"I would wait until after the year was over. I'll put it that way," Rivers told Boston sports radio WEEI (850 AM). "I do think Jeff Green has a chance to be a starter for us in the future and a hell of a basketball player, and [Nenad] Krstic can help, but making that trade at the time we made that trade, that made it very tough for us. And not only that, we added other pieces as well that we tried to fit in, so it was just a lot of moving parts to a team that the advantage that we had was that we had continuity, everybody else was new. Chicago was new and the Heat were new. They couldn't fall back on what we could fall back on with our starting five, and once we made that trade, we took that advantage away."
Well there you have it. Finally one of the Celtics decision makers admits the trade didn't work. I always knew that Doc was being a good soldier having Danny's back publicly defending the trade.

People complain that we're still talking about the Perkins trade months later, but the fact is everyone is talking about it. Danny is talking about it. Doc is talking about it. Perk asks reporters what happened in Boston. It's a major story line of the 2010-2011 basketball season. The Thunder are still in the playoffs and the Celtics are not. The #1 seeded Bulls showed the Heat last night what home court advantage, chemistry, and an abundance of big men could do. The Celtics were that #1 seed when they made the trade. After the trade, the Bulls (and Heat) were able to tighten their chemistry with the guys they had since training camp, while the Celtics were in flux. No surprise that both teams passed us.

It's nice to hear Doc admit the trade was a mistake. It amazes me how fans that were pro-trade just blindly kept their position. They said we didn't need Perk, because we had Shaq. When Shaq wasn't able to play, you'd think they'd come around. Nope. Instead they blamed Doc for not playing Jeff "Butterfingers Len Bias" Green enough. Wasn't it obvious that Green was not ready for intense playoff basketball? He wasn't ready last season versus the Lakers and that's why the Thunder were willing to move him.

Well whatever. I'm sure even with Doc's statements today the pro-trade people will continue to insist it was a good move. But I said at the time that I wouldn't have had a problem with the trade if they waited until this Summer. Even Perk's biggest backer, flceltsfan, said the same. Nice to hear Doc echo those sentiments. It's not every season you're a favorite to win the title. You don't mess that up. Especially when your core guys are at the end of the line and you might not have as good a chance for many many years. I'm sure pretty Doc (privately) was against the deal at the time, but couldn't throw Danny or the new guys under the bus. Doc knows how to win and I'm glad he'll be here for another 5 seasons. I'm also glad that new 5 year contract gave Doc the freedom to let the truth out on the trade.

JR 5/16/2011 02:17:00 PM Edit
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  1. Avenue says:

    exactly im glad someone finally admit it you dont move a core piece of a starting 5 thats when healthy has never lost a playoff series cmon look at how noah and boozer dominated the heat yesterday they had 17 offensive rebounds wtf our lack of size killed us and we got our rebounded by a team with no size i never understood the advantage of us going small when all our vetarants dont have speed and thats why you usually go small bad trade fire danny ainge

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow another year wasted from the big 3 era sigh

  3. Anonymous says:

    totaly agree with you man. they should fire danny ainge! or trade his ass of somewhere!

  4. JR says:

    Well Ed Pinckney is currently a coach for the Bulls, so maybe we can recreate that trade. Now we just need to find Joe Kleine. I believe Lohaus might be in jail.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. QD says:

    @ the last anon that posted "ITS OVER MOVE ON!!!!... PBB is that you?

    Lol anyway, the trade may be over, but if there are still stories and comments coming from key figures in the trade (ie, the coach that made/participated in the trade) it's a story that will be reported. Considering that this is a site that's dedicated to the team that said story is about, you should expect stories like this, it's now the off season, and not much else to report. Some ppl want to hear this stuff, if you don't why click the link?

  7. Anonymous says:

    we want danny ainge fire

  8. DH says:

    It looks like Doc is giving Perk a cavity search with his left hand in that picture.

  9. Hilary says:

    Ainge was a bum, then a genius, then a bum. Doc was a bum, then a genius...

    I wonder how soon the Fire Doc chants will come back, too?

  10. Three Toe says:

    I agree Hilary! I'm a little surprised at how reactionary so many fans are. They can't be a genius and a bum, so make up your damn minds. If you were praising Ainge after 2008, and are calling for him to be fired now, kill yourself.

  11. Rondo>DRose+CP3+DWil says:

    JR, you know what you sound like when you call Jeff "butterfingers"? a Heat fan. quit talking shit about celtics players. Jeff is a celtic now. get over it. he may not be ready for the playoffs now but next year if he is back, i'm sure Doc will whip him into playoff shape and he'll help us more next year. i hate people who talk shit about THEIR TEAM AND THE PLAYERS ON IT. it's pathetic.

