I've noticed something strange coming out the mouths of Celtics fans the past year plus, that KG should retire at the end of his contract (this season's end). Ironically these same fans believe the older Ray Allen should continue playing another 3 years. I don't get it. Wasn't KG still an all-star last season? Didn't he perform better last season then he did the prior season? After Danny inexplicably traded Kendrick Perkins, Shaq went out to pasture, JO hurt his wrist, and Baby disappeared, wasn't KG the last big man standing in the playoffs for the Celtics? The Celtics didn't lose to the Heat because of KG. They lost because of center depth and Rondo's injury.

I fully expect Garnett to be named an All-Star once again this season. That means that he's considered one of the 24 best players in a 30 team league. The reason the Celtics defense will be ranked highly again this year is because of #5. If you happen to see Chris Wilcox finally playing defense in his 10th season in the NBA it will be because he's afraid of dealing with the wrath ok KG if he doesn't. KG is a difference maker. He's no longer an MVP candidate, but he's not just some average power forward either.

You put him on a team like the Thunder or Bulls and watch them become title favorites. Or better yet, instead of watching him ride into the sunset at season's end, why not keep him to be your power forward next season. Let's say Danny is actually able to snag a star free agent next summer. When it comes time to filling out the gutted roster on the cheap, who will be a better bargain at the 4 position than Garnett? Based on last season's play in my estimation Garnett has 2 more all-star seasons left in him and then 2 more solid starter seasons after that. A power forward of his caliber is not easily replaced.

Garnett has also become our defacto big man coach. JJJ and the Steamer are sticking to him like glue (see pic to the right from today's practice, via Chris Forsberg). There's absolutely no reason a Celtics fan should not want Garnett on their team. KG is not the problem. We're lucky to have him. Stop trying to show Garnett the door Celtics fans (and bloggers/writers). He has a lot left in him.

JR 12/22/2011 05:16:00 PM Edit
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  1. Bohemian says:

    Agreed 100%. Best article I've read in a loooong time. Congrats JR!

    KG has a lot of gas in the tank and I hope he signs a new contract with us after this season.

  2. JR says:

    Appreciate it Bohemian. I just keep on reading that KG should retire at the end of the season and I don't get it. Needed to let it out. lol.

  3. 4th_Coming says:

    When K.G. retires, it'll be a sad day. Hopefully that not for a few more years or so.

  4. Anonymous says:

    agreed but the KG comparison to Ray is one that cant be made. Ray is significantly smaller and his game doesn't put nearly as much strain on his knees and body. Ray is a perfect physical specimin. Not to say KG is a slouch at all just Ray's shape and body coupled with how he plays=very long career probably past the age of 40 IMO

  5. Bohemian says:

    Also, hopefully "Shorty" doesn´t go anywhere either ;) I am glad we didn´t get Chris Paul either, Rondo is and will be better for us.

    And you know what? I am happy we didn´t get David West either...what a moron. Plus, if we get to have Jermaine somewhat healthy he will be more valuable to us than West.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have no desire to see him retire. I do hear more fans who want to blow it up and then proceed to put forth ridiculous trade ideas as if they're playing fantasy BB, but I don't think that's the norm by any means. I would like these guys to stick around on short-term deals for somewhat less money as long as they're able to play at a high level.

  7. JR says:

    I agree about your points on Ray anonymous. He could totally play til 40. KG is only 35 though and I think he could also play until then. Danny even said as much when he traded for him. If anything, big men usually stick around longer. Look at Kurt Thomas. He's 39 and the Bulls were using him in crunch time last Spring vs the Heat over Noah/Boozer. Thomas has never been in the class of KG, so one would imagine a 39 year old KG could do MUCH more. And that's just on the court. But I'm not even talking about a 39 year old KG. I'm talking more about next season and the year after, so a 36/37 KG.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Who said he should retire...dumb article.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I agree too. KG is my favorite player and he is defenitly an all-star. I don't know who can be better than him in PF position. Defensively - there is no better player in the league, maybe just Howard, who is much younger and he is a center. Offensevily, maybe? But put KG into not title contender team and he will become their top scorer. He's still here, still rollin'.

  10. Mas220 says:

    I agree, but remember these are the Celtics, back in 2007 before Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen arrived in Boston that 80% wanted to Al Jefferson over Garnett. Granted at the time, Jefferson was 22 and Garnett 31. Al Jefferson was just in his prime and Garnett was in the later years of prime, but he was still a 22.2 points a game scorer and former league 2004 MVP.

    You compare the two statically you would be insane not trade Jefferson for KG that is a no brainier move if you’re Danny Ainge. KG from the age of 19 was destine to be a franchise player. His 10 years with the Wolves, Garnett took that franchise from nothing to relevance and made carried the Wolves to the post-season 8x during his ten years.

    So I do understand where you’re coming from as far as why Celts fans want KG not so much to retire, but even throwing ideas of trading him? When u go to Celtics sites and blogs you see fans throw that idea out there.

    Celtics fans at times can be irrational in thinking. Through he's 35yrs, he's still one of the better Power Forward, and the best defensive player behind Dwight Howard. If were not KG in Boston, the Celtics would not be relevant.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don't think that we will be able to attract a big name free agent until KG retires. I doubt if any of these next generation stars want to come to the C's and get barked at all day long by the big dog. This is an old school team and it starts with KG.

