Doc Rivers' media session today was fairly positive -- Troy Murphy and Nenad Krstic returned to the court for practice, and Shaq's injury does not seem as bad as some journalists are making it out to be:

"We're pretty good, except for Shaq," Rivers said when asked about team health. "I know what I know. Basically, it's a calf strain. It's not that bad, not that serious. He will not, probably, play the rest of this week, but... he may play at the end of the week... I just talk to [team trainer] Eddie [Lacerte]," said Rivers. "I don't talk to players on that one, because they all feel good. Eddie and [team physician] Dr. [Brian] McKeon thought it was minor. It's not a big deal, except for Shaq, because he's big and he's 39."
Krstic, Murphy, and Ray Allen speak to the media after the jump.

Danielle Hobeika 4/04/2011 05:29:00 PM Edit
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  1. CoachBo says:

    Add Wojo to the list of people who just don't get it about Perkins.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What were they thinking?

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