  12. Three Toe says:

    We as supporters of the league have the right to criticize anybody within it. Especially when the team way pay to support deserves criticism. It's critical of the Celtics when I say that down the line, I can imagine that getting rid of Erden (and getting nothing back) will be considered "The Other Trade" and viewed as just as foolish as "The Trade." Deal with it.

  13. JR says:

    Thanks 3toe for having my back! And I crossed out the Butterfingers part. lol.

  14. tb727 says:

    Not only is JR NOT a Heat fan, but Rondo isn't better than D Rose or Paul or D Williams. Nash and Westbrook, at this points of their careers, is up for debate.

    Furthermore, take a look.

  15. Rondo>DRose+CP3+DWil says:

    I never said he was a heat fan, i said he was acting like a heat fan. there's a difference. and i know rondo isn't better than D Rose, Paul or Williams in most people's opinions. but i have a right to my opinion, don't i? this is america, is it not? and 3toe, sure JR DOES have the right to criticize players, i never said he couldn't, i just said i didn't particularly like him talking shit about our own players, even if it wasn't necessary to get those players..

  16. Three Toe says:

    It's fine, I respect your opinion. I only got involved cause you told him to quit it, and I feel very strongly that we should all be able to say what we think. You can share how you feel, just don't tell others to stop sharing how they feel.

  17. tb727 says:

    Fair enough.

    I just get peeved greatly when someone gives their opinion of a Celtics player and if they're not gung-ho on them, then said person is not a "real" Celtics fan.

    Sick of that sentiment, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just like you saying Rondo is better than the other 3 guys.

  18. Danny Ainge says:

    i eat copious amounts of cock

  19. Danny Ainge says:

    and robert horry banged my wife

  20. He still doesn't regret the trade, he just thinks it wasn't good midseason. BUT that's the type of trade that might not happen in the offseason.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I would never sacrifice this title shot because a trade for Green MIGHT not happen in the offseason.

  22. JR says:

    Yeah sorry Jesse, Gotta go with the last Anonymous on this one.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The trade was one of the most ridiculous and stupid trades in basketball history. Even though they did not have the best record in the league, by the time the trade happened Boston was playing the best basketball, had the deepest bench and the chemistry was perfect. How can you mess that up?. When is it that Danny Ainge and the Boston's owners will be held accountable for this debacle? It was an arrogant move and plain stupid.

  24. Beantown says:

    I think we really need to move on and stop beating a dead horse (Not directed at anyone specific). If he just says "i'd do it again" a million times, he'd get crucified for being in denial since they lost in the 2nd round. If he admits that the trade didn't work in the team's best interest this season, then he's throwing Ainge under the bus.

    We all loved Perk, but whatever you think about the trade, it's done with. Time to accept the team as it is and do what we've always done, which is ride with the team win or lose. Ainge got us the players to win a title, Doc coached us to a title, there's no debating that. So let's give them their grace period and allow them to maneuver and make some changes so we can get back into being legitimate contenders.

  25. Beantown says:

    PS - "Pause" @ the article's pic lolol

  26. Bohemian says:

    Finally someone admits it. Good.

    I think it's clear that it wasn't the right moment. I like both Green and Krstic but Perk was perfect for this team and gave us something we missed after the trade.

  27. shelbyl says:

    Here's what happened.

    We needed a backup for PP. We couldn't find one, we somehow couldn't get Shane Battier.

    Then the deadline approached, and Danny said "OMFG we are gonna be screwwed" and went with his plan B-Z.

    He hoped that JO and Shaq would be back and Krstic would play with the offensive power he has to spread the floor. JO was back, and with great efficiency. Shaq was not. Krstic got injured.

    Ainge took a shot. Even he knows that it wasn't the right moment to do the trade. But he had to do something.

    We shouldn't criticize Ainge for making this trade. We should criticize him for not being able to convince any potential PP back-ups.

  28. Hilary says:

    "Boston was playing the best basketball, had the deepest bench and the chemistry was perfect."

    Boston had no small forward other than Pierce. Semih, Nate, Perk, and Marquis were all too injured to play effectively when they were traded, and there were other injuries as well.

    On paper, it was a deep bench. In practice, it was almost no bench. Danny didn't screw with a winning team mid-season for no reason, or for only "future reasons."

    The team never recovered from the trade. But because none of us can travel to alternate realities, there is absolutely no way to know whether the team would have recovered from playing with a short bench for however long it took. Or how a bargain bin buyout small forward would have performed.

  29. Anonymous says:

    wait. there were people who were actually "pro-trade"?!

  30. JR says:

    Perk's face during the DH proclaimed "cavity search" is priceless.