  12. kunzang says:

    JR have i told you recently that i love you???
    ..if not then there goes :)

  13. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous 6:27PM Garnett's contract is so big that it will be hard to get any big name talent. But u made an interesting point about the next generation of stars coming to Boston. I don't see it myself. I think Garnett, Pierce and Allen are number of superstar veterans that this league will not see for a long time.

    Today's generation of stars are Lebron, Wade, Melo, Paul, Bosh, Durant, Westbrook, and etc, but those guys don't possess the qualities like Pierce, Garnett, Allen, Kidd, Nash, Ducan, G.Hill, Dirk, V.Carter and other veterans do.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Why are Celtics fans in such a rush to have KG retire? Garnett is an all-time great. Garnett is one of the greatest Power Forwards ever and greatest PF of his generation second to Tim Duncan. I second Garnett to Duncan, because Duncan has more rings than KG, but Duncan did have David Robinson at his side.

    I like the Celtics, because they’re everything that a fan or coach wants in a team. They’re unselfish, aggressive and experienced. But if Garnett wasn’t on this team can anyone believe the C’s could of won in 2008, make it the finals 2x or dominate the eastern conference and entire league for the past 4 years? ‘No’

    Kevin, 35 he’s obviously not the player he was in his prime. This happens to super-star athletes when they start aging. But last season he was healthy and played great basketball for the Celtics. Had it not been for all the injuries the past 4 yrs this team probably would have won multiple titles?

    The problem with some Celtics fans is they worry about other teams way too much. Celtics fans focus on other star players going to other teams and not theirs. The fact is today’s generation of players don’t see Boston as an attractive city. Also the Celtics are over the salary cap that is why bringing in top younger talent is difficult at the moment.

    Celtics fans have to understand the C’s are not going to be dominate for ever and that teams like the Heat, Bulls and Knicks are gonna get better because they’ve been irrelevant years where as the C’s have not. Celtics can just be disloyal and unreasonable, because when the Big 3 run comes to and end after this season it will be hard to replace Garnett and Allen.

    And the Celtics might not be relevant for dominate for the next few years.

  15. Matt says:

    Agreed. Would be nice to see an extension signed now

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why are Celtics fans in such a rush to have KG retire? If u listen to ESPN, Boston media, and other media sources constantly beating the drum about the Celtics getting older or lacking bench depth because of Green's health, then u start to have doubt in your team and team's players.

    This is typical of Celtics fans any how. Celtics fans are always ready to push away their own. KG is one of the greatest NBA players of all time no question, no doubt, but I guess some Celtics fans can't see that.

    Some Celtics fans need to stop listening to ESPN and other media outlets. They're propaganda machines that are created to build doubt in fans teams. They want people to believe that the Heat or Tim Tebow are god's gift. lol

  17. Roy Boi says:

    I love Garnett and Allen for that matter. If some Celtics fans can't see the great qualities in KG even at 35yrs, then I don't know what else to say to those people.

  18. CelticsAvenger says:

    i have been on every website regarding the Celtics and i personally have not heard anyone say that KG should retire after this year but if there has, it's probably some hater laker & heat fans, KG is loved by boston and true fans of the game like myself and continues to be at the top of his game even while getting older, he changed the culture of the boston celtics and continues to be one of the most intimidating figures in the NBA. KG WILL RETIRE IN CELTIC GREEN, and that that's the bottom line cause i said so!!

    p.s only reason KG can't be a MVP candidate is cause they have to push overrated, media whores though Derrick Rose is a legitimate beast, he and Rondo are the best PG's in the game today

  19. Anonymous says:

    honestly, where did you hear that people are asking garnett to retire? i know your a huge celtics fan and so am i, but i have never heard of garnett retiring and hopefully what you said is right

  20. shelbyl says:

    If Garnett and Allen pull another great season this year I'm sure that they will stick around for less money for a couple more years and we will able to attract one star caliber player with the cap room we have.

    Yes, Celtics are not getting younger, but people have been saying that since 2009.

    This is basketball, and it is not played on paper.

  21. shelbyl says:

    Yet let's not forget that it was KG himself who was talking about retirement last year, so there is that.

  22. DH says:

    I think KG has a few more years in him, especially if he is willing to come off the bench eventually. I love that man!

  23. Beantown says:

    I don't know a single Celtics fan who would want KG to retire and even if I did know somebody, they wouldn't be a real fan in my eyes. You can't be if you actually want him to retire because that would mean you never knew what it's like to watch the Celtics in the draft lottery every year pre-2007 when they got KG.

    I do see all these "experts" on the sports shows and especially ESPN and CSNNE obsessing about the Celtics age and talking about KG like it's his last year officially. Even the guy on CSNNE referred to this season as being "likely KG's last year" like these idiots have some kind of inside information on whether he's going to retire or not. It gets really old, and I hate it for the simple fact that I know what it was like for the Celtics before KG came here and I have zero respect for anybody who wants him to leave. ZERO!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I am a Celtic fan. But KG no longer plays with passion and intensity. Have you watched him this year?

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