The trade Rajon Rondo saga is blowing out of proportions, at least for right now.  We first caught wind of Celtics General Manager offering Rajon for Chris Paul.  Or was it the supposedly the offering of Rajon Rondo to the Oklahoma City Thunder?  Either way, none of this makes a lot of sense right now with the season not officially under way.

Before I get onto the Chris Paul pros and cons, I want to knock off the rumor from Chris Broussard regarding Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green being offered to Oklahoma City Thunder for Russell Westbrook and Kendrick Perkins.  Luckily some of us read the league rules and understand what teams are allowed to do and not do.  Trading restricted free agents within the same year you acquire is not one of them (Jeff Green).  Trading a player back to the same team he was just traded to is another no-no (Kendrick Perkins).  Conclusion to this rumor, sell it, stock will die.  Even Chris tried to kill the hype with this  tweet.

Now that we got that out of the way, we can focus on the real meat and potatoes.  Chris Paul is without a doubt better than Rajon Rondo.  He is better at shooting, passing, rebounding, assists, and leading his team.  Below are the stats for both players, both regular season and postseason.  There is no doubt now that Chris Paul is the better player. 

Now lets look at the playoffs.

After we digest that as Celtic fans, we can continue to think rationally about this potential move.  Why do the Celtics do this move?  They instantly get better and become a contender again with Miami, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles.  Right now the team is on the outside of that group looking in but that debate is for another time.   With Chris Paul, they will be feared again because he is that type of player. 

We hear talks that he will not sign an extension if he is traded to the Boston Celtics, more talk from Chris Broussard.  This sounds familiar. I get déjà vu when I hear this.  That’s right, Kevin Garnett spoke similarly prior to being traded.  I see the differences with the Celtics being a garbage team because acquiring Ray Allen and Chris Paul just being a brat with only one destination of choice.  If he ends up on one of the 29 other teams, will he be unhappy?  You don’t look too good here Chris, a lot of room for error.

If I were the Celtics, and possibly having the chance to grab Chris Paul, I do it.  Even if he only lasts one season, I make the move because the goal is to win a championship the next season.  Not to win one a few years down the road, but the goal is always to win a championship.  Chris Paul instead of Rajon Rondo on this team gives them a chance.

Now, if the Celtics want to trade Rajon Rondo and do not net Chris Paul, I will probably feel differently about the situation.  I would need the facts for an opinion obviously but all reports point to Chris Paul. Or if they do land Chris Paul with an extension signed and his knees end up not being rehabbed enough, that is just thinking way too far in advance.  I am no doctor, but he did play 80 games the year after and made the playoffs, he will be fine.

 Fortunately, Doc and Danny were available to the media to discuss the whirlwind of rumors. Whether or not you believe Danny Ainge in the press conference, and you have every right not to,  but I believe him.  He may have betrayed us when he traded Kendrick Perkins, and regardless of what Shaq says about Rondo being better than Chris Paul, I don’t think Danny trades Rondo.  Now I could wake up on December 9th (first day of free agency) and find out that he has been traded. I will stick with my gut here.  Danny covets Rajon more than I have seen anyone covet anything.  He made a splash as a GM by acquiring Rondo for a few million bucks to the Phoenix Suns for their late first round draft pick.  He traded everything besides Paul Pierce, Kendrick Perkins and Rajon for Kevin Garnett.  Refusing to give up Rondo was slowing the process down. 

We all just need to calm down with the trade rumor hoopla.  As Celtics fans, lets just sit back and enjoy the potential last year of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen’s career.  Focus on Banner 18, in which case, I see the aforementioned Hall of Famers hanging up their jerseys if that banner goes up.  This season isn’t about trading Rajon or acquiring Chris Paul, it is about paying tribute to the end of this era and focusing next on what comes after.

Jacob Noble 12/01/2011 09:16:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    NO needs to get they can get for Paul versus letting him walk!!!

