Apparently Larry Bird has an interest in dealing for Rajon Rondo:

As Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge aggressively pursues possible deals for Rajon Rondo, the Indiana Pacers have emerged as an intriguing suitor for the point guard, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

For the past few days, Pacers officials – and third-party surrogates – have been making calls and gathering information and insight into Rondo’s reputation as a teammate and leader, sources said.

The Pacers and Celtics have discussed the preliminary framework of a deal, but two sources said Indiana would need a third team to provide Boston with the talent it wants to do a deal. The Celtics are likely trying to gather the necessary pieces to make a bid for Ainge’s ultimate target: New Orleans point guard Chris Paul,
sources said.

It was unclear if the Pacers had begun to reach out to broaden discussions, but there was an expectation they would do so.
It seems Rondo has become the Celtics main card to deal for an upgrade to their roster. As we have known by the other recent rumors surrounding Rajon, Ainge´s main target is to get Chris Paul from the Hornets and he is looking for a third team to entice New Orleans to pull the trigger on a deal. It remains to be seen who  the Pacers would be offering, but my guess is that Danny Granger and Roy Hibbert might be on the block as they are the main players in that squad (along with Darren Collison).

Would the Pacers be that third team that the Celtics need to get New Orleans to deal Paul?

In any case, we may think that Rajon Rondo´s future in Beantown may be seriously in danger as we continue to hear about rumors concerning our starting point guard:

The Celtics have been gauging Rondo’s trade value for more than a year, and have held discussions with teams about him across the past few trade deadlines and NBA drafts. There have long been divides within Boston’s front office, coaching staff and locker room about Rondo. He can be moody, difficult and stubborn, and several league sources were dubious if the Pacers’ young coach, Frank Vogel, would have the stature to deal with Rondo.

Boston could be trying to gather players to make a more attractive bid for Paul, sources said. New Orleans has shown no interest in a deal that would include Rondo and any combination of Celtics teammates. Yet, New Orleans GM Dell Demps is determined to get maximum value for Paul, if it’s clear the point guard sees his future elsewhere. Demps has no desire to simply let Paul walk away as a free agent to New York.


Bohemian 11/30/2011 02:09:00 AM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    oh how i love the celtics. on time danny calls up kevin, help me! and the celtics!. now danny calls larry, help me! and the celtics! beautiful let's get this 3 team deal going.

  2. Bohemian says:

    This trade may work:

    To Boston: Chris Paul
    To Indiana: Rajon Rondo
    To New Orleans: Danny Granger and Glen Davis (he has indicated that he would like to play there)


  3. I look at it like this:

    Boston gets: Chris Paul

    Indiana gets: Rajon Rondo

    New Orleans gets: Danny Granger, Darren Collison, Glen Davis

    Some picks would probably have to be exchanged as well. But this really could be a BLOCKBUSTER deal that actually makes each team much better.

    Read this Article by David Dietz about why the Pacers should and possibly could trade Granger: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/741248-nba-draft-trade-rumors-why-the-indiana-pacers-should-deal-danny-granger

  4. @Bohemian IMO Darren Collison would have to head back to New Orleans as well. Hornets would want him to return and tie everything together.

  5. Bohemian says:

    I like that deal and I think it may happen

  6. Bohemian says:


    It makes sense that they get a PG in return, you're right. With Collison, Granger and some picks they would look ahead to the future

  7. Anonymous says:

    it works! and it actually seems realistic. i don't see why an nba owned team wouldn't take that, it creates a lot of balance. i'm looking forward to hearing more about this

  8. Anonymous says:

    do we all agree that this could happen? is rajon really worth both collison and granger or just granger?

  9. Picks would probably have to be thrown in. But Rondo is worth Granger because Larry Bird is dying for an affordable pass first PG that he can trap in Indiana.

    The fact that Rondo has Bird-esque heart and determination helps.

