While the lockout will most likely prevent a good chunk of the 2011-2012 season from taking place, the NBA announced next season's schedule this afternoon. Unlike last year's flashy season opener against the Miami Heat, this year Boston will face a series of teams with losing records in the first few games of the season. Aside from the Atlanta Hawks, the Celtics open their season up against the Cavs and also play the Pacers, Bobcats, and Clippers in their first 5 games. They will however see an Eastern Conference Semifinals rematch with Miami in their 7th game of the season, should the lockout lift before November 1st. Full schedule after the jump.

Upcoming Games
NovemberOpponentTimeLocal TVNat TVRadio
Wed 02 vs Cleveland 7:30pm

Fri 04 @ Atlanta 8:00pm

Sat 05 @ Indiana 8:00pm

Wed 09 vs Charlotte 7:30pm

Fri 11 vs LA Clippers 7:30pm

Sat 12 @ Cleveland 7:30pm

Wed 16 @ Miami 8:00pm

Thu 17 @ Orlando 8:00pm

Sun 20 vs Golden State 3:30pm

Tue 22 @ Washington 7:00pm

Wed 23 vs Toronto 7:30pm

Fri 25 vs Milwaukee 7:30pm

Sun 27 @ Detroit 1:30pm

Tue 29 @ Toronto 7:00pm

DecemberOpponentTimeLocal TVNat TVRadio
Thu 01 vs Miami 8:00pm

Sat 03 @ Milwaukee 8:30pm

Mon 05 @ LA Clippers 10:30pm

Thu 08 @ Portland 10:30pm

Fri 09 @ Utah 9:00pm

Sun 11 vs Atlanta 6:00pm

Fri 16 vs New Jersey 7:30pm

Sun 18 vs Philadelphia 1:00pm

Wed 21 @ New Jersey 7:30pm

Thu 22 vs New York 8:00pm

Sun 25 @ New York 12:00pm

Tue 27 @ Memphis 8:00pm

Wed 28 @ New Orleans 8:00pm

Fri 30 vs Detroit 7:30pm

JanuaryOpponentTimeLocal TVNat TVRadio
Mon 02 @ Orlando 7:00pm

Wed 04 vs Charlotte 7:30pm

Fri 06 vs Indiana 7:30pm

Sat 07 @ Detroit 7:30pm

Mon 09 vs Atlanta 7:30pm

Wed 11 vs Dallas 8:00pm

Fri 13 vs Sacramento 7:30pm

Sat 14 @ Charlotte 7:00pm

Mon 16 vs Oklahoma City 8:00pm

Wed 18 vs Denver 7:30pm

Fri 20 vs Phoenix 8:00pm

Mon 23 vs Orlando 7:30pm

Wed 25 vs Minnesota 7:30pm

Fri 27 vs Indiana 7:30pm

Sun 29 @ New Jersey 6:00pm

Tue 31 @ Indiana 7:00pm

FebruaryOpponentTimeLocal TVNat TVRadio
Wed 01 vs Toronto 7:30pm

Fri 03 vs Cleveland 7:30pm

Sun 05 vs Memphis 12:00pm

Tue 07 @ Milwaukee 8:00pm

Thu 09 vs LA Lakers 8:00pm

Fri 10 @ Philadelphia 7:00pm

Sun 12 vs Chicago 3:30pm

Wed 15 vs Detroit 7:30pm

Thu 16 @ Chicago 8:00pm

Sun 19 @ Houston 7:00pm

Mon 20 @ Dallas 8:00pm

Wed 22 @ Oklahoma City 8:00pm

Wed 29 vs Milwaukee 7:30pm

MarchOpponentTimeLocal TVNat TVRadio
Fri 02 vs Washington 7:30pm

Sun 04 vs New York 1:00pm

Tue 06 vs Houston 7:30pm

Wed 07 @ Philadelphia 7:00pm

Fri 09 vs Portland 7:30pm

Sun 11 @ LA Lakers 3:30pm

Mon 12 @ Phoenix 10:30pm

Wed 14 @ Golden State 10:30pm

Fri 16 @ Sacramento 10:00pm

Sat 17 @ Denver 9:00pm

Tue 20 vs New Orleans 7:30pm

Wed 21 @ Toronto 7:00pm

Fri 23 @ Atlanta 7:30pm

Sun 25 @ San Antonio 8:00pm

Wed 28 vs Utah 7:30pm

Fri 30 @ Minnesota 8:00pm

AprilOpponentTimeLocal TVNat TVRadio
Sun 01 vs Miami 3:30pm

Wed 04 vs San Antonio 7:00pm

Thu 05 @ Chicago 9:30pm

Sun 08 vs Philadelphia 6:00pm

Wed 11 vs New Jersey 7:30pm

Sat 14 @ Washington 7:00pm

Sun 15 @ Charlotte 6:00pm

Tue 17 @ New York 8:00pm

Wed 18 vs Orlando 8:00pm

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm confused.
    Season Schedule but we locked out @_@


  2. ᴘᴇᴀɴᴜᴛ ʙᴜᴛᴛᴇʀ ʙ. says:

    Mango, read the title - "IF LOCKOUT LIFTS.." meaning 'if the lockout ends'. Thats why you can see the season starting in November instead of October.

    I wish our opening night opponent was the OKC Thunder @the Garden. That would be fun for us. lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really hope they get the other banner this year, because?

  4. Luis Lopez says:

    I see alot of BtoBs Orlando then Miami? Detroit then Chicago? Houston then Dallas? Damn im scared it aint gonna be easy but I know they can do it #banner18

  5. I only see 19 back to backs

  6. Anonymous says:

    banner 18 were comin

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