  2. Absolutely, makes sense for them to make A deal, but when and what that deal is remains to be foreseen.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Chris Pauls stats are better then Rajon Rondo, but Rondo is a better point guard...A TRADITIONAL POINT GUARD! Rondo distributes the ball to his team VERY WELL and scores when needed. Rondo is the back bone of the BIG 3! Rondo has come a long way as a player and has held his own for quite a while as the leading point guard of his team. Chris Paul isn't a good fit for the celtics, they don't need a new point guard...they need more size. And that's how they will compete with teams like Miami and Dallas.

  4. So Rondo distributes the basketball better but has less assists than Chris Paul? How does that work?

  5. kunzang says:

    blah blah blah blah CP3 is better than Rondo your ass!!!

    your stats is wrong...
    you are showing the average off all the seasons together..
    have you heard of something called IMPROVEMENT???
    yea its in the dictionary...GO FIGURE!!!

    rondo has worked his way up from that!!
    compare his last seasons stats with CP3 then talks!!!

    sheeshh i just wasted so much time going through your bullshit!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    looking at the stats and calling CP a better passer is absurd

  7. Anonymous says:

    ^ agreed.

    why don't u just compare their rookie years, a 4th pick vs. 21st pick to make your argument even more unclear :/

  8. Anonymous says:

    ^ i meant agreed with kunzang also...

    anonymous from other comment

  9. kunzang says:

    also if you know maths count the number of times rondo has been to playoffs VS CP3....
    thank you!

  10. Reean says:

    I'll take cp3 over rondo any day and if I was DA I wouldn't look back rondo is a fan fav, but cp3 is better for the team. If you know basketball you'd know that too, but y'all defending rondo like your gonna die

  11. kunzang says:

    ohh right reean you the only one who knows basketball now!!!

    and how the hell do you fit in trading rondo and better for the team in the same sentence!!!

    go follow the hornets or wherever CP3 goes if you will take CP3 anyday!!

  12. You talk about improvement but Rondo's first full season starting he average 10.6 points and last year he averaged 10.6 points.

    Chris Paul has averaged more assists in all but one season (One after his injury by only 2 less assists) with a worst supporting cast every year minus Rondo's rookie year.

    As for your playoff argument, that is typical "BOSTON" talk where somehow a team performance boils down to one player.

    Take off the goggles, i love Rondo but if that nets Chris Paul, you do it every time.

  13. Kunzang has a man crush on Rondo

  14. Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry but thumbs down to the writer of this article, Chris Paul is not a better point guard sheesh stop witing that crap ugh I wish Chris Dumbard never started those rumors..

  15. kunzang says:

    Rondo is a TRUE POINT GUARD!!
    dont start with me about points!!!!
    CP3 can shoot.....ya ya!!!

    CP3 must have been better at assist than rondo in previous seasons...but rondos was better in the last season (you move ahead not backward)

    and thank you for mentioning this knee injury!!!
    do i even have to explain here???

    i have my goggles off...buts its about time you got a brain surgery of some sort!!

  16. kunzang says:

    and please do yourself a favor and change the title for this article..
    "The "trade Rajon Rondo" FROM ALL ANGLE" really??
    the only angle is i see is YOUR angle..
    that too backed up by messed up stats!!!

  17. kunzang says:

    i will give u the credit for the 1st 2 paragraph though!

  18. Reean says:

    Kunzang is to defensive.... You obviously don't know how cp3 plays you only want what's best for you, and not the team the only bs is you talking about rondo and how he's doing more than Paul

  19. mcrib is back says:

    CP3 can take over games in the fourth quarter (see round 1 against the Lakers last year) Rondo has not shown the ability to do that yet because he can't make free throws and gets shy of attacking the basket in the 4th quarter. It's as simple as that for me.

  20. Gigi says:

    eeesh, most fans know about this crap about their stats. It's been flying around on different Celtics blogs. Don't rub it in here at CelticsLife. Keep it up and this site will be home to CP3 bandwagon fans.

    I like that post from Mike Saver.

  21. JR says:

    I don't think you have to worry about that Gigi. We have more Rondo fans than any other blog. What we need to worry about is that our GM doesn't seem to be a Rondo fan.

