Yes this plate actually exists.  My brother (just having turned 11 years old at the time) created it for me back during the horrid 1994 season as a gift for me.  He went all out too, including everyone.  Starting from above where it says "1993" we have Alaa Abdelnaby dunking the ball.  To his right is Dee Brown followed by Chris Corchiani.  Yep Chris Corchiani exists on a plate.

Clockwise he is followed by Sherman Douglas, Acie Earl, Rick Fox, Xavier McDaniel (which is a spot-on copy of his patented one-dribble fade-away).

Next we got Jimmy Oliver and then Ed Pinckney going up to defend.  He's followed by head-shots of Dino Radja and Matt Wenstrom.

In the center of the plate is The Chief, Robert Parish, with head-coach Chris Ford to his left and general Manager Dave Gavitt to this right.

This plate is a WTHHT dream and anytime I visit my parents, there's a good chance I'm having my breakfast on it.  If only that 1994 team knew...

tb727 7/04/2011 09:00:00 PM Edit
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  1. DH says:

    I wish the plates I created like this as a kid were as cool as this one

  2. Stanley Fisher says:

    Hey who stole my plate?

  3. Three Toe says:

    thats the best piece of dinnerware i've ever seen. mostly because it immortalizes such a bad year.

  4. tb727 says:

    Haha hysterical Three Toe!

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