Once he missed summer league, training camp, and the first month of the season, he became a project for 2011-12. At that point a major issue was not crushing his spirit by throwing him in over his head. If there hadn’t been a constant stream of injuries (Delonte’s suspension, broken wrist, and ankle sprains; Rondo’s planar fasciitis, hamstring, ankle, and finger) then Avery might have spent the entire D-League season in Maine.

He will likely suffer the most from the CBA lockout since he will lose another off-season (and training camp?), a particularly heavy blow since he came out after his freshman year where he gained little from Rick Barnes’ tutelage at Texas.

Progress by Avery (and the retention of West) would make Von Wafer superfluous.

His becoming a contributor allows the kind of defensive improvement the Celtics need in order to cope with the increasingly dominant perimeter threats—Rose in Chicago, Wade in Miami, Paul in New Orleans, Deron Williams in New Jersey, Ellis, Westbrook, Jennings, Gordon, Roy, Evans, Mayo, to name a few.

His emergence could lighten the workload on Rondo and Allen whose seasons were marked by too many minutes, too much wear and tear, and increasing inconsistency as the season wound down.

I would expect to see him playing alongside Rondo or West in the upcoming season.  Perhaps more at PG in the following one.

I view Avery as the first solid step toward the post-PGA Celtics.

Lee Lauderdale 5/31/2011 04:03:00 PM Edit
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  1. WShaw says:

    Good piece. I was watching the NBA Draft Combine (I know pretty sad) and one of the analyst mentioned Bradley as a workout guy from last year. Meaning he shined in the pre-draft workouts and duped the Celtics into using a first round pick on him. I think that is a little harsh and he has some legit talent. I would love to see him get some minutes early next season to see how he meshes.

  2. iDall says:

    Yeah i saw that too, you can't really call a kid a bust after just 1 season with a coach that doesn't use his bench that much. If he didn't get that many minutes, this season, hopefully he'll get at least 9min per game, after what we saw on the final game of the 2010-2011 season, i think that he'll rip the NBA in a few years, just give him time.

  3. erik says:

    What a bunch of words. You don't just write to write.

  4. Bohemian says:

    Nice article. Avery needs playing time and confidence. He has shown flashes an some good D. With a whole (hopefully) healthy training camp he can get some minutes and show what he's worth.

    Danny, if Avery is so good then let him prove it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    It's not up to Danny to let him prove it, it's up to Doc...I believe this kid can become a player, the team just needs to be patient with him and give him the necessary time to develop, we cannot just get rid of him like we did with Chauncey, and Joe Johnson...the unfortunate thing, as the article suggests, is that the impending lockout will prohibit his development yet again next year, if there is a next year...

  6. Anonymous says:


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