As we witnessed last year, our bench lacked athleticism and talent. The Spurs and our Celtics had the most experienced and tough players but we didn't have the legs to get it done. In a league so loaded with competition from all fronts, talent and youth in the adequate amounts are a task that requires patience and reliance on someone's potential.

Tyrus Thomas has always had a huge potential since he was selected with the #4 pick in 2006 by Chicago. Glen Davis and Shaquille O'Neal, Thomas would be the third player out of Louisiana State that shares the court with the Big 4. Tyrus is one of the rawest talented power forwards I have seen in the league. He can do on the court anything he wants from the physical point of view. There are no limits for him out there. He has also the will and the passion to succeed. We need players like Thomas in green that can provide us with a brilliant future once the Big 3 retires. He has played with big caliber teams in the past and while he is only 24 he has already played for 5 years in the league.

Again we discuss about a green target whose name has been rumored to become a Celtic in the past. And once more, the trade rumor included Ray Allen

By getting Tyrus, the Celtics would definitely move from the thought of playing Jeff Green as a power forward (where he struggles) and would make us have an explosive couple of forwards to run alongside Rajon Rondo on the fast break. Can you picture it already?

Thomas is simply a beast, he can block, run and dunk all day long. Wouldn't you love to have such a player in your team?

How the Celtics can get him:

Here comes the main trouble: his contract. And the main issue is its length (it expires in 2015). He is due more than $33 million in the next four season, which is not such a bad average considering how rare are talented big forwards in the league. A team looking forward to the future -such as the Celtics will be forced to do it very soon- will surely be willing to play this amount for such a talent.

In order to get him, Boston would probably have to send Glen Davis via sign and trade and probably Avery Bradley or a future pick. A third team may also be needed to complete the transaction as well.

While it remains to be seen if Charlotte would bite on that offer, I may also remind you that the Bobcats are quickly becoming the Clippers of the East. They have shuffled rosters, coaches and their choices haven't also been very logical in the past (WTHHT Adam Morrison?).

In a sense, Thomas is the anti-Baby. He has everything Davis lacks from the physical perspective. Charlotte already has Boris Diaw in the same position, and they may decide to trade for a completely different kind of power forward.

So basically it would not be that easy to convince Jordan to trade out one of his most talented players. Then again, Kwame Brown has been a Jordan project so anything is possible.


Apart from the problems of his long salary that may make some a little dizzy, Thomas is not quite the prototype of Doc big men. He can't shoot from long range and his IQ is not the highest in the league.

Thomas runs, jumps, dunks, blocks...but he will never be an all around player or a complete player. He is meant to be a physical beast and that may be just what the doc ordered to improve our bench now and get a very powerful player for the near future.

Under Rivers, Thomas may explode and become the best player possible.

So what do you think? Should the Celtics get Tyrus Thomas?

Bohemian 7/15/2011 07:30:00 AM Edit
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  1. ronit07 says:

    I loved him in his Chicago days,those days he wore the 24 no.,brings me back to his athleticism and blocking skills.I would love to have him with the C's but since we drafted a power forward who goes by the name johnson,I wouldn't want Johnson's development to be put on hold for thomas.

    Bad news I heard of him is that he does not listen to coaches like his time with the bulls and plus so much money is owed to him....

    Overall I wouldn't like him with the C's anyways good article

  2. tb727 says:

    GREAT article Bohemian. I agree Thomas would be a good fit on the Celtics. But again the salaries are such a tough thing to fit.

    Dare I say it's a good thing there's a lockout to reduce this problem?

  3. JdotD says:

    I've always liked Tyrus, he's a solid player and would give us much needed athleticism and Rondo another running mate, but it's a lot of money for a bench player so unless we get someone else from Charlotte (I don't see how given our complete lack of trade assets outside a s&t with Big Baby) LIKE SHAUN LIVINGSTON (who I absolutely love), it's probably not worth it.

    But yea, back to the Shaun Livingston thing, I love this guy, he's got away from all of the hype he had before his injury and is now a SOLID player for the bobcats, and hes a very reasonable salary. Imagine a backup backcourt of Livingston and Delonte West. It's like the Nate/Delonte backcourt thing flipped on its head, who great ballhandlers who can create matchup nightmares (and Marquis at 3 if he makes a comeback). Livingston is great on D because of his length too, I think he'd be a great fit here if we could make it work somehow. I'd get rid of Bradley and Baby for Shaun and Tyrus if we could make that work somehow. But again I cant see it happening given our situation.

  4. Anonymous says:

    this it total bullshit

  5. Bohemian says:

    Thanks for the nice comments guys :)

    To JdotD,

    I like Livingston but he is no longer a member of the Bobcats since he was traded to the Bucks on draft day.

  6. Anonymous says:

    GET HIM ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    i'd pass. I just don't think he's a very heady player..thats all

  8. Anonymous says:

    Although I can envision him rotating and blocking shots, there are better players for what you have to take on in terms of money and giving up in assets. He's not a consistent player in my eyes and I rather have Baby and Bradley.

  9. Him and a Rondo/West tandem would be crazy!!!!

  10. Ballsonmychin says:

    We need to get a center not anotherrr power forward...best case deandre jordan.....probably case kwame brown

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