"These guys are bad fans"

I want to start off by saying that upon second review, my Potomac River video could have been a lot better and maybe I did deserve to capsize (great comment).  My mom gave me crap for it last  night and I completely agree with her. I promise to do better. If anyone is in the DC area and wants to come out on the river and discuss the Celtics and hot actresses let me know.

Anyway, on to the topic of today's discussion. The reality of this upcoming season is that we are probably going to go out in the 2nd round again at best. In my opinion our one chance at the title was if Jeff Green played up to his potential and became an All Star. With him being out for the year that obviously isn't going to happen.  We haven't gotten any better (at least on paper) and the rest of the contenders, namely Miami with the signing of Battier, have improved. It doesn't look good for Banner 18.

So many of you probably wonder how a Celtics fan can say this? Being realistic and having common sense doesn't make you a bad fan. I love the Celtics as much as anyone (besides TB), and win or lose I am going to enjoy the season and root like hell for them. At the same time, you have to realize the reality of the situation. We had a 3 year window. It is now year 4 and we are on borrowed time. Can we still win the title? Yes, but here is what has to happen.

1. Our young guys need to be impact players: Gilbert Brown, JaJuan Johnson, E-Twaun Moore. These guys can't just be garbage time players. They need to be ready to play big minutes. The big 3 are old and are not going to be able to play back to backs often.

2. Health: This is true for every team but especially the Celtics: Garnett needs to be healthy for the playoffs. Rondo has to be able to play 40+ minutes. Pierce needs to rest as long as possible so that he is 100% before coming back in. Marquis and Jermaine need to defy the injury gods and somehow stay healthy. Ray Allen is a robot so I'm not worried about him.

3. Brandon Bass needs to be better than Big Baby was: People keep telling me Bass is a better player. I've seen him play a little bit and haven't seen anything that tells me he can make the impact Big Baby did. As I said in my river video, Big baby is an idiot but the guy made plays and was a legitimate scoring threat off the bench. Can Bass be the same? Show me.

4. Will to win: At the end of the day it comes down to how bad this TEAM wants it. We know the big 4 still craves another title, but what about the other guys? Will they come together and develop the chemistry that propelled the 2008 squad? Let's hope so.

At any rate I'm just glad basketball is back. Let's hope we still have some Celtics magic left and can bring home Banner #18.

Karl Dillinger 12/21/2011 08:50:00 AM Edit
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  1. Andy R says:

    Karl...not bad but the C's clearly need to get younger. I read with interest that players no longer want to come to Boston and the Globe used David West as the example who signed a 2 year contract for what amounts to be $500K more than the C's would have agreed to. This is the inherent problem and if it is not addressed we will possibly see the Sidney Wicks and Curtis Rowe Celtic which was the worst...this is not Doc's doing and Danny can't make people come to us but with the facts remaining that Ray and Kevin are almost done here and Paul maybe 2 yera the rebuilding needs to start NOW or this becomes not just what I mentions but no different than when the original Big 3 faded into the sunset.


  2. Jenda says:

    Totes great article. people often forget that the second unit on the title team wasn't all great they just wanted it so much. Let's just hope they have it too. Great comment on Ray. Guy's a freaking Terminator!

  3. shelbyl says:

    1. I see the potential in the young guys (except for Bradley, and Brown to some extent) Last year when I watched the preseason games I thought "Luke, Semih, Bradley, man these kids need to learn." When I watched the game against Toronto this Sunday I thought "Holy scheisse Moore can play, Doc was right."

    2. Marquis and JO both had surgeries last season. Before they were playing with damaged goods, now they are playing with refurbished goods. I'm sure that will help. Post-surgery JO performance in the playoffs was quite decent, it was Baby who flunked.

    3. See last clause. I always value mentality more than ability. Big Baby was fun to watch, but Bass is tough. Give him a couple of months to settle.

    4. Doc was praising team chemistry with a smile on his face unlike last year when he was merely dodging the question.

    Overall, I don't think the C's are "favorites" to win, yet I don't see us being worse than last year.

    Remember, people thought the aging and playoff prone Mavs were done when Butler was out for the year. People thought they would lose to Portland. And then Lakers. And then Thunder. And then Miami.

    This is basketball. If your starting lineup has more than 2 All-star level players then you always have a chance.

