ve easily been involved in the three ugliest postseason games this year.

I love when KG isn't in.

My god, we suck! This is unbelievable.. This Boston team is soooo old, slow and tired, and we can't beat them.. Sad, sad..

Thad has been terrible.

To be noticeably terrible in this game is a remarkable accomplishment

I love how Pierce got bailed out by the refs on that last play. Beautiful.

Welcome to Hawesland. Population: whoever wants in the lane

Oh that's why they don't go to brand in the post. Cuz ray freakin Allen just took it out of his hands. The guy just jumped right into a double team.

Rondo somehow developed a consistent jump shot last game, now Pietrus is all of a sudden Reggie Miller? When Keyon Dooling drops 30 in game 4, I'm gonna cry.

Turner go **** yourself. Idiot

Man just give this team one guy who has half the intensity that garnett has.

Where is the technical on Garnett for hanging on the rim????!!! Are you kidding me??? He was frickn posing!

Was about to say the same thing but ET was below him. Not a technical when you’re hanging on waiting for someone under you to clear out.

I really don't understand why turner is regarded as our future,the boy sucks

So it’s a foul when the sixers throw someone to the floor….must be nice for the Celtics.

Guys, I'm at the point where I have no faith that the Sixers will win this game.

Rondo makes it look so easy.


Fake tough guys. Get your comeuppance


I hate New York teams more than I hate Boston teams. I hate Boston fans more than any other fans in the country.

KG got away with soooo many screens tonight. Cost ya this time, chump…

ND of course the legendary TNT lineup is hating on the offensive call. F that, they’re all clowns including Charles. And OF COURSE they say nothing about the no call on Turner’s unbelievable drive. Whatever, haters gonna hate.

Charles is just mad BC he probably bet 50 k on the Celtics.

Holy crap. Not only did they win a close game against a veteran team but they got help from the refs. Jeez leweez.

Not sure what the deal is with Chuck thinking Celts are so superior to us, we match up pretty well on them except for KG and KG can't carry the team like he used to.

Suck it Boston! That's all I got. Super pleased with the refs today

FLCeltsFan 5/15/2012 12:20:00 PM Edit
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