We definitely have a ton of Jeff Green fans who read this blog, so this mix is for you. Let's hope that 2011/2012 is Jeff's breakout year. Thanks @Asijs from twitter for sending this mix to us.

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JR 5/16/2011 04:54:00 PM Edit
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  1. Bohemian says:

    As Doc said the timing of the trade wasn't good at all and not only for the Celtics as a team but also for Green and Krstic (the same goes for Perk at OKC, for those who say his stats over there are not good). Next year they will all play better and more consistently.

    Let's go C's!

    Green is really athletic and talented. Let's hope all the potential translates into solid game next year :)

  2. MatthewGen says:

    Still would have preferred Harden

  3. Liam says:

    No clip of green dunking on his head?
    Green has a bright future. I have a funny feeling hes the next PP

  4. Anonymous says:

    We cannot let Green Go. Honestly I think he should come off the bench for Garnett instead of Baby let Baby go, then sign someone like (Tayshaun Prince, or Curon Butler - spelling lol) to come off the bench for Pierce. That would be a great bench then.

    - Johnny

  5. Anonymous says:

    With everything the went on; i still don't think we would win anything without a health Rondo. I am very happy with Jeff Green and do believe he'll be very valuable to us in the future. I think we are 2 pieces away from a contending team; not counting the big 3. Imagine if AB turns out to be a stud; then all we need is a real good big guy, and we'd have a very good team for years to come. Go Cs; in Doc and Ainge i believe!

  6. Anonymous says:

    green was great. looking forward to next season when he feels more "at home" with the c's. good pickup imo.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see people responding this way. I totally agree with the comments about a healthy Rondo was the only chance to win. And if you look at games 1 and 2 vs the Heat Doc didn't give Green enough mins. He was still hoping Baby would turn it around. I don't know if Baby will stay but I do know this.... Green deserved more mins than Baby and will in the future.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I see some people wanting baby out. If that's the case, do a sign and trade. Baby is a glue guy and it would be really hard to deal him away. I admire baby but he is too undersized and somewhat "fat" sorry about that.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I can't wait for next season!

  10. worddddddddddaApP says:

    Im making a Butterfingers Catch the Ball Mix. Ill let you know when its done JR

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the vid.
    Really enjoyed him this season when he gave good minutes. Hope he works out for this team.

  12. DH says:

    This clip (including the epic commentary) needs to be included in the Jeff Green mix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXHhC-KxTd8

  13. Anonymous says:

    Something tells me Tommy really likes him haha

  14. Anonymous says:

    Whenever I see Jeff Green play I think of Paul Pierce. His game is very similar to Paul's and I think being on court with Paul will only make him become the player he can be..He and Rondo can do damage together..He is an OK defender but playin with the best defensive team he will improve a lot..Offensively he just needs to be more aware of the plays to give him best shot options..But I love what I am seeing and what I could see when he becomes more comfortable with this team..Kristic just needs to learn how to get back to a high level right from injury..He needs to believe his game and his team will have his back

  15. Anonymous says:

    Get Chandler please

  16. Anonymous says:

    Rondo, Allen, Green, Garnett and Chandler will be awesome.

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