  22. GIgi - just giving different perspectives, its no fun if we all agree

  23. and if anyone is curious, i wrote an article a few days ago on my site about why Chris Paul will not be a Celtic and Rondo is going no where, which as I said in the article, I believe Danny.

    I am just saying if the trade happens, I am not going to cry over it but be thrilled to land a top 5 player. Rondo will never be a top 5 player. And I am a huge rondo fan, ill even tweet proof

  24. Xantox300 says:

    I do like Rondo, but you saw the numbers, and numbers dont lie. Paul is better than Rondo. Now if we dont get Paul for Rondo then there is no point in trading Rondo. But Paul for Rondo its an easy move. Celtics got older and very little improvements were done this year. We need a trade and we need good players. I like Jajuan and E'twaun and I feel that Avery Bradley will blow up this season. But that is not good enough. we need a top 5 player. Paul and Dwight are the best players in the market right now. If paul doesnt want to play for the C's then we need Dwight!

  25. Gigi says:

    @Jacob Noble, i know what you mean but perhaps post in a different section, like the chat box? =))

    @JR, "We have more Rondo fans than any other blog" .. i know, that's why this is my fave blog. ^^,

  26. Anonymous says:

    When CP3 starts playing Defense like Rondo then we can talk about trading...CP3 playing defense = NEVER, specially when he'll be in a Knicks uniform....


  27. kunzang says:

    Jacob what the hell are you?? a psychic???
    1st learn to analyse stats!!!
    "rondo will never be a top 5 player"
    go suck CP3 balls for real!!!

  28. kunzang says:

    he dished out a career-high 24 assists along with a triple-double (10 points and 10 rebounds) against the New York Knicks. It tied him with Isiah Thomas as the only players in NBA history to have at least 24 assists in a triple-double.His total of 50 assists through the first three games of the season tied John Stockton's NBA record for most assists in the first 3 games of the season. In the next game against the Detroit Pistons, he finished the game with 17 assists for a total of 67 assists, which is the most assists in the teams first four games in NBA history.With a 15 assists effort the following day, Rondo again set a record for most assists through the first five games.

    only come back at me if you can beat all the record rondo made!!!

  29. JR says:

    Zang, you need to chill out just a little bit. Let the man have his opinion. You can have yours. And everyone is happy.

  30. kunzang says:

    :) ...for you JR, i shall :P

  31. Haha, i need to learn how to analyze stats? you are the one only looking at what you want to look at. As for the Anonymous who think Chris Paul cant play defense, Why does Chris Paul have 1x All DEF team and 2x All 2nd-Def team? people crack me up.

    and stop taking the fact that CP3 IS better than Rondo meaning that i dont like rondo. If you follow my work you see i stick up for Rondo when people hate on him.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Man, are Cs fans delusionnal...
    CP3 is a better PG than Rondo, there is no discussion to be had here... He's a better scorer, passer and defender.
    And don't start using stats to back up Rondo's playmaking if you don't understand them. Sure, Rondo had a better assist average, but to what cost?
    CP has almost a 5/1 assist per turnover ratio (!), while Rondo is around 3.5/1 (still pretty good). Also, I'm pretty sure Rondo wouldn't ahave topped 10 apg if he was sending passes to the likes of Bellinelli, Willie Green, Aaron Gray or Okafor instead of 3 future HoFers.
    Also, to those who say Paul is less of a "traditionnal" PG : get real! The guy HAS to take more shoots, given his teammates, than Rondo. Even Stockton averaged 20 pgg for "only" 7 apg when he played for a lowly Gonzaga team.
    Also, Rondo can be a liability on offense, as teams can sag off of him or even hack him because of his poor shooting.
    If Paul's stats dropped last year, it's because he was playing more withim himself, trying to avoid mystakes, as evidenced by his low TOs and FGAs.
    Paul is prolly a top 5 player in this league... Is Rondo?

    Seriously, I know you Cs fans love your players, but ruling out trading them because you've convinced yourselves that they are the best in the business is just stupid...

  33. Anonymous says:

    No one takes into account that Rondo has an advantageous contract for the Celtics?

