The departure of Nenad Krstic for CKSA Moscow makes the Celtics need for a big man even more urgent.  As of right now, their only center is Jermaine O'Neal.   Hopefully Danny will find a big man prospect that is promising enough to take in the draft.  One of those prospects is Lucas Nogueira, who was in Waltham for a workout on Tuesday. On Chad Ford's big board, Nogueira is ranked #36 overall, and #5 among centers.

The Brazilian big man is 18 years old and will turn 19 in July and is one of the youngest players in the draft. He is 7'0" tall and 225 lbs with an impressive 7'6" wingspan and a 9'3" standing reach. Like the old saying goes, you can't teach size. Draft Express has him going #26 to the Mavs. Chad Ford doesn't have him going in the first round. He is projected by most mocks to go somewhere toward the end of the first round.

Nogueira opened some eyes as he dominated the FIBA Americas U18 Championship. He had 27 blocked shots in five games during the tournament. He scored 22 points, pulled down 14 rebounds and blocked 3 shots in the game against Team USA.

Nogueira comes into the draft as Brazil's next big hope following in the shoes of Nene and Leandro Barbosa, and Anderson Varejao. He is one of the most promising international players coming up in this draft. At just 18 years of age, he has a great deal of potential. He is very athletic and runs the floor like a gazelle. He makes quick moves and can change directions very quickly. He is an excellent shot blocker using his length and leaping ability to swat shots. He is also an excellent rebounder with good anticipation. Defensively, Lucas has incredible potential with his size, length and mobility. He can make a major impact on a game with his shot blocking ability.

Nogueira needs to bulk up. Without adding some muscle, he won't be able to stand his ground against the stronger NBA centers. With a very wiry frame, he should be able to add some weight and muscle successfully without diminishing his agility and athleticism. His offensive game is raw and he needs to work on developing his offensive moves. He has very little post game, but he has decent touch on his shot and is an outstanding finisher around the basket, able to throw down some very impressive dunks.   There have been some questions about his attitude,  Some have reported that he doesn't work hard enough and has a star's attitude already.  Joining a veteran team with hard working stars like Ray, Paul and KG would be a good situation for him.  

Nogueira's nickname is "Bebe" which translates to "baby". How ironic would it be to replace one big Baby with another. With his size, mobility and athleticism, he might be worth taking a chance on him with the 25th pick.  Danny could add size and athleticism all in one player. 

FLCeltsFan 6/09/2011 12:10:00 AM Edit
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  1. Gustavo says:

    I am Brazilian and I know he is very good player!

  2. Nicholas says:

    YES PLEASE! also don't forget about Varejao is Brazilian yes? (maybe I'm wrong).....

    young, athletic, great size and could learn a lot from KG and JO.....

  3. Anonymous says:

    a big yes! very great potential!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Está muy, pero que muy verde, pero su potencial es enorme.
    Un madrileño del Estu.

  5. Anonymous says:

    ^ you obviously speak English if you're commenting on an English article... Why not in English?

  6. Jenda says:

    Nicholas, Varejao might well be Brazilian but is not to be mentioned.

  7. Jay Bilas says:

    What an impressive wingspan!!!!!

  8. Nicholas says:

    Jenda, my bad, should of been more on point, was just referring to the article where it mentions other brazilian players, it skipped Varegao is all!

  9. Caio says:

    As brazilian and celtics fan, It would be an awesome pick. Bebe is a great player, but he's too raw right now.

    With his size and atlethic potential it will be a good pick for the C's.

  10. Luiz says:

    I'm Brazilian too, and I really think that Bebe could go to the All-Star Game, of course, not as rookie.

    For me, the style of Bebe is similar to the style of KG. Excellent middle range shooter, a good defensive player and very tall.

    Of course, KG is irreplaceable, but Bebe could be a good substitute.

  11. Fixed. When I was writing this I was trying to think of the Brazilian players in the league and I knew I was missing someone. Added Varejao to the list.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Splitter, of the SAS is Brazilian too.

  13. Bohemian says:

    What one of the anonymous previously said in Spanish is that Nogueira is very, very raw but that he's got great potential :)

  14. Brazilian players: Nenê Hilario (Nugets), Varejão (Cavs), Splitter (Spurs), Leandrinho Barbosa (Raptors)

  15. Anonymous says:

    He is 18 years old!!

    He has a very good game with this age, and has a strong potential in developing his basketball around experienced players.

    No doubt he would be a interesting pick by the Celtics.

  16. Anonymous says:

    A player who has all the basic fundamentals of basketball ... great potential and plays in the position we are most lacking is yes ... a good choice

  17. Nicholas says:

    he pulled out of the draft :( he's going to spend the next year working on his game and getting his body more NBA ready

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