Turns out Avery Bradley's shoulder is worse then we were led to believe. We were told that it wouldn't really worsen and that there was no danger of playing him the rest of the playoffs. Now we're hearing that Bradley has small tears in his shoulder and that the estimated recovery time post surgery will be four months. So basically Bradley needs to get surgery within the week to be ready for camp. We all know from following this Celtics regime that estimated timetables have a way of being extended.
Boston Celtics second-year shooting guard Avery Bradley needs surgery on his ailing left shoulder and likely will miss the remainder of the postseason, team president of basketball operations Danny Ainge acknowledged Thursday.

The surgery is needed to repair small tears that have compromised the structure of his left shoulder, according to a league source.

Bradley has endured a number of dislocations during the 2011-12 season, including three in the postseason. After the shoulder came out in a Game 4 loss in Philadelphia, doctors determined it was too risky to put him back on the court with the potential for a more serious injury, according to the source.

With surgery unavoidable, Bradley is expected to undergo the procedure as soon as the team determines he's able. According to the source, Bradley is looking at a four-month recovery process, but the hope is he will be ready in time for training camp in October.

If Bradley gets surgery very soon, I expect him to be ready for camp. But the thing I don't want is for him to come into camp with the shoulder at let's say 50% health. I want him to be 100%. We see too often where guys come in the next season and then re-injure whatever they had surgery on in the offseason.

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