I was hoping that last night’s situation didn’t happen so I could foreshadow it, not the league rescinding a trade, but the Lakers acquiring Chris Paul.  The reason is that if the Celtics stand pat and watch other teams acquire Chris Paul and eventually Dwight Howard, where would the Celtics future be after the big three leave?

I didn’t want to get into a whole debate regarding which trades or moves the team should do because we don’t know what is available.  We do know that Danny Ainge isn’t thinking about 2011/2012, but instead looking at 2015 and beyond.   He understands that this ownership group wants to stay competitive long after Paul Pierce retires and maybe Rondo is or isn’t that guy.

Pairing Rondo up with a couple of B-list stars such as Josh Smith wouldn’t be a bad start, but will that be enough to overcome Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles (if they get CP3) and the Knicks?  I am not comfortable if the Celtics do not improve for the future because we will end up looking like the Warriors after this season, a couple of good talents but not enough to achieve anything substantial.

Shifting gears from here on why I think the Celtics need to improve, I want to point out that they can in fact build around Rajon Rondo.  Pairing Rondo up with Josh Smith and maybe acquire someone else, like a Kevin Martin talent will set Boston up fairly well in the new area of super teams.  Rajon Rondo is a warrior and anyone who questions that desire is flat out pulling crap from thin air.  See: Michael Felger.

How quick Boston is to forget what Rajon Rondo has done the past few seasons.  Does anyone remember playing the rest of the game against the Heat in the playoffs last year after dislocating his elbow?  The Celtics came back and won their only game in that series because of his heart, determination, and his desire to give everything he had for Doc and his teammates.  Aren’t those the athletes we cherish and appreciate?  Don’t we all complain for more of those kind of characters? 

We all know of Rajon’s troubles with his attitude in the beginning of his career.  Winning seems to solve everything.  Rondo has swagger because he knows his capabilities.  The veterans have rubbed off on the young star, like when he was trash talking Chris Paul so badly that CP3 actually tried to storm into the Celtics locker room.  I don’t know about you, but I want a player like Rondo on my team every day.  He is a leader, he is capable of improving in areas of his game that are looked at as a weakness, like shooting and free throws.  Well basically just shooting.  To write off the under 25, 2 time all star, and NBA champion is absurdly illogical.  To come to basis that he can’t improve from a resume that is already better than most will ever have.  Ask Jalen Rose how many all star games he has attended.  It is crazy to get over the top and be readily to ship Rondo out, but our Plan B to build around Rondo isn’t a bad one either.

Jacob Noble 12/09/2011 09:12:00 AM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I Think after all this caos, it would be wise to trade Rondo for the Pacers. We could aquire a decent PG, and a new starting center.
    I'm not stating this just for the heck of trading Rondo, but we definately lost credibility with him as a team. And no i don't blame DA one bit for trying to upgrade; i think he is one of the best GMs out there, and we are luck to have him.

  2. pinsla says:

    Nicely written

    except its pretty clear that Rondo is not Plan B

    Ainge doesnt want to rebuild around Rondo so he will be gone sooner than later

  3. mikesaver says:

    I totally agree. great read.

  4. joserra says:

    Great read, but do you think that Ainge want to have a divided team without Rondo?, I don't think so.

  5. Jenda says:

    If we are talking trading Rondo for Pacers is it with or without the medical staff? And more importantly, does it include Larry Bird?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Who would be the C from Pacers? They can't give up Collison and Hibbert without a decent 2nd C on their roster

  7. Anonymous says:

    kidding me right...rondo to the pacers is easily one of the dumbest ideas ever... if there not gonna get an all star caliber player back for rondo don't trade him

  8. Imran says:

    Rondo isn't an A-list guy but I think we should keep him and find an A list stay some other way. problem is that's impossible as there seem to be no more A-list dudes. Dunno about Howard cause him and Rondo together might struggle to score

  9. Anonymous says:

    ainge is a jackass. hes the one who has attitude problems
    thanks for posting this was great

  10. Great article.

    But i don't blame the Celtics for trying to upgrade over Rondo, i love Rajon as a player but he DOES have a few fatal flaws. There's clearly something strange about his attitude or personality that causes rifts between him and his teammates/management. Then there's the free throw shooting....

    If Rondo can play inspired for an entire season, consistently drive to the basket without being scared of shooting free throws, and then actually improve with his free throws... there isn't a PG i'd rather have. Only problem is that i don't know if he can do all that.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Do you not remember anything?
    All the disloyalty... Hope Rondo never leaves Boston.

    And Jesse. That attitude and personality is also what makes Rondo one of the best young PG's in the world. He believes he is the best PG, and he believes that the Celtics are the best team. It's called a winners attidude. Don't know if you have ever heard of it...

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