I'm one of the biggest Rondo fans out there, but I've watched this clip now over a dozen times and I can't figure out what he's thinking. Some people are going to say Rondo was being "selfish" by trying to stat pad assists. I don't buy that. How can someone be selfish by being too unselfish? Now if he was shooting poor shots instead of passing to open players  that would be selfish. So the next possible explanation is Rondo's terrified of being fouled and going to the line. What else can there be? Is he trying to send a message to Danny, "See I have a clear path to the hoop, but I'm going to make it harder for no apparent reason." (Yes that was me referencing Danny trading away our starting center when we were the best team in the league).

Honestly I'd like some objective thoughts on this Rondo play. What do you think is going through his mind right here? I wouldn't even care if this was the first time he passed on an open lay up this season, but it definitely isn't. I'm going try and be positive and guess that he thought he might get blocked here, but you make the call: What's the matter with Rondo?

JR 3/26/2011 02:17:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    i've seen him do this a few times but it is inexplicable Doc must be telling him to lay it up

  2. Anonymous says:

    he saw young and thought it would be a safer play to dish it out.. ?

  3. I actually don't even know what to say about that pass because he wouldn't have been fouled. There was plenty of space for him to get off the two & complete it. Maybe they were looking for a three, you never know what DOC told them in their last huddle nor know what goes through player's minds when they lose a number one spot in the East and must win their next two games to gain their number one spot back. Or even if they just want to win because they think they deserve it! The time was limited and maybe he thought allen or pierce could've knocked the three.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It could have been a mental thing, a bad decision. he wanted to do one thing instead of the other and non really worked out... going for the lay-up should ALWAYS be the thing to do, but let's ASSUME he thought he could be blocked, so he may have wanted to also do that thing when he dribbles to one side takes it out and then back in to confuse his defender, but he found himself falling out of bounds, so ultimately none of the plays worked out... it was mental... and he's been playing like this for a while so it wasn't a one-game, one-play thing.

  5. JD says:


  6. Oh no they are going to block little old me I must do a crazy pass and lose all advantage. You Dunked on Bosh's forehead yet you're afraid to complete at the rim. Put your spine on Rondo its time to shine. Everyone knows your buddy Perk is gone but if you've happened to call him I'm sure he must have said something along the lines of "stop playing like a bitch"

  7. Anonymous says:

    Rondo could have stopped, pump faked it so that the defenders could have flown by and layed it up or took the contact and went to the line. Something is not right with Rondo and I don't know what it is, but he really needs to get his act together because he is the reason we are playing so poorly. His decision making since the trade has been terrible.

  8. .chuckT. says:

    not even a fuckin big deal to me..
    -maybe he is looking for assists instead of buckets.
    -maybe he didnt want his lay up to get blocked.

    but what is very idiotic to me is the comments on this vid on the youtube page.
    ppl saying Derrick Rose would have dunked over both of them, Derrick Rose this and that. And the highest rated comment 'fuck rondo, fuck the gay celtics'. people are making a big deal out of nothing..

    just seems like people are thinking of anything to make the excuse to why we have lost these last two games..
    THE WORLD IS NOT OVER - THE SKY ISNT FALLING - THE CELTICS ARE STILL THE CELTICS. The Lakers, Mavs, Magic, Bulls, Spurs, & Heat have went thru their reg season struggles, now we are going thru ours.. point-blank-period.

  9. Anonymous says:

    he was scared to get hit and he did not want to get fouled coz he's a bad ft shooter. if i were rondo on that play, i would've gone up strong. i'll take my shot at the line.

  10. Anonymous says:

    chuckT this problem needs to get fixed before the playoffs. Plays like this can cost you a game and it did for us. Derrick Rose would have jammed it and Rondo is more than capable of doing the same, but his head has not been in the game since the Perkins trade. He needs to get over it and start being that scrappy, tough-minded point guard that we all love.

