A league source has confirmed that Troy Murphy has come to terms on a buy-out with the Golden State Warriors which will pave the way for the 6-foot-10 inch forward to sign with the Boston Celtics. The buy-out is pending league approval, which won't come about until sometime on Monday.

While it's not a done deal that Murphy will be a Celtic, all indications are pointing in that direction.

Like the Celtics, Miami would love to add another big man whose perimeter-shooting skills could help space the floor more.

But joining the Heat might be a bit more complicated.

Miami has 15 players with guaranteed contracts, which means a player has to waived.

It is unclear if the Heat would be willing to do that.
If Murphy comes to Boston it will be interesting to see how Doc eventually splits up the 96 minutes at the 4 and 5 between KG, Baby, Green, Shaq, Kristic, JO and Murphy. The Heat are complete idiots if they're not willing to waive one of their corpses like Magliore or Howard to a) improve their team and b) keep Murphy away from Boston. We'll know a lot more later today. Stay tuned.

JR 2/28/2011 01:22:00 AM Edit
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  1. Bohemian says:

    I hope we get Murphy. He can rebound, score and stretch the floor. I don't know how the minutes would be managed though but that's to Doc to decide.

  2. Sam says:

    I'd say Murphy would be an integral part of the 2nd unit.

    Still, if JO takes too long to get in game shape I worry a lot about our post defense off the bench. Any combo of Baby, Green, Murphy & Kristic isn't exactly an intimidating presence down low.

  3. Bohemian says:

    Baby us a good defender and Green is not bad either. Krstic is big and intimidating...so it's Murphy who would need to step up in D. Many players who came here weren't defensive players either and they have adapted (Ray, Paul...even Nate got better)

    Two other positives with a Murphy signing:

    1. He is healthy
    2. He is rested (hasn't played in two months)

  4. Bohemian says:

    "I've been told Troy Murphy is headed their way"


  5. Bohemian says:

    Murphy's agent is Dan Fegan, who also represents Dwight Howard and more importantly Delonte West & Von Wafer ;)

  6. Bohemian says:

    And finally (I promise I will leave the Murphy to Boston match) he:

    - Is from the New Jersey area, and Boston is closer to home than Miami ;)

    - He played for the IRISH before the NBA ;)

    - He already enjoyed the nice weather when he was a Warrior. If he wanted nice beaches he could have chosen to remain in California with Golden State, right? :P

    Come on Mr Murphy, you know you want to get a ring so come to Boston :)

  7. Jenda says:

    As Sam said: Stiff, ill JO takes too long to get in game shape, I worry a lot about our post defense off the bench.
    If C's sign Murphy, I see Green playing big SF and (depending on Shaq and JO) Big Baby with Murphy playing sort of weird PF combo.

  8. Scott Burrell says:


  9. tb727 says:

    I think it's a good problem to worry about regarding divvying up the minutes up front. Jermaine O'Neal is about as reliable as Gary Tanguay's gut.

  10. This is outstanding news. Shaq and Jermaine are never healthy so that's no issue.

  11. Three Toe says:

    This was the only guy i was really excited about having here. I really like troy murphy, he will be a great addition here.

  12. zac111 says:

    Agreed agreed, if Murphy comes here it's a big plus. I think he realized after watching Miami lose to the Knicks last night that his best shot at getting out of the east is right here in Boston (part of his buyout was that he could not sign with a team in the Western Conference and thereby possibly play a roll in beating the Warriors and keeping them further from the playoffs). Murphy's an Ivey Leaguer... he knows here is where he will be welcomed and appreciated the most AND will have his best shot at a title. He's never been to the post season so he'll work as hard as anyone once we get there. His defense shouldn't be a problem at all. So much of a players defensive identity is the culture of the teams they play for... I mean Pacers were defensive minded I suppose but the Celts are so much more sophisticated and trust each other much more. He'll be great here. Wow, quite a novel I have here. I'd bet absolutely no one bothers to read all this haha nice

  13. Three Toe says:

    i got all the way up to "haha"

  14. Three Toe's gf says:

    Finally Three Toe gets it all the way up!

  15. Tim says:

    We have empty Roster spots and need them
    filled, Murphy can stretch the court and having a stacked front line doesn't hurt especially with all the injuries. Would you rather play behind Juwan Howard or win a championship?

  16. Norman Dale's bf says:

    I'm in love with Norman

  17. Three Toe says:

    hahaha. well it's tough to muster up enough blood to lift 10 pounds all the way up.

    Celticslife: where the classiest writers in the biz happens.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Please Sign Troy Murphy it will be good for the team trust me when i say this !!

  19. Anonymous says:

    We need all the bigs we can get. I don't trust the health of Shaq or J.O. We probably should hang onto Johnson as well for a little while. We should keep one roster spot open though just in case Rip Hamilton becomes available, if not we should just sign Pavlovic or Kapono. Please don't sleep on Pavlovic. He played well against us a couple years back and he can knock down the three ball. Our bench is looking great.

  20. beezy the sports guru says:

    this will help the C's out a ton. Murphy is much like sheed but will play better D and can rebound and after losing JON, Erden and of course Perk (very sad)... Jermain wont b back in time to get a lot of reps in so it will sit on Big Baby, Shaq, Green, and Kristic so this will b nice bring in Murphy and than we can play murphy and big baby together cause big baby plays the 5 all the time and murphy at the 4 and green at the 3. with those 3 in we can spread the court like crazy. if this deal happens it is gonna improve us a ton. just as long as the chemistry goes well, thats a big thing up in beantown. the new arrival Chris Johnson has some hope, i went to the Nuggs vs C's game on thursday and he played pretty good in his first game with the C's, considering he just got signed like 2 hours before. we should still leave that last spot. we could use 1 more vet in the end if any pop up. like Cassell and Brown in 08. we could do that with Pavlovic or Hamilton 2 guys who know what there doing and Hamilton has a championship which would b a good fit, Idk how good Wafer will b in the long run, very inconsistent. hope this deal happens! GO C's!.....no West tonight against Utah, that sucks, he is startin to get good!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I just want to point out that Lebron is defending the lefty with the wrong hand. that makes me feel better.

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