It's normally Paul Pierce or Ray Allen making the clutch game winning shots for the Celtics. Yet, that wasn't quite the case tonight as Pierce didn't get his chance until just 4.2 seconds were left in the game.

Rajon Rondo, Glen Davis and Pierce each missed shots that could have tied or won the game with the final seconds ticking away as the Boston Celtics fell to the Memphis Grizzlies 90-87 Wednesday night at the TD Garden in Boston, MA.

Former Celtic Tony Allen was overjoyed to beat his former team on their home court, he scored eight points and had seven rebounds on the night. However, he wasn't the only former Celtic excited to get back at his old team. Leon Powe had a big game, tying Zach Randolph for a team-high 13 points off the bench.

The Celtics got their best chance to take the game trailing by one on a fast break with 27.9 seconds remaining. However, it wasn't the C's best offensive weapons, Paul Pierce or Ray Allen, taking the shot. Rondo decided to keep it himself. His floater didn't go and the Celtics would never climb any closer.

Memphis held a huge advantage in the paint, outscoring Boston 52-26 under the basket. The Grizzlies attempted 16 more field goals than the Celtics, shooting 44.6 percent on the night. The Grizzlies also lead the league in steals and Boston was very much their victim tonight. Memphis had 12 steals as the Celtics turned the ball over 20 times.

The Celtics also had 12 steals, seven of which came from Rajon Rondo. Rondo had a double double on the night, with 11 assists and 11 rebounds while also contributing six points. Paul Pierce led Celtics scorers with 22 points, including 18 in the second half. Ray Allen added 14 points, drilling 3-of-7 shots from behind the arch. Glen Davis added 12 off of the bench while Jeff Green and Kevin Garnett each scored 10 a piece.

For Memphis, Marc Gasol had a double double with 11 points and 11 rebounds. Sam Arthur and OJ Mayo each added 11.

A 10-4 Grizzlies run opened up the third and had them leading by as many as five points. The Celtics responded with a run of their own though, back to back treys from Allen and Pierce highlighted a 17-5 run by the Celtics that had them jumping out to their largest lead of the game, seven. Yet the Grizzlies closed out the quarter scoring four unanswered for the second time of the night.

The fourth quarter started out with two teams deadlocked, as the game changed hands six times in the first five minutes. The Grizzlies were the first to break free from the standstill, scoring eight unanswered to take a seven point lead.

The Celtics responded with a rally of their own, pulling within one point with the final minute ticking away.

Boston had a chance to take a lead on a fast break but a Rondo floater missed it's mark with just 19.9 seconds to go. Forced to foul, the Celtics watched Mike Conley make both of his free throws. Trailing by three with the seconds ticking away, it was the unlikely Big Baby launching a three to tie the game, which didn't go. However, Marc Gasol missed both free throws, giving the Celtics one final chance to send the game into overtime with just 4.2 seconds remaining. This time it was Pierce missing the three -- giving the Grizzlies a 90-87 win.

While no team lead more than seven in the second half, the Celtics had to overcome a double digit deficit in the first.

It was a low scoring first quarter that saw the Celtics shoot just 33.3% as they were outscored 20-15 in the opening frame. That point total for the C's nearly matched their season low of points scored in the first quarter, which was 14 in New Orleans last Saturday. That game, of course, featured a come from behind rally by Boston, where the C's overcame a double digit deficit against the Hornets at home. The story was no different in the first half tonight against the Grizzlies.

In the second quarter, the Celtics fell behind by as much as ten. Memphis, fueled by former Celtic Leon Powe's team-high nine first half points, walked all over the C's second unit.

It looked like it could've had the making another blowout. However, the Boston comeback came a little earlier than it had the past two games when the starters took the court again.

After taking charge in the fourth quarter against the Knicks two nights ago, Paul Pierce was a mere 0-for-3 from the field in the first half. However, he assisted on one of two Ray Allen three-pointers which -- along with an invigorated Rondo (who had six first half rebounds) -- helped spark a 19-4 Celtic run which saw the green leading by as many as five with the final minute of the half ticking away. The Grizzlies responded with four quick unanswered points on dishes from Mike Conley to pull back within one at halftime, 45-44.

The Celtics fall to 50-20 and are now one full game behind the Chicago Bulls. They next play host to the Charlotte Bobcats this Friday the 25th at 7:30pm.

Michael Saver 3/23/2011 10:03:00 PM Edit
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  1. shutitup says:

    okay people. is it just me?
    was that would-be-floater trying to be:
    A) Rondo trying to pulls his nuts out of the swamp that his game has become.
    B) Genuine injury (how many EFFING times did he pull up just short of a glorious basket?).
    C) Pissed because his best friend just got traded so he's boneheading right now (that's right "boneheading" is now a verb. Deal.
    D)Pissed because his best friend got traded and got a max deal contract on the eve of a lockout... and he basically settled.

    I'm just pissed right now. It seemed everyone wanted it but the one guy who everyone says can go and get it (if he wants it).

    Effing'ell, I love stubborn, but c'mon man, you're a pro now, after 5(6?) years in the pro.

  2. Anonymous says:

    maybe he wants to be with his best friend Perk...so trade him with Westbrook...

  3. Q.D. says:

    You people are seriously thinking he (threw a game/let it bother a shot), because he's not playing with Perk. Lol, I was pissed about the shot and time of the shot, but come on, be serious, ish happens, he effed up, but don't put that on him.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Q.D. there were so many people open esp Pierce it wud have drove it to the pain and 1. am pissed too he let that slip our hands NKT!