  11. Anonymous says:

    We have seen this play many times finishing with a block and TA is a specialist. I understand Rondo. However he's not being such competive player he used to. We need the original Rondo coming back

  12. Baller X says:

    Trying to pad your assists can be selfish, especially right now in Rondo's case. Like the above play, if this were last year he would have easily laid it in, but when he turned around it was to find a teammate running down the floor with him, but there was no one so he decided to kick it out instead of getting the easy two like he would've done last year, taking a quick two away from his team. Also, if you look back to the NY game, toward the end when I think they got a steal and Ray ran the ball down the court to lay it in himself instead of passing it to Rondo (who was right at the basket), I think Ray did that b/c he knew Rondo would've just held the ball and waited to pass the ball back to Ray allowing Carmelo to catch up to the play and possibly save two points for the Knicks. Rondo also holds the ball in the half court too long, something Tommy has a problem with, to wait for a guy to get open/ or to find the easiest way to get an assist. This makes it easier for the opposing team's defense as nobody except Ray's man is moving b/c everyone else is just standing around waiting for Rondo to do something. When the ball moves, so do the players, and it makes the opposing defense work. Opposing teams have caught on to how Rondo gets his big assist numbers so they just stick to their man b/c they know he's not going to shoot, and now that he is shooting it's still playing into the opposing teams hand b/c he's not even shooting his shots. Rondo just needs to look at film and adjust to getting back to his game, and stop worrying about the assists

  13. Anonymous says:

    He tried to do the mj baseline turnaround but there was no space he got double minded

  14. Jenda says:

    my guess would be he saw the dynamic duo coming and felt like he'd get blocked.

  15. wil says:

    i just think he isnt confident in his lay ups lately...they seemed to far back to block him, i dunno its hard to explain maybe he just doesnt wanna get injured before the playoffs, remember he isnt that big of a guy in the nba, he always turns it on to another level in the playoffs...dont worry celtic faithful

  16. I think Rondo is just playing it as safe as possible. And probably thought that the trailing defender was closer than he actually was. Thus simply pulled out.
    Say what you will, but I think that certain players feel that this too-long b.s.regular season is their enemy and is why they unnecessarily end up going into the "main" season (playoffs) incapable to perform at the level which is critically needed to perform successfully.
    And having already secured a seat at the dance...they know that their hat is already in the ring.
    So if they pull back just a little from getting themselves splattered by much bigger guys for meaningless games, I ain't mad at them. Just blame Mr David "Howard" Stern for trying to milk everything that he can out of these guys. And only blame Rondo (if this possibly his thinking)for having a totally MADE-UP MIND that unlike last year when he had to carry excruciating pain from his regular season's badgered up body into the playoffs but yet they still came within 4-pts of a badly wanted world title, for not be willing to compromise his determination to not do anything "too" foolishly risky which would imperil this committment to winning it all THIS year. And to do everything in his power to see it come into fruition.
    He's stubborn like that...and if this is where he's at in his desire for winning a title this year. Then so be it.
    Maybe he doesn't want to carry that guilt feeling again if only he would had been a little healthier last year they would already be in possession of Banner #18.
    I think we are gonna see Rondo really turn it on this year when the playoffs come into full effect.

  17. Rondo has gone on the record in multiple interviews this year consistantly saying that HCA is important..."but" going into this year's playoffs (unlike last year's) is much more important to him.
    And, to foolishly compare what Derrick Rose would have done to what Rondo did shows a severe lack of understanding that "while" Rondo was within arm's length reach to a world title last year(could practically taste it) and carries that understanding for what it takes to be a world champion...whereas our good friend Derrick Rose was sitting at home and not even close to one.
    Rondo has been there (and won). Has been places that Derrick can only dream about. Derrick is like a new puppy out the gate this being his very first rodeo.
    Two ENTIRELY different worlds.
    Before 2008, I'm sure that Rondo would have jammed it too. And probably would have talked trash in the process.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Just dunk the damn ball....It would have been a statement dunk, Maybe Memphis would have called a timeout..

  19. Anonymous says:

    He would've got blocked, evident when he turns his head to see the other defender coming. How many PG's would've gone the extra step to see if another defender is coming? It shows how his court awareness and basketball IQ really is. Although I do agree, Rondo really needs to step it up.