    And on Collison, it's worth it to throw in Collison because his value drops through the floor ones he's behind Rondo. Who knows maybe The Celtics could even get a trade exception out of it... The Hornets have 6.7 mil from Peja.

  10. Anonymous says:

    yeah don't you just love it when it helps all teams? i like the pacers as a rondo fan, i would love to see him there. this deal would be sooo awesome.all of those danny haters would be silenced forever. haha has danny ever pulled a blockbuster without the help of a team mate? looks like boston has some pull in houston now with mchale there, we all know how he hooke ainge up last time

  11. Dan Patrick: “Who’s the guy you didn’t draft, look back on and go, ‘You know what, I’m surprised by how good he is’?”

    Larry Bird: “Rondo.”

    DP: “What was it about Rondo that made you nervous about drafting him?”

    LB: “His shooting.”

    DP: “He still can’t shoot.”

    LB: “No, but he can play.”

    DP: “Could you teach him to shoot?”

    LB: “It’d take awhile.”

  12. Anonymous says:

    and wouldn't paul transistion so easily from monty to doc. hopefully the former team mates can help each other out here. this deal must happen

  13. Anonymous says:

    So Boston gets Chris Paul for Rondo & Glen Davis but the Pacers give up Granger & Collison (a better duo) for Rajon Rondo (a lesser PG? Give it a rest, homers.

  14. BOBKAT612 says:

    I see ainge hasnt learned from the perkins trade u cant tear down sumthn consistent and expect to have lookin nice and pretty overnite,,,that starting five had never lost a playoff series wen all healthy, ainge broke that streak ,,self inflicted- keep rondo,,heart and driver of the team

  15. Anonymous says:

    seems like Ainge is still being a fool and haven't learn his lesson.

  16. JR says:

    I'm kind of worried that Ainge is so set on moving Rondo, that even if the 3 team trade falls through, he'll just trade him to Indiana and we'll end up with some crappy Collison/Hibbert package. Remember once Ainge decided to trade Perk, after he couldn't get Harden, he settled on Green. Don't be surprised if Rondo is gone and a superstar isn't coming back. Don't worry though, Ainge will say something like "Collison is the best player in the deal" blah blah blah.

  17. Pacerfan says:

    Lets see we would get Rondo out of the deal but who the heck is he gonna pass it to that can score?

  18. tb727 says:

    JR I actually agree with you 1000% on that. Unless Rondo brings back Paul, Derron Williams or perhaps a Steve Nash/Grant Hill combo he should stay in Boston. Many probably won't agree with the Nash one but that's fine.

  19. KreksCarter says:

    i agree with BOBKAT612.Danny Ainge is crazy.he'll tear down the team.i also hope the deal doesn't happen.Simply put,DON'T TRADE RONDO!

  20. Anonymous says:

    The most likely deal, I think, is Rondo/Johnson or Baby to Indy, Collison/Hibbert to Celtics.

  21. JR says:

    If that's the deal Anonymous, I'll throw up in my mouth repeatedly. When you trade a star and get back non stars, you always lose that deal.

  22. Listen, I'm the first to say that Danny's luster is a bit scratched by the Perkins trade. But Perk was rumored to be asking 10m a year and they aren't going to pay that BEFORE the expiration of the old CBA. So sure, but then this?:


    Danny was going to trade RONDO AFTER THE ELBOW DISLOCATING PURE GUTS PERFORMANCE OF THE PLAYOFFS? To trade him for the center that he JUST traded away?

    This is starting to sound like the kind of crazy that is reserved for insane third world dictators who are making decisions by transistor radios and candlelight.

    Orlando is going to get something for Howard and Paul was making toasts at his wedding with Melo and Aamare, so, I think NY will likely be where he tries to go.

    I'd like to think that we spent 150+ days without basketball, learning a valuable lesson about owners and big, bloated contacts but it seems we haven't:


    So, maybe Dr. JERRY AND THE 150 MILLION A YEAR TIME WARNER TV$ might take care of all this mess.

  23. Anonymous says:

    unless that star is chris bosh JR

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