  31. Anonymous says:

    If Danny really wanted a back up for Pierce then we should have gotten Gerald Wallace. Portland pretty much gave up nothing for Wallace. If we made a deal with Nate+Bradley+JO and a draft pick then we could have made banner 18. Just my thoughts.

  32. ThomasJ says:

    Shelbyl, how can you say we shouldn't criticize Ainge? He took a shot when we were in the elite level of championship favorites, gambling with possibly the last great chance with the big three to acquire a young, unproven wing and a mediocre back up center and hoping that to broken-down O'Neals.

    I'm sick of all this "get over it" BS. I got over last season's 7th game and was ready for a serious run this season with our starting line-up intact for the playoffs.

    How can you not feel cheated as a fan?

    If you really think this team will be in as strong a position to win #18 whenever next season starts as we were before the trade this season you are sucking down green kool-aid and that doesn't make you a better fan than someone with some objectivity.

    Three Toe, I don't have to kill myself for hating on Ainge now because I never thought he was a genius in 2008. He would have been stupid not to make those deals for Ray and KG considering where the franchise had sunk to and things fell into place led by Doc and the vets.

    Lastly, all you people who continue criticize and minimize Perk as an individual player to justify trading him must have never played on a decent team or you would understand the significance of chemistry.

  33. shelbyl says:

    All I'm saying is this: Ainge had to make a trade.

    Was it a successful trade? Nope. We don't have Banner 18.

    Was it a terrible trade? Nope. We unluckily lost Game 2, 4 and 5 against a strong team that we had a difficult time against in the 3rd game of the regular season (It was a pre-trade game with Perk there)

    Was the trade the best among other alternatives? Maybe (since we cannot really time travel we shall not know), but most probably not since it has been proven that chemistry is more important than it seems to be.

  34. ThomasJ says:

    I know hindsight is 20/20 but how did that trade have to be made? If he felt he had to break up the core to move Perk for a back up wing, it damn well should have been a proven player who could contribute to a championship THIS YEAR - like Battier.

    The window is closing on the big three and championship teams aren't easy to put together.

    I guess Danny didn't have a crystal ball to see Green would be mostly ineffective and overwhelmed in the playoffs. It's not just bitter Celtic fans like me that that think it was a bad trade, basketball minds around the country were puzzled by the move.

  35. DH says:

    I think Doc's face is better. He is like "Man, do I really ahve to stick my hand up there?"

  36. Anonymous says:

    @ Avenue

    Many are tired of your celtic excuse that, "If we had Perkins, we would have won." Winners and successful people don't make mistakes. Honest students go out and ace the next test if they get a C or a B on one test. Kobe gets injured and plays on without bitchin' like you celtic fans. This is the reason why Kobe has 5 rings, LeBron has 0, and Celtics were a 1 championship wonder. Sure, Kobe was unhappy with Lakers management at times, but that's another story. When it comes to injuries, he doesn't bitch like you.

    BTW, the same logic can be stated by Laker fans that Boston would have been stomped if Bynum and Ariza were at full strength in the 08 Finals.

    Once an excuse slips out the mouth, a river of excuses flow out and never stop flowing. Grow up, excuse makers!

  37. Anonymous says:

    whoops, I was half asleep. I meant to say that winners and successful people don't make EXCUSES.

  38. Hilary says:

    Just because Portland gave Gerald Wallace away, that doesn't mean they would have given him away to the Celtics. Last I heard, Portland and the Celtics didn't have a great working relationship (Darius Miles etc.) Battier wasn't necessarily available for whatever the Celtics would have offered, either.

    There's no way to be sure Green wasn't best available.

    But something did have to be done. They were going into practice with 8 players, and the only consistently healthy/available contributers were Old Man Pierce and Old Man Ray.

  39. Dj RyB says:

    I think everyone forgets that we had no idea how Perkins was going to perform once he returned from his knee injury. He didn't play all year and the Celtics were playing well so it felt like they might be OK without him. He looked pretty slow when came back for those few games and it sounded like he wouldn't be more than 70% before the end of the season.

    I also think everyone forgets that he hurt his other knee right before the trade which was another factor Ainge had to consider. He wasn't completely sure how long it would take for him to recover and many people were starting to think Perk was starting to break down. He's always been injury prone with his shoulders and other issues throughout the years so maybe Ainge thought he was cutting his losses and getting some value before he broke down completely, Greg Oden style.

    If you keep Perk, then Allen and Pierce end up playing even more minutes than they already did and maybe they don't even make it out of the first round. They looked worn out as it was so imagine if they didn't have a legit backup for the end of the season and possibly into the playoffs.