  20. Anonymous says:

    what you guys are not saying is that even last year he would have gone up for a layup. This year the same issues with his attitude that people have said are back again. He just is being a bitch. and wants to show someone that he isn't happy and tell danny DONT MESS WITH WITH HAPPY. But I still think that he will be back in the playoffs. I won't panic yet but if they loose this year to a team because of the trade then Rondo has every right to be like he is right now.

  21. Sam says:

    - feared the LeBron chase down block
    - tried to do the MJ spin back, didnt work

  22. Anonymous says:

    Rondo is a very complicated player, he is not happy obviously all around on and off the court. And he is the type to not care what anyone thinks or says, he will play when he is ready maybe when the playoffs come maybe not. Truth is the ending for this season lies in his leadership and Danny Ainge just pissed him off. Wrong thing to do to a guy like Rondo. We will all just have to watch and see...

  23. He THOUGHT he had players running w/ him( which they shouldve been). But he was wrong. He always likes to slow up and wait for teammates so he can dish the ball and get them going in transition. That also gets them into to game more. To put it quite simply, Rondo didn't lay it up b/c he waited for his teammates. One of two things need to happen. The team needs to look to run more out on the break or Rondo needs to lay it up. Either way this ONE play did not cost us this game, or the Charlotte game so please don't make a big deal out of nothing. Besides if we win this game this play never shows up. So how 'bout we all be good Boston fans and stand behind our team. Okay!? Alright!

  24. Pause at 00:07
    Those are two Very VERY Athletic players. You guess what he was thinking.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I dont care why he didnt take this lay-up, cause Im used to him passing up lay-ups as this one all the time, but why did he not pull it out like this on the play he took the ill-advised floater..? Thats my question, I believe Rondo has been messed up in the head lately, and he gotta get it together...

  26. tb727 says:

    I actually paused it at 0:08. What I see is Rondo about a foot and a half in front of the foul line and Tony Allen about 2 feet behind. It's inexcusable for him not to go for the layup. So what if it got blocked. The only person who I'd be leery of blocking it would be LeBron since he's done it so many times in the past and is notorious for it.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The celtics must re-sign perkins. After of months and months of waiting for perkins recovery, perkins got healthy and they traded him. WTF!

  28. kikisweet says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  29. Anonymous says:

    perk is gone, He signed an extension with the Thunder

  30. Anonymous says:

    Well why dont we just trade him too??? Morons he is in the top 3 best pg's in the league stat wise minus scoring, I swear some of you guys just want them to be perfect....let's see you lace up and see what you would do.

  31. Anonymous says:

    And would you STFU already about Perkins he was NOT good. You people act like he was some sort of superstar. He was hurt and will be again and again and yet again. We stole Jeff Green from the Thunder and Kristic was a throw in and to me thats one hell of a throw in.

  32. arboleda says:

    I've been a fan of the celtics ever since Garnett sign with them (I follow players not teams). The year that Boston won the championship they played amazingly unselfish and their line up rarely include Rondo. It was more like move the ball to find Ray or post up Pierce or Garnett, rest of the offense was find the open man and shoot, with Cassel and House, Celtics did not need Rondo to waste them offense by throwing bricks( which he still does now 3 years after). In my opinion he gotten over he's head and is very overrated, you just can't have a point guard who can't shot or is afraid of scoring in the NBA right now, specially with a caliber team like Boston (no matter how good your defense is). Bryan defense him while touching the paint, and still Rondo looks to pass, you just can't win like that because it turns into a 5 player vs 4 in the court. I think Boston should TRADE HIM for a point guard who knows how to shoot and is unselfish. (kind of like Nash)

  33. Anonymous says:

    Arboleda you are a idiot you just contradicted yourself Obviously if Rondo looks to pass that would be called being UNSELFISH you dope. He may not be a high caliber scorer, but so what they dont need him to be with all the options he has thats not his job. Remember rondo leads the league in assists and close in steals and is far behind all your "top" pg's in turnovers. Maybe you should follow a team and not just players cause you don't know jack.

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