Some of our problems against the New York Knicks are related to the lack of rebounding and scoring production from the bench. Working with a short rotation of players in the playoffs, we have heavily relied on the abilities of Glen Davis to get the work done. In the first two games, he hasn't been able to be a threat on both ends of the floor. The lack of height in the middle once Jermaine goes to the bench has hurt us against younger and more athletic players. Furthermore, Davis has been unable to hit his mid range jumper and this way the floor hasn't been spread when he is on the court. Krstic has played very little and Jeff Green has been quite tentative so far.

I would propose looking at our bench and trying to give some playing time to a guy that has averaged more than 8 rebounds and shot almost 40% from the three point line in his career. While he is by no means a defensive machine (and the athletic epithets will never match his name), Troy Murphy has a knack for rebounds and can surely shoot the basketball.

Murphy has just had a problem of conditioning and of fitting in a team where his playing time and role have shifted from minimum to none. Learning the systems on the go and having not much time to prove what he can bring to the team, it must have been frustrating for him.

I would just suggest that while we wait for the Big Shamrock to get healthy and the Big Baby to get smoother we could certainly use a sip of your favorite big old Murphy and give it a try. Inserting Troy in the rotation -at least in these series- would add a shooter and a rebounder that can get some relief and space for the starters or the rest of the players.

So Doc, think about it. Try some Murphy. Let's give the big man his first taste of the playoffs of his career.

Just for the sake of it.

Bohemian 4/21/2011 06:51:00 AM Edit
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  1. Liam says:

    i also think we should bake some Wafers...

  2. Jenda says:

    He played like a trash bag left on the sun. He has the height but I don't see him as an improvement over Krstic. They're both about half Big Baby on D, both have midrange jumper, only Murphy hasn't exhibited it for very long time. I'd say Murphy is right now behind Krstic in rotation which means I'd give more minutes to Nenad.

  3. Jenda says:

    I agree on Wafer though, he might be useful.

  4. tb727 says:

    I'd definitely like to give him a shot. Nenad's confidence looks shot.

  5. Karl says:

    Why not try it? What can it hurt? Worst thing that happens is he sucks and we take him out. Same thing goes for starting Jeff Green.

  6. Look i think dat we have a great team.but the chemistry is not there the new guys need to be confident and play ball! As for Murphy he need to get his game bak..cause we got to get #banner18

  7. CelticsForLife says:

    Green in the starting five and Murphy the first big man off the bench. Sounds like a championship team! Those guys sit on the bench for a reason.

  8. Oh god, it's come to this? We aren't winning this year, are we?

  9. Bohemian says:

    Saver, I am talking about some bench help...and yes, it's like the roles of PJ Brown, Sam Cassell...it can make a difference by the end of the playoffs

  10. Three Toe says:

    I never understood why so many people, even professional coaches, just refuse to entertain the notion of playing some bench/utility guys in the playoffs. Murphy is like a slightly smaller Krystic but with a better shot, a much better passer, and sets better screens. He's a utility guy that you are supposed to bring in when you need those specific things, which we do, but for some reason in the playoffs, it's like those utility guys aren't even there. If we weren't gonna use him at all, why did we trade Semih??!?!?!!

  11. Bohemian says:

    Jenda, Baby has the quick feet and the body but he can't block and anybody shoots over him...it's not like he's Dikembe Mutombo either. Baby is clever and maximizes his talent, body and skills but he is not a top defender either

  12. Bohemian says:

    Agreed completely, Three Toe

  13. DRP says:

    Troy Murphy, if healthy and in shape, should be playing 25 minutes a game. Also don't panic of the Knicks win Game 3, if the Knicks win only one game, it will probably be Game 3. Desperation combined with a frenzied home crowd should be a winning combination.


  14. Jenda says:

    Oh, definitely Bohemian. But he still is a defender unlike the caucasian duo. lol
    I'd have to say Karl has a point though. It's not likely to hurt C's in terms of rebounding since there was none so far and he could use his height on both ends of the floor. Can't hurt. Still, I don't see Jeff Green utilisable (is it a word?) as a big man in this series. Maybe if Doc decides to go small with JO in the paint and Green playing the "Rashard Lewis".

  15. Bohemian says:

    Jeff Green is just in a tough position, probably the most difficult time of his career. He has a total of 8 playoff games in his resumé and everybody expects him to be a Kendrick Perkins in the body of James Posey...well he is just not a savvy veteran. He needs time but he is an awesome player. The question is if the Celtics can wait for him to be ready to fight against Melo and Lebron...

    I would give it a try in game 3. And yes, we could try some Wafer too :D

  16. that wont be a problem, this will be a sweep, get your brooms out celtics nation, this is not a prediction..
    i dreamt about it last night.. LOL...

    i will never give up on the Celtics, celtics pride, celtics nation, celtics all the way....

  17. Anonymous says:

    I dont think there is ANY advantage to starting Jeff Green, not to diss on his abilities, but O'neal should be starting at center on Turiaf and KG on Staudamaire, these are both good matchups for the Celtics! Kristic should be our 1st center off the bench, while he gives up some on D, his size is the advantage, and he has played pretty well off the bench durring the regular season on offense. Big Baby will come around, not too worried about him, I would agree with Wafer getting more minutes and Delonte getting a little less..

    chris shumate

  18. Anonymous says:

    I Kinda hope Doc does it. Murphy shoots better than Krystic, rebounds better than Krystic and can't play much worse defense.

  19. shelbyl says:

    Doc isn't likely to expand his 9-man rotation, unfortunately. But yeah, I think both Wafer and Murphy have the potential to be of some effect.

    We mustn't forget that we won the third game against Miami thanks to Wafer's unexpected performance. The guy has athleticism and (seldom though) great shooting.

    A little bit of Murphy wouldn't hurt as well. Doc needs to experiment more, since the Knicks are the only team we can comfortably experiment against at this time of the year.

  20. ThomasJ says:

    I didn't see anything in Murphy's regular season minutes that looked useful in the playoffs but hey, give him some minutes right? It's not like the bench could give up the lead any faster than it has in the first 2 games.

  21. Bohemian says:

    Finally 3 minutes for Murphy :)

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