  5. And that my friends, is the season. A game behind the Bulls. Now tied with the Lakers. After the shitty season the Lakers had, the Celtics are now tied. But that won't be too long; they'll drop behind them faster than you could say "duck, you sucker." Perfect example: last night, the Lakers win in triple overtime against the Suns at home. Tonight, the Celtics can't focus and beat a comparable Memphis team at home.

    Celtics will have to win a Game 6 or 7 in LA again this year if they meet in the Finals. But they won't get there. They will have to beat Miami in round 2 just to get to the conference finals.

    I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Remember the date folks, 6/17/10, the last time the Celtics could've won a title for the next 20 years.

    Lastly, do we REALLY need to hear A. Sherod Blakely talk every game? Nobody, I mean NOBODY cares what he has to say. About anything.

  6. tb727 says:

    Rough loss.

    And JR: Sam Young >>> Demar Derozan lol

  7. Shane Battier & Lionel Hollins' Beards says:

    We got the job done tonight!!

  8. Q.D. says:

    I can understand being upset, but now ppl want a trade or they think that shot was because he's still upset about Perk. I agree, it was a stupid shot, everyone was pissed, but seriously he out-rebounded everyone on the team, and had a dbl dbl, I think he panicked, like so many fans are doing, I mean seriously, now "the season is done" Lol... This is the 1st year that I've actually paid attention to other fans comments, but if you people give up on a team and players this easy, you should never watch sports, these things happen. Too funny, hell if some of you lived in Cincinnati like I do, with teams like the Bengals, and Reds, you'd have to be put on suicide watch. Lol.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I was as angry about Rondo's floater as anyone, but I was most bothered by the fact that the best we could do in our final two posessions was a leaning contested three by Paul and an even more contested and ill-advised three by Baby.

    And to respond to shutitup's post, I'm leaning toward A, but if we had won the game I think his numbers tonight would have done all the talking he needed, even without the runner.

    I maintain that Rondo is indeed hurt, just not phisically.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Norman dale you brought your hating Tasha Mac looking gay ass back, nigga you like you wait for our team to lose to come talk shit niggq where were you for the past two night hating ass need to be banned off this site. Btw faggit it doesn't matter if we a tied or a game with the bulls nigga we finna bounce back then let me see you talk shit

  11. Whys everyone hate on Norman Dale? He eats fish sticks just like the rest of us.

  12. shutitup says:

    anonymous, i appreciate your measured response.

    i was wondering about a great many thing when i wrote that.
    it was mostly that that exact decision summed up a game... why would you not even appear to try to score in transition (he did make a great many effort plays, but none to much effect... make a video response if you disagree and I would love to watch it...) and then try to make the deciding shot (it probably would have been)with a weak FLACCID floater.

    I just don't know man.

  13. ThomasJ says:

    Just got done with the game on dvr and the loss isn't because of only one play but don't just make it about Rondo's poor decision. How about Glen Davis launching that three with 8 serconds left. WTF? The only time Baby should be shooting a 3 is at the buzzer. He was the 5th best 3 pt shooter on the floor at that time.

    Hope that hero shot is out of his system before the playoffs.

  14. shelbyl says:

    Tonight's loss was due to three factors:

    1. Mentality (can and will improve): Rondo and Davis couldn't handle the pressure at the last minute. Yet the game could've been won before that. In fact, only Pierce looked like he was playing at Playoff intensity, even KG and Allen were like "Yeah, whatevs".

    2. Memphis' defense: This is a bad sign. We simply couldn't execute. We have to STOP taking unnecessary jumpshots and give up going to the rim. That last quarter policy failed us many games now.

    3. Lack of inside power: We got outrebounded. Period. They killed us at the offensive glass. The good news is: Shaq and JO are coming back soon.

    So yeah, a tough loss, but remember remember: We'll have O'Neals to bring some mental toughness, and come playoff time the team will be more focused.

    Good news is, Rondo is back despite his really stupid floater.

  15. shelbyl says:

    And don't forget: We're playing the same amount games against teams above .500 as Bulls are (their schedule is comparatively easier though), and less games than Lakers are. (They are playing Hornets, Mavs, Jazz, Nuggets, Jazz, Warriors, Trail Blazers, Thunder and Spurs in a row. Norman will have to shut his mouth up in the coming week, no worries.)

  16. I remember Norman Dale saying that we would lose the game against NY. And we won.

    He only appears when we lose. Seriously, it isn't funny anymore. JR, can't you block his IP, profile, whatever?

  17. george says:

    If both O'Neals get back(especially Shaq) it won't matter if the Celtics have home court advantage or not come playoff time, they will be able to win big games on the road. Winning 50 games already despite all the injuries and lack of rebounding has been quite an acomplishment.Delonte West is back playing after all that time off and helping out.That makes the Celtics team deeper for the playoff run.Forget about the best friend B.S. they play for millions of $$$ and that's what they care about the most.

  18. tb727 says:

    The site should change names from "celticslife.com" to "onehealthyoneal.com" lol

  19. Anonymous says:

    Against Memphis we should not have needed the starters. We should have used the bench throughout the game and let the starters rest. It could not have been worse. I honestly think that it would have been much better.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Right now I'm not caring about the regular season games ... I'm waiting for the playoffs ; all you people do is panic !! When the playoffs come ... when they lose games, then theirs time to panic ! for now ... shut up and enjoy the highlights :)

  21. JR says:

    Norman you're an idiot. You only come on when the Celtics lose, but when you predict a loss... I mean guarantee a loss and the Celtics win you don't say anything. Where were you after the comeback win in NY?

    You're like Gary Tanguay with your predictions. 10% success ratio.

    p.s. I like when they interview A. Sherod Blakely

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