David Stern, October 27, 2011 (referring to what happened after he went home with the flu last week):
"I leave these guys alone for a little bit of time and all hell breaks loose."
David Stern just said this line as a joke after the 15 hour labor meeting ended with significant progress. This was in sharp contrast to last week, when Stern went home with the flu and under Adam Silver's lead, talks blew up. It has been reported that Stern wants a season to be played in order for him to not go out on a low note, while Adam Silver has been pushing the agenda for the NBA owners that want the season cancelled in order to install their own harsh system. Silver wants to get in good with the owners he will be serving.

While Stern's comment early this morning was a joke, it should be noted that Stern's eventual removal won't necessarily guarantee a better NBA. It could possibly cause more damage as the owners would get more of a yes man. This happened in Major League Baseball in the 1990's where the owners were tired of commissioners that didn't push their agenda completely and actually cared about the game. Baseball simply made one of their own (Brewers owner, Bud Selig) the commissioner. He was supposed to be interim, but has remained in that position now for 19 years. He was also the commissioner the year the World Series was cancelled and throughout the height of the steroids era.

While I'm no fan of David Stern, people just need to be weary what they wish for. Do fans know how Adam Silver would act as commissioner? All we know so far is that Silver has been angling for the cancellation of the 2011/2012 season, while Stern has been trying to save it. If NBA owners wanted a season then we'd have a new labor agreement by now. The commissioner only has the power that the owners allow him to have.

Based on the early results, I'm not confident in the Adam Silver era. Hopefully we don't end up longing for the days of David Stern.

JR 10/27/2011 04:39:00 AM Edit
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  1. Jenda says:

    I'm not sure about the system but is Silver the inevitable next in line? Won't there be some kind of a voting?

  2. JR says:

    Well i'm not sure, but if there is a vote only the owners will have one. Stern was named commissioner back in the 80's before major sports in America became such a HUGE business. Back in the day the commissioner position wasn't as owner centric. Commissioners would act in the best interests of baseball or best interest of basketball. Now commissioners are CEO's for the owners (as seen in baseball).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good I'm tired of everyone calling each other racist.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How could there be even more of a yes man for the owners?

  5. I don't know anything about who will replace Stern, but he is not a good commissioner, hasn't really been in a long time, and has received far more praise then he deserves. Let's recap the Stern era - comes to the NBA in 1984 (i believe), in the height of Bird-Magic, Lakers-Celtics. That rivalry (and not Stern) bring the NBA to new heights of popularity. Then Jordan comes along (again, Stern has nothing to do with this), and becomes maybe the most popular athlete of all time and brings the NBA with him. He retires (the second time), and interest in the league plummets. Stern is incapable of righting the ship. Popularity stays low until recently and an influx of talented, likeable stars. Stern has nothing to do with that. On the other hand, Stern is in charge during the '99 lockout, season misses 32 games and the season they do have is embarrassing. In that lockout, it ends when Stern and the owners put this new financial system in place, and all at the time declare a major win for Stern and the owners. Then now, we have Stern crying that the system is awful, it's broken, we must lockout the players again to get things under control - well David, if the system is really broken, isn't it your fault? Let's see, what else. Over-expansion. Failed team in Vancouver, team in Toronto that has never really been able to compete and get over the hump. Team fails in Charlotte, leaves, and what does he do - puts a team right back in Charlotte. That team has never been able to get over the hump. Team in Minnesota has had one good season in its history. Good thing Stern put a team there. Of all his additions, only the Heat and magic have worked out. He also sits on the side as the Sonics bolt Seattle, his lack of action is indefensible. For years he has done nothing while the officiating in his league has been a joke on a nightly basis - instead of improving anything, he gets defensive. He swept the Donaghy scandal under the rug, but that doesn't relieve him of the blame for allowing that to happen on his watch. On his watch, we have seen games ruined by the refs - Lakers-Sonics, Knicks-Pacers in '99 playoffs, the entire 2006 Finals with the Heat. Even Game 7 of '10 finals was a joke where home team went to the free throw line an absurd amount of times, only no one cared because that is what we all expected out of Stern's NBA. So I ask, what really has he done well? Being decisive and ruling with a my way or the highway policy isn't really a good thing - a child can be stubborn too.

  6. Rookie of the Year says:

    You mean " Will the NBA be in worse hands once Stern dies " Just Kidding

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