    Contract for a long time for a reasonable price which opens us to try other hires

  34. JdotD says:

    Paul is better, but you cant compare them on career stats alone, Rondo had his entire first year with crappy stats because Doc hates rookies, it's better to cut his first year off when comparing them, they're a lot more similar after that. And Rondo's contract and further adds to his desirability. Paul wont re-sign here, we're not getting him or Dwight in reality...

  35. Rondo's AST% last season 47.1. Chris Paul's was 45.8. That's real close with an edge to Rondo not to mention that Rondo actually has good players that he's assisting baskets too.

    It's easier to draw a triple team and kick to wide open guys, Rondo is dishing to guys that are sometimes not only covered by their defenders but also his own.

  36. Anonymous says:


  37. Anonymous says:

    Lol Jesse, I guess kicking it to an open Willie Green is just as good as kicking it to Ray Allen coming off a screen... Again : get real!
    If Rondo doesn't draw double-teams, it's also because he isn't that much of a threat, not only because of his teammates.
    People couldn't double KG or Pierce with Paul waiting for the kickout. They can with Rondo... Your argument just proves that Paul would make life easier for the other Cs...

    Also : obviously, Rondo will assist more than Paul possession for possession, he can't and won't shoot!

    Rondo's great, but he's just not on the same level as Paul, who could pretty much play for any team and make them instantly better.

    The contract issue is the only argument I saw here that would prevent a trade imo.

  38. Kassie says:

    I keep hearing "CP3 is what's best for the team"...REALLY-Do you guys not witness the complete breakdown after the Perk trade?!

  39. I don't care about the stat sheet comparisons.
    Rondo does not need to be traded. Period.

    If Paul does come to Boston, KG, Pierce, and Rays' production will decrease & we wont be as good as we have been over the past few seasons (defensively - cause Rondo would be gone).

    Also, look back at how the C's played before the Perk trade went down. We dominated teams before he was traded (even before he returned from the knee injury). He wasn't our star player. He wasn't the reason that we were winning all of those games, but his presence was obviously felt when he was on court, and by him just being there supporting on the side lines before returning from injury. And after he was traded, the C's played like shit in many of the remaining games of that season.

    Now think about Rondo being traded & the impact that would have on the team. He is our star player. He is at the beginning of his prime. He is our future player to build around. Think of the chemistry impact and how that would affect the C's on (and off) court.

    We don't NEED to trade Rondo. He is an all star PG. He is probably the most unselfish player in the NBA.

    What the C's NEED to look for is backups for Ray, KG, and JO.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Rondo is a better player. Chris Paul has better stats.

  41. Josh says:

    Deff open to trading rondo but it would have to be for a top scorer that can take on the scoring load from pierce. Ppl get way to emotionally attached to players (kunzang) and they get unreasonable when it come to upgrading a team.

  42. ThomasJ says:

    Kunzang you must have been drinking the green kool-aid with everyone else in the homer shout box. Any objective basketball fan/player knows that Paul is the best pg in the league if his knee holds up. Your comment that Rondo is a better "traditional" pg is ridiculous. Are you saying traditional pg's can't shoot - even FTs? It's absolutely pathetic for your primary ball handler to shoot less than 70% from the line.

    No way we lose game 7 2010 with Paul at point. Bean sagged so far off Rondo that basic entry passes weren't there and Rondo was MIA. Look, I love Rondo's skills and wear my grand theft Rondo shirt with pride but he is a flawed pg who can't shoot.

    Jacob is correct that having Paul on this team makes us serious contenders this season. Paul could make the playoffs in ther East with guys on the Celtic bench. He didn't have much more in NO last season.

    The interesting thing about the big numbers Paul has put up(esp assists)is that he's never played with talent anywhere near what Boston has had.

  43. ThomasJ says:

    I don't see Rondo taking over at key moments like Paul can. KG, Paul, and Ray would get better looks because the D couldn't leave Paul unguarded.

    Rondo can be dynamic taking it to the hoop but it seems like he is more passive because of his brutal FT % - an 80% shooter loves to draw fouls and get the easy points.

  44. Anonymous says:

    random comment which is totally irrelevant to this argument.
    rondo wore the nba head-band upside down.

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