This is from yesterday's game and comes the same week where Howard mocked Lebron's chalk toss and photo taking and James proceeded to score 51 on him. I think Howard tries a little too hard to be funny and generally fails (Remember his interview of himself last season?). I do think he's slightly underrated as a player. Hard to win a ring when your second best player is who? Jameer Nelson? Hedo? Could totally see him following the Shaq route (another guy who would have had a better career if he took the game more seriously) and leaving Orlando next year. Put him on the lakers with Kobe and Gasol and he wins a couple titles and has more of a spotlight for his lame comedy routines. Now I've stated before that I don't see Howard coming to Boston as a realistic option, but my hypothetical question for you is "Could a Rondo/Howard duo win an NBA championship?"

Today's Video (Part 2): A Unisex Fragrance by Khloe & Lamar

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JR 2/07/2011 11:03:00 AM Edit
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  1. .chuckT. says:

    hasnt that dickhead figured it out already?!

    fuckin immature bastard..

  2. JR says:

    LOL Banner 18 (easier for me to type)

  3. Patti says:


  4. tb727 says:

    He's an ass. He treats everything like a joke. Give me Tim Duncan, give me KG always over this clown. It's amazing with all that athleticism his post moves are still wretched. Love watching Perk shut him down when he needs to.

  5. This may be the video of the day... but what i have here is the video of the century! Oh LA LA LAnd.


  6. JR says:

    Oh man Jesse I have to post this!

  7. .chuckT. says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAAAA!!! that was quite funny!! Khloe is a damn cave-woman!

  8. Three Toe says:

    is that really mocking KG? He just sort of jogged for a couple seconds. He didn't even hit his head on the post. Not a very good impression.

    And I hate to say it, be we'd be just unstoppable with Howard at center. He fits the defensive-minded, tough physical mold very well. I am biased and would rather have Perk, but objectively, come on now.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dwight Howard is just silly...

  10. DH says:

    I am curious to see how Howard plays with Rondo, Allen, KG, and Pierce at the All-Star Game. I am pretty sure Doc is going to play those 5 together, as he intimated that he is playing his 4 starters with "whoever is closest to free agency" on the floor. I am pretty sure that means Howard. I think he and Rondo will be fun to watch together.

  11. thanos says:

    I also think he's underated and that he would thrive near the C's. I love perk too but with DH i wouldnt doubt a sec that the ring would be ours

  12. It's easy to say the Celtics would be unstoppable if they had Dwight Howard, but that's like a couple of months ago when everybody was saying Miami was going to break all the win records this year with their new big three. I'm sure the C's would win plenty of games with Howard at center, but there are definitely guys that would fit better chemistry-wise, especially the big men they already have. Also, Boston's big guys (whether they admit it or not) do have some bad blood with Howard, and would not be thrilled about being his backup. Keep in mind that Boston's current starting five, with Perkins starting at center, has never lost a playoff series.

  13. Anonymous says:

    THE DUDE IS A CLOWN. He needs to focus more on his game than on his imitations. He's 5 or 6 years in and his game is still awful!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Despite all my heart taken by the Celtics, i really like howard and his goofiness. and i actually could see him in green [but im definately not dying to], he would just have to be able to adjust to not being the star of a team, but a part of THE team.

  15. Dirtyundeese says:

    Howard needs guys like Garnett and paul.If you put those three together then the cs could win a few titles.Considerng ray allen does'nt get old.

  16. Boston Lou says:

    Just like Donovan mcnabb

    Needs to laugh to deal with the reality that he's afraid of dealing with


  17. Anonymous says:

    Howard isnt funny at all he makes such a fool of himself! @.chuckT.'s comment is 100 percent true! Howard should learn some things from Garnett maybe he will actually be a good player! And Because of Howard's stupidity hes at the edge of being suspended because of all his bullying on the court!

  18. I'm starting to feel certain that Dwight's IQ is only slightly higher then his height in inches. The other explanations are running out. Id be surprised if he ever even got to the finals his entire career without a drastic mental upgrade regardless of stats or teammates.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hahaa, Dwight fucking clowning that pussy ass faggot.

  20. tb727 says:

    The only clown is Howard. Dwight won't sniff the career KG had.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Dwight Howard will be a Celtic in 2012. He will sign as a free agent and the Celtics will battle with the Heat and Bulls for the Eastern crown.
    Unfortunately they will need to get rid of Glen Davis, Kristic, Delonte West, Kevin Garnett, Jeff Green & 2 future 1st round picks in order to sign Howard.
    Howard will be a big hit in Boston. Not just on the court, but off. He will regularly slay both Black and White females with his 13 inch member (black anaconda). He will spray his Superman sauce all over Boston.

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