The Boston Celtics blew a 25-point lead to the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight. Though the C's went on to win 85-82, that kind of a lapse in concentration is unacceptable especially coming off losses to the Bobcats and Grizzlies. A loss tonight would've marked Boston's first three-game losing streak in roughly a year.

Paul Pierce led the way with 23 points and seven rebounds. Though he only converted 6-16 attempts from the field and 2-8 from deep, the captain tallied 12 points down the stretch in a pivotal 4th quarter.

Kevin Garnett recorded a double-double with 13 points and 13 boards. KG also dished out five dimes, keeping the defense honest in the post. Nenad Krstic and Ray Allen added 11 apiece in the win, and Delonte West finished with eight points and five assists, filling in for an injured Rajon Rondo.

Michael Beasley finished with a game-high 28. However, B-Easy launched 28 shots on the night. Now remember why Dwyane Wade wanted a new supporting cast? The Kevin-Love less T-Wolves also got solid performances from Darko Milicic and Anthony Tolliver.

With the win, the Celts improve to 51-21, while the T-Wolves fall to 17-57. Boston returns to action tomorrow night when they travel to Indiana. Celtics-Pacers tips off at 7 p.m.

Stephen Bailey 3/27/2011 09:42:00 PM Edit
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  1. C's Fan In Mia says:

    It wasn't a loss.. Look at the third paragraph...

  2. Good catch. I guess they played so bad it just felt like one lol.

  3. DH says:

    Where do you guys find the non-watermarked photos so quickly? I always see some on getty images but they all have watermarks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    horrible win by the Celtics, we should have won by 30
    Hope we learned not to blow up a 25 point lead
    Celtics all day

  5. C's Fan In Mia says:

    Lol... I was on the edge of my seat watching this game so the last thing I need is to see the word loss associated with tonights game...

  6. DH: Yahoo Sports has AP pictures for each game. Just go to the game recap/box score and you should find them.

  7. tb727 says:

    Why did Rambis order to foul Pierce with Twolves down 3 and a 5 second differential b/t shot and game clock? He's a moron. I LOVE seeing him and Laimbeer lose. And Theus for that matter too lol

  8. Karl, I saw the douche bag article. LOL. I thought you're writing about Norman Dale!!!

  9. ThomasJ says:

    Was at the game here in Sota. The key match up was when Arroyo came in to challenge Ridnour/Flynn in a battle of irrelevant pg's. Krstic made Darko look skilled and athletic. Thanks again, Danny. He's a really big upgrade over Semih. Green will have to become a superstar to make any sense of that trade. Using pieces to acquire defensive relief for Paul was all that needed to be done for this season. Not being a pessimist, just a realist.

  10. They won. Now they already have "more" victories this year than they accomplished all of last year's regular season. Therefore, I won't complain too bad...especially seeing that the so-called "experts" from ESPN predicted at the start of this year that the C's would only win a total 51 games this year....of which they have already matched (with 10 games still left to go).
    Oh well...so much for the "so-called" experts.

  11. tb727 says:

    I agree with Thomas J 1000%

  12. Congratulation to Delonte West on his first start of the year (on a re-tweaked bum ankle) being also a win for the team...in which he was key down the stretch.

    And Thanks Danny Ainge for having the insight to acquire him when the Lakers were also after him.

    We like to dog out Danny...but he's done some good things this year, too.


  13. Anonymous says:

    terrible win.

  14. Flashlight worked brightly in the first half. Then abruptly after halftime the batteries rapidly died. We were all drunkenly stumbling downhill through darkness. Hungry wolves baring their teeth circled all around. Fortunately daylight broke through the horizon just in time. Across a shallow creek bed choked with litter cars roared by on the interstate.

  15. ThomasJ says:

    Thanks, tb. Regardless of number of wins last season or predicted for this one, last years team did the nearly impossible "flip the switch" and played at championship level after a mediocre finish to the regular season. Because of the personnel changes this team could play it's best and still need some luck and good breaks to get banner 18.

    Wayne, you are right that Delonte was a good pick up. He is better than any pg on the Lakers roster outside of Fishes occasional big shot. West gives us one competent pg to back up Rondo.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It might be not a good game as you guys want it to be but we pull it off, its better than having 3 straight losses I am proud of my team ya'll need to just have faith in them and stop the criticism they did great if you ask me Celtics for life

    Oh yea where is Norman Dale with his Tasha Mac hating ass did they banned him LMAFO

  17. Three Toe says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  18. Three Toe says:

    Imagine if Kevin Love was playing. yeesh. Also, the total rebounds were us-42 them-49, which is bad enough when they are missing their best rebounder, but didn't it seem like we had like 4 during the whole 2nd half? I kept thinking, "wow all the defense in the world isn't going to help us when they are just going to keep shooting till they hit one."

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