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  1. Jenda says:

    What a man! I'm really glad we got to see him in green (even if it was just for a few games). Too bad he couldn't beat Wilt Chamberlain on the all time scoring list but still, he is among the best ever.

  2. tb727 says:

    No shout-outs for coach Brian Hill or Mike Brown? What about shout-outs to Donald Royal, Jeff Turner and Anthony Avent? Not even Fu-Schnickens?

  3. No worries Shaq, I'll always remember our time playing together. I was supposed to be that "stretch-4" to play alongside you guys until everyone realized I sucked and you needed to get Horace Grant

  4. QD says:

    Good stuff. Thanx for posting, I missed the actual press conf, although I'm sure NBAtv will play over and over again. Lol Big AARP.

  5. Nesie says:

    It was good seeing you in green for a little while....Good luck in the future I must say I will miss watching you play:-)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I want Kristine Leahy in my bed now. :)

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