  4. Ry Nye says:

    I don't really think Battier is that huge of an improvement for Miami, because he won't get that many minutes anyway (AND he's already injured). The biggest holes for them were at the PG and C spots, which they did very little to fill. Anyway, obviously they are still a great team.

    I am a hopeless optimist for the Celtics, always and forever. I mean, if it weren't for KG's injury in 2009 we probably could have grabbed another title. If it weren't for Perkins injury in 2010 (and horribly biased refereeing ... I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories about the game being fixed, but those refs certainly were not being fair for whatever reason), we beat the Lakers in Game 7. Until the trade deadline last year we were favorites to win the East and get back to the finals! Things got messy at the end due to injury, and the blow to team chemistry (and Rondo's psyche) caused by the trade with OKC. I don't see chemistry being an issue this year ... everyone looks like they jell well, and our bench has some nice, mature veterans (maturity is the key issue ... Delonte, Baby, and crew I will always love for playing in Green, but they lacked the mental toughness and experience to get things done when they needed to get done). Dooling, Wilcox, and Bass look like they are all in it for the team, Quis and ONeal look better than they have in years. We still need to get lucky with the injury bug, but I, for one, like our chances.

    Also, I live in DC and there is nothing I would rather do than talk about the Celtics and hot actresses, so feel free to contact me, heh. ryanandrewsimmons@gmail.com

  5. AMS says:

    I am not writing this team off nor worrying about next years free agent class. This team has more than basketball talent, it has basketball players, guys who know how to play both ends of the court. I believe each one on this years Cs has tremendous drive and determination. Yes Miami and Chicago(added Rip Hamilton) are tough, but they are not unbeatable. The second team is the key for us. If we stay healthy, we will be right there at the end.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think your completely wrong about Big Baby and Bass. Baby that one big shot in the playoffs and now he is a proven scorer off the bench? He could a jump shot every so often, had no post up game and couldnt even hit a bunny shot with out their guard blocking it. Defensively I think its a wash because they are both undersized and Baby learned how to take a charge. In this help defense system, I think anyone can be an above average defender and I don't see why Bass can't become that. Now the important effect of this trade is chemistry. Baby was such a pain is the ass for this franchise, his antics cost the team a lot over the years. Bass seems like a guy who can come in and be part of the team, be humbled by the guys around him and the history of the franchise. To me, Big Baby lived up to his name here in Boston, and in this blue collar town, nobody likes a big baby.

  7. Hope you're right Anonymous. He did a lot of little things for us though but he was a huge pain. Sounds good Ryan. That'd be fun.

  8. Beantown says:

    I agree, being realistic doesn't make you a bad fan. I do hate fans that are still trashing Ainge for the Perkins trade that happened about 8-9 months ago and basically giving up. Giving up and being realistic are different, so yes I agree.

  9. dirtyundeese says:

    I think the celtics have a good chance to win a title.Better then the bulls at least.I think miami and the celtics are tied.It could go either way.I dont think its fare to say that the celtics are finished just becuse they lost to miami in the playoffs.The celtics had alot going agianst them and the biggest thing going against the celtics was thier bench the late additions did not have enough time to learn the celtics complex defensive system and most of the guys specifly jeff green looked lost out thier,forceing the celtics to play the starters more.The next problem was the center postion or lack thereof,Jermaine oneal was far from 100 percent coming into the playoffs.AFter the trades took place last year the celtics went from first to 3 behind miami.I think alot of people who.I think after a few weeks alot of people who think the celtics are washed up will be in for a surprise come june.And bass is alot better then baby he's stronger he can finish above the rim he is a better and he is a shooter and he knows his place he does not have delusions of being better then kg.

  10. Anonymous says:

    A good fan is a true fan, through every season, win or lose.

  11. Marilyn says:

    I am going to miss "Big Baby".

  12. Tim Tebow says:

    being branded as a fan (short for fanatic) implies that you have a single-minded partisanship.
    fans are always biased. if you wanna contest that, then maybe we should make another name for that, but if you are talking of "fans" they are people that will be biased towards a thing/point of view/cause of interest.
    so if you say you are a fan and you talk shit about celtics, then you are not a fan. you are a "CRITIC"---NOT A FAN.

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