So ESPN has been ranking the top players in the NBA and they've finally made it to the top 10. There are no Celtics in the top 10. Point guards Chris Paul, Deron Williams, and Derrick Rose all made the cut (Rondo was #17). After the jump check out who the Celtics top 6 were.

Click here to check out the rest of the Celtics.

So what do you think of the Celtics rankings? Should any of the Big 4 have made the NBA's Top 10? Do you disagree with any of the Top 10? Personally I don't think Blake Griffin has done enough to be considered top 10 just yet, but on the other hand, just off the top of my head I'm not sure who I'd replace him with. Maybe 'Melo.

Regarding the point guards, I think rationale fans can live with CP3, Rose, and Williams ranked higher than Rondo (Didn't say "like" it, but live with it. But what might get Celtics fans in an uproar is that Rondo wasn't even ranked 4th out of point guards. Steve Nash and Russell Westbrook ranked higher. The Russell Westbrook pick is inexcusable in my honest opinion.

JR 10/17/2011 03:01:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah Westbrook is inexcusable. did folks not watch how he messed up the Playoffs for his team last season. aggressive doesn't always mean good. he does more harm than good. Nash is an all time great but shouldn't be in the top 5 currently. he will definitely be out after this season (if there is one). but its BSPN, so I take it with a grain of salt. Griffin being top 10 is an absolute joke. But I did like that Kobe is no longer top 5 to them

    and ouch for Green's ranking. was Perk ranked higher?

  2. JR says:

    Yeah Perk was ranked higher: http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/page/nbarank-okc-2011/nba-player-rankings-oklahoma-city-thunder 95

  3. Anonymous says:

    95 seems about right for Perk. Hopefully this season (hope there is one), Green steps it up.

  4. tb727 says:

    Griffin doesn't belong in the top 10; Gasol should be there. I don't disagree with the rest as I think the top 10 looks about right. You could argue Carmelo or Amare over Deron Williams, but I won't.

    As for Rondo, he should prob get the nod above Westbrook but I still think Nash is better than him.

    ESPN is generally atrocious with everything they do so I'm actually not that annoyed by these picks.

    Just out of curiosity where was Duncan, Ginoboli and Parker ranked?

  5. I don't think the Big 3 should be included in there. Their ranks are fine. (If their were top 10 ranks by position, then I don't see why the Big 3 wouldn't be in the those top ten lists).
    But I do think Rondo could've been at least rated No. 10.

    About the guys that are in this top ten list:
    1. I think they only added Dirk cause he won the Finals MVP. If the Mavs didn't make the finals and/or win, I don't think they would've added him. (I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it, cause he really does) I just doubt espn would put him in this group.

    2. Blake Griffin was only added because of his amazing dunks/athleticism. He is NOT a top ten player in this league (yet). I would definitely replace him w/Rondo on this list. Or even Amare' Stoudemire.

    3. I REALLY don't see why Carmelo Anthony isn't on this list. He is one of the best scorers in the game (better than a lot of guys up there - I would only say Kobe and maybe Dirk are more 'polished' scorers than Melo.) If Melo won the MVP or Finals MVP, he would be here - thats just how espn flows, of course. They (espn) ride the hell out of 1. what players are 'trending' right now - or - 2. the players that do a lot of highlight dunks and 3. are on all of the commercials. Melo should definitely be on this list.

    4. Westbrook was ranked higher than Rondo because (again) espn rides the guys that make a lot of highlight dunks. That has been proven. They don't rate by what really makes a player good/great - their skill set.

    5. Why aren't Semih & Scal on this list?!!

  6. Jenda says:

    Melo plays no D, that is very important. Why is Williams there is a mystery to me. I can actually understand why is Westbrook above Rondo. Rondo gets stubbed because he passes more than shoots, it's always like that. And of course, my eyes hurt because we don't have Perk but Green.

  7. Jenda says:

    Ginobili 18
    Timmy D 19
    Parker 28

  8. The Celtics may not have any in the Top 10, but they SHOULD have 4 between 11-30.

  9. ALSO, Glen Davis isn't a better player than Jeff Green.

  10. tb727 says:

    thanks Jenda for those ratings for the other guys.

    PBB I agree with the overhyping of ESPN and them especially giving more power to players "trending." And I also think you're totally right in that Dirk's gotta be in there, regardless, but, if Dallas lost in the second round, he's not there. Like I said Gasol deserves it over Griffin too.

    And also Jenda I totally agree with the defensive liabilities of Anthony and even more so, Amare.

    And I agree Jesse the Celtics should have 4 between about 14-30 but I won't agree in that I think Glen Davis is actually better than Jeff Green.

    For the record that's 4 "agrees" and 1 "disagree" lol

  11. Jenda says:

    TB just agree on the fact that you made up the agrees so the disagree doesn't look so bad.
    About the trending players: I honestly don't think I'd have Dirk in my top ten if it wasn't for the title. I don't think he'd be in my top 20 if he didn't get the ring.

  12. tb727 says:

    Haha Jenda, this is true, I was bringing it to the attention of all.

    As for Dirk, I've always thought he was very close to being on par with KG and Pierce for the duration of their careers. However in my mind, he now trumps both as all time players, having won a title as the "main" guy. Benefit of the doubt, I can see him in the Top 10 today coming off the championship season.

    Also I feel Duncan is more cooked than KG at this point and should be ahead of him. And Pierce should be ahead of Manu, not by a lot, but by one spot.

  13. Anonymous says:

    everyone fucks up DERRICK roses name

  14. Anonymous says:

    why the hell is blake griffin there

  15. YGR says:

    this is so fucking gay. why isn't Ian Mahinmi on the top 10? come on ESPN. get your shit straight.

  16. JR says:

    "5. Why aren't Semih & Scal on this list?!!"
    Truer words have never been spoken PBB.

  17. Anonymous says:

    SO fucking biased.

    Blake Griffin has been playing for 1 year, he's top 10... ru fucking kidding me?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Blake Griffin has been playing for 1 year, he's top 10... ru fucking kidding me?

    ---so true, espn is soo fucking shit!!

  19. blake griffin and deron williams dont belong in top 10 it should be paul pierce and carmelo anthony all blake is good for is dunks dunks dont win games dumb asses.

  20. TSR says:

    Blake IS a top 10...watch him play, ding dongs!!! Does 22/12/and almost 4 dimes (and 50%) mean nothing?!!?!?

  21. tb727 says:

    It doesn't mean as much as you think it does TSR, when your team loses 50 games. No way should he be on there over Gasol.

  22. TSR says:

    When a rookie can put up #'s like that, you can be assured he's a top 10 talent. Gasol is fading...see those playoffs last year? 10 yrs in league now, never that athletic to begin with...Most impressive Blake stat is the dimes - shows a solid skill set and court awareness.

  23. TSR says:

    And KG is no longer #22 overall in the league...not even top 30...though definitely top 30.

  24. tb727 says:

    The Lakers were a middle-of-the-pack team until Gasol arrived. He helped lead them to 3 straight Finals, win 2 titles, and should've won the MVP of the 2010 Finals. He was tired last year from playing so much consecutively.

    Trust me I despise Gasol but he's clearly the better player now and any team competing for a title would rather have him than Griffin. Maybe after Griffin's proven he can do it for more than a year. Otherwise he could always become Penny Hardaway or Ernie DiGregorio.

  25. Anonymous says:


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