Not sure why Nate decided to pass on defending his crown or why the NBA has watered down the contest in recent years to only 4 players, but 3 time dunk champion Nate Robinson sat down with Dime Magazine the other day to discuss the dunk contest.
Dime: What’s your fondest dunk contest memory?
NR: Well, my first one I was real nervous, but I was dunking in front of all my favorite players. I have this picture on my wall and you can see Iverson, Jason Terry, Kobe and Chauncey – all those guys were there just watching. Then I have another one with D-Wade, Shaq, LeBron and Chris Paul. The picture is awesome. Oh yeah, and jumping over Dwight. That was just awesome.

Dime: Now that this year’s field is set – Blake Griffin, Serge Ibaka, JaVale McGee and DeMar DeRozan – who do you think is going to win?
NR: I’m not sure. Is this a big man dunk contest? I’m not sure what happened here. Blake, we see him dunk in the game, but what can he do? All I know is that my boy T-Will (Terrence Williams) needs to be in this thing. But right now you gotta go with Griffin. You see what he does in the games.

Dime: Break him down for us.
NR: I compare Griffin to a Shawn Kemp. Kemp did a dunk contest, and he didn’t do too good. Blake lives for the dunk and the kid is out of this world. He has a lot of flair, a lot of swag to him. It’s kind of ridiculous.

Dime: You’re not the first person to tell us that T-Will should be in it. What would he bring to the table?
NR: Flair, swagger and entertainment. He’s my brother. Me and him do dunks together when we workout, and he always does this dunk that is ridiculous. It’s unbelievable. I can’t tell you what he does, but he has a couple you-scratch-your-head type of dunks. Look at his one-foot windmill. It’s ridiculous.

Dime: What would your ultimate dunk contest be this year?
NR: I would love to see Derrick Rose, T-Will, Blake and James White. For this year, those would be my four guys. I might come out of retirement for that.

Dime: Is there anything you would change about the dunk contest?
NR: I wish they brought back music. You used to be able to pick your own song to come out to. They need to bring that back.

Dime: Who’s your favorite dunker of all time?
NR: Vince Carter is my favorite of all time and the best ever to step foot on this planet. Ever. I would pay to see Vince and James White go at it. That would be awesome. It’s your prototypical two-foot jumper versus one-foot jumper.
To read the full interview click here.

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  1. Three Toe says:

    What I want to know is why Nate decides to pass on dunking during ACTUAL GAMES and just keep jacking threes from 5 feet out from the arc.

  2. ronit07 says:

    Good one three toe xD,Should we trade him?I mean I have alot of respect for wat he has done for us last year in the playoffs but he is kinda destroying it now

  3. Andree says:

    I <3 Nate... I NEED a Nate jersey!!! I haven't been able to find one anywhere... The Celtics are coming to New Orleans March 19, and I wanna rock a Robinson jersey!!! HELP!!! :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nate is Great ! he shoould def stick around for the celtics. hes a good 3pt shooter for sure when he wants to be. but over all i still think Nate should of defended his crown at the slam dunk contest.

  5. Blake had the best presentation and hype courtesy of Kenny Smith, but if you actually dissect the dunk, it wasn’t that impressive. He just jumped over the low part of the car, which any number of guys could have cleared. Jumping over the high part of the car (the middle) would have been much more impressive. His first dunk would have been INSANE if it had gone down, haven’t seen anyone ever dunk with that velocity of spin.

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