    Looking back, I think it was obviously a huge risk on Ainge's part but I don't fault him for trying. We were actually pretty deep at C and PF if everyone recovered from injuries (a big IF) as we had hoped but there was no one coming back at SF or even SG.

    I think we end up in the same situation as we are now no matter what. One position was bound to be short on depth. It was just a matter of C or SF. Even with Perk, I feel like they would have lost to the Heat. What we really needed a defensive stopper. I think the key player missing on this team was actually Tony Allen. He could have stopped LeBron and Wade in spurts. We had no answer for them.

    It didn't seem like we were going to be able to sign Perkins for what he wanted anyway, so at least we got some decent value in return. Either way, it was a disappointing season to say the least...

  40. Anonymous says:

    "No surprise that both teams past us."

    It's "passed", Boston dumbass.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Dumping players is a Boston tradition. Perk shouldn't have been surprised in the least. Zero loyalty to any players is the Boston way.

  42. tb727 says:

    Who gives a shit 2nd to last dumbass anonymous.

  43. Anonymous says:

    What bothers me most is not the trade exactly, but the fact we were relying on Shaq and Jermaine O'Neal to get healthy. How does that make any sense? Has anyone looked at Shaq's track record the last few years? We are relying on a 39 year old, 330lb center with a ton of miles and a leg injury to come back and gives us 20 minutes a game?

    I completely understand the need for Jeff Green. I like him as a player and understand why Danny coveted him. We absolutely needed a player like him. I didn't mind giving up Perkins for him.

    But I have a big problem with relying on two old, injury prone centers to provide us with a presence in the middle. JO was solid, but now we find out he got hurt in Game 1 against the Knicks? So we was playing at much less than 100%, what a surprise.

    The worst was Danny coming on the radio week after week and telling us Shaq was close, saying that he would be back in a week, that he looks good working out, that he is in great shape.

    So who was to blame for this? The medical staff, Shaq or Danny? Because whoever was convinced that Shaq would be healthy had to have concrete evidence or else we wouldn't have made the trade, right?

  44. Anonymous says:

    The last minute of the Heat game when we knew we were going to lose, the look of pure confusion and fear on Danny Ainge's face was enough for me. I want that framed in my house over my mantle. The guy gets all the credit in the world for bringing the big three here, but he makes terrible decisions far too often. Not to mention we traded how many players for Garnett? I mean I am in no way shape or form saying that I did not want him here, he has been my favorite player since he got here, but c'mon. At some point it was Danny saying "Alright well will you take this?" Do we have to talk about the "redo" with Antoine, or should I bring up Bill Walker's numbers in New York?

  45. Anonymous says:

    tb727 said... Who gives a shit 2nd to last dumbass anonymous.

    Typical Boston idiot response.

  46. Anonymous says:

    ONE title in the last 25 years. The Celtics franchise is a JOKE.

  47. ThomasJ says:

    Can't imagine Danny had any concrete evidence that Shaq was a lock for the playoffs. Depending on the O'Neals to fill the center spot on a championship team this season is cheating the fans. Do you honestly think the C's chances will be as good next season? How can you gamble with this season to acquire a good (keyword: good) role player. Only a great player could begin to justify breaking up the championship line up in there best remaining opportunity to add another banner.

    Rather than sticking with Perk to go all-in for this season, he is moved while keeping the team good enough to compete and bringing in an unproven young player with "potential" and "upside" to help generate hope for next season and beyond. If you don't think marketing a product has anything to do with it, just call me cynical and keep being naive.

    Anon, I agree about Ainge not deserving much credit but Garnett was a great deal for Ainge and Boston no matter how many players were involved because there was only one worthwhile, Al Jefferson, and he isn't leading anybody to a championship or playing in an all-star game. The KG deal yielded less talent and space for the Wolves than the Gasol deal did for Memphis.

  48. ThomasJ says:

    Not excusing the Buffoon at all, TB. He has since done a great job of blowing Memphis' cap space on Gay and extensions thus screwing up the future of a franchise everyone thinks has turned the corner this season.

  49. tb727 says:

    Hey Anonymous, great name ya got. We would like to hire you as our proofreader before our articles go live, so minor grammatical mishaps don't happen anymore. Because you know, all blogs are so thoroughly checked before being posted.

  50. Anonymous says:

    The ONLY reason why Boston even won ONE title in the last 25 years:


    Tom Thibodeau

  51. Anonymous says:

    Hey tb727, the blogs don't have to be checked before they are posted. The poster merely needs to know how to spell better than a second-grader. Obviously, that skill is severely lacking in (Has)Been Town.

  52. Andrew Hymen says:

    Can't stand cocksuckers that point out typos. When they're Flaker loving douchebags even less.

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