As we all try to digest all the Chris Paul to Boston rumors and trade ideas around the world, we have been hearing some names the Celtics have dialed on the first real day of free agency. While no deals can be signed yet, it is clear that teams have aggressively used their phones and contacts today to check on their particular targets.

So far, four names have been linked to the Celtics: Shane Battier, Grant Hill, Chuck Hayes and Carl Landry.

Yes, we haven´t contacted Kwame Brown yet...you can all breathe for now.

The first two names tell me something: Danny wants to add some experience and high IQ to the Celtics bench. They are both two of the classiest players in the league. I can imagine a serious and probably not very amusing debate in Ray Allen´s home. They are also former Duke players, which is kind of funny considering Doc´s son is currently playing for them. Coincidence? Both players have been linked to the Celtics in the past, and they almost became part of our team: Hill in the summer of 2009 and Battier right before the Perkins trade this year.

Adding Battier or Hill could also add some scoring from the small forward position (Hill) or some tough D (Battier). It could also mean Doc wasn´t fully satisfied with Green´s performance against Miami. It could virtually mean anything, or just the willingness to shape the roster with savvy veterans to rebuild the ubuntu spirit.

As for Landry and Hayes I think the writing is all spread on the wall: Baby is a goner. Landry -another Purdue alumni and a Chris Paul teammate in New Orleans- (again coincidence?) would provide us with everything Davis didn´t in the last playoffs: he is a player that doesn't get out of his role and is rock solid, particularly efficient on D. Furthermore, he already expressed some interest in becoming a Celtic before.

The same can be said about Hayes, a center in a forward´s body whose work ethic has been praised by teammates and coaches.

Signing one of them would make Davis expendable.

The free agency world is full of signs and coincidences, some of them not accidental. Tyson Chandler and Chris Paul were teammates too. Maybe the plan is to try and sign Chandler to entice Paul to sign here. It will remain to be seen whether any of these names will be seriously part of the next articles in Celticslife.

One thing is certain: the Celtics are back and they are serious in their attempt to win it all.

And yes, one other thing: for now, Kwame Brown is not a Celtics target.


Were you breathing? I guess you are all ready now.

According to some reports, Ainge has also contacted Aaron Gray, Marquis Daniels, Roger Mason and...Kwame Brown!!

Stay tuned for more of this free agency madness.

Bohemian 11/30/2011 07:16:00 PM Edit
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  1. I guarantee Carl Landry is in Boston.

  2. JR says:

    Guarantee? Wow. Let's hope you're guarantees are better than Patrick Ewing's. lol.

  3. Anonymous says:

    if thats the target, then why brian scalabrine is not there..?

  4. Patrick Ewing guaranteed the Magic would beat Boston AT HOME in game 7... and that was back when the C's had the defensive wall that is Kendrick Perkins.

    Landry was also tweeting to E'Twaun Moore and Jajuan Johnson about Boston being "Purdue East" after the draft.

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