We posted this rumor a little while back, but today ESPN is saying the Lakers are in discussions to trade Andrew Bynum for Carmelo Anthony. Reportedly Melo would agree to sign a contract extension with the Lakers as he and his wife own a home in LA and Melo is friendly with the Black Mamba. After the jump ESPN's Chris Broussard breaks down the talks. So what are your thoughts? Are the Lakers better with Bynum or Anthony?

JR 2/08/2011 01:19:00 PM Edit
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  1. shelbyl says:

    I do NOT want to relive the Gasol experience. No no no.

  2. If you were fielding offers for a player you MUST get ride of, and the one team bidding knew it was a one man race... wouldn't you start rumors to make them increase the offer on the table?

    That being said, I don't think 'Melo in LA would be a threat to Boston. Two high volume shoots don't usually work well together, especially when neither can defend.

    Kobe+Melo= Excellent scoring, decent shooting, poor defense

    Wade+Lebron= Excellent scoring, decent defense, poor shooting

    Pierce+Allen- Excellent shooting, excellent scoring, decent defense

  3. tb727 says:

    I hope they do this, at least we won't have to hear about their length anymore. Not enough shots for Carmelo and Kobe, nor enough time to get it to work. All of a sudden Gasol and Odom are weaker inside.

    Rondo's driving lanes can now be finished with really only 1 shot blocker instead of him ALWAYS having to pass around the basket. Carmelo, Kobe and Gasol aren't even better than LeBron, Wade and Bosh. Flakers' length is out the window plus Paul will have an easier time with Carmelo defending him than with Artest.

    Carmelo won't be a third banana, will have to be second, so this will make the Lakers utilize Gasol even less.

    Count me as a Celtics fan who likes it.

  4. JR says:

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing about the Nuggets floating this to try and get more out of the Knicks. The Knicks recently all of a sudden got cocky and weren't offering much. I'll tell you this Landry Fields better become an all-star one day or the Knicks will regret not getting this done.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think Tony Gaffney is working for the Nuggets.

  6. Scott Hastings says:


  7. Nuggets would be dumb to make this move. You're going to trade your leading scorer and top ten NBA player for a guy who has only played over 65 games once in his career in Bynum? Also, the Lakers are going to give up a big man and not get one back? Gasol and Odom can't defend the bigs in the West alone. If they're lucky to get back to the Finals, no way Gasol and Odom can handle all the Celtics bigs or Superman in Orlando.

  8. Karl says:

    Dumb move by the Nuggets.

  9. Jenda says:

    Well, Nuggets are in a pretty dark place. They don't trade Anthony and he'll just wait till the end of the season and sign elsewhere. They have to try and get the most of it. Sure Bynum is very bad offer for Anthony but it is still better than nothing at all.
    TB, even though I see your point, it would give the Lakers second scoring possibility after Bryant and as I have already said Bynum is not that much to give for that. With all the health issues he is a strong liability. It is a great mystery to me why would they ask for the guy. It's like trading for Yao Ming or Greg Oden. Why would you do that?

  10. Jeff says:

    MarshMelo is not a winner. Bynum is a injury prone short termed NBA career player. Lakers would be soft at center as Gasol is weak. Too many scoring forwards usually does not work. Denver trading to a west team is drug induced. Kobe and CryMelo whine too much. This is a stunt to make Knicks worry....

  11. My thoughts on rumored Lakers-Nuggets deal


  12. tb727 says:

    Jenda it's different. Gasol is a better #2 guy than Carmelo will likely ever be. I understand Carmelo scores more but Gasol plays his role to perfection. I think getting Anthony would mean less touches for Gasol and more for Anthony. I just dont envision it working.

    And Bynum has been more serviceable than Oden and is more than Yao at this point too.

    Anyways I think this is all a moot point as the Flakers dont have the cajones to pull the trigger on this nor do the Nuggets want to keep him in their conference. Like Jeff said it's to make the Knickers up their offer

  13. Karl says:

    THis would make the Lakers better. Bynum is a non factor. Carmelo and Kobe would be tough to stop. Let's hope this does not happen or that the Lakers give up more than just Bynum.

  14. Karl says:

    Essentially they would be getting Carmelo for nothing because Bynum will never be healthy in his career for more than 10 games in a row. Once injury prone always injury prone.

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