Marc Spears recently reported that the Miami Heat plan on offering their MLE to Kendrick Perkins in the offseason. My reaction is of course they will. I've been saying this since last Summer. Only problem for them is that isn't enough money. Perk isn't going to leave where he wants to be to play for less somewhere else. The Heat saying they'll offer the MLE is like the Celtics saying they offered Lebron the full MLE. I'm sure about 25 other teams will be willing to offer the MLE to Perk. The only way Perkins would have ended up in Miami is if his knee recovery hadn't gone well and the Celtics didn't want to invest in damaged goods (See Leon Powe). But Perkins is looking good and the Celtics have already offered him a significant offer of about 7 million a year.

If the Celtics are offering 7 million now, you have to think they'll up that to about 9 a year. Now the question is when some other team trumps that offer and offers 10 or 11 per will the Celtics match it or will Perkins take less to stay in Boston? The only downside of locking up Perkins this Summer is at the dollars he will command it will most likely eliminate the Celtics from signing a marquee free agent in 2012. Between Perkins, Rondo, and Pierce's deals there wouldn't be enough left to sign a max player (and 11 other players to fill out the roster). I just can't see the C's letting Perk go and punting next season. Also, there's no guarantee the C's would be able to attract a marquee free agent either. They've never signed a max player away from any team.

The Heat signing Perkins for the MLE? Not happening. Just like I'm sure the Celtics will offer Dwight Howard the MLE and that also won't mean anything.

JR 2/06/2011 11:45:00 AM Edit
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  1. ronit07 says:

    HAHAHAHA FUNNY AND very interesting good read MR.JR

  2. Perk is going to be one of the top free agents this summer. He is young. He is one of the top defensive centers in the league and he is a true center. He works harder than just about anyone else in the league and he is willing to do whatever it takes to win.

    I don't see Miami having any chance of getting him with the MLE. But, the teams with cap room that can offer him whatever they want are worrisome. I'm sure he will get offers of 10 mil a year and more. I just hope Danny is willing to make him a decent offer to bring him back.

  3. Actually the Herald report of 7 mil a year is a bit off.

    According to Roy Hobbs and Larry Coons, here is what the CBA would allow the Celtics to offer as an extension under the current CBA. I don't blame him for turning that down.

    As far as I know, the CBA doesn’t limit extensions to a “20% raise”. Rather, as Larry Coon notes, “the salary in the first year of the extension is limited to 110.5% of the salary in the last year of the existing contract.” Then, after that first year value is established, Perk could receive raises equal to 10.5% of that new first year ever year)

    $5,127,429.84 (10.5% raise over last year of contract)
    $5,614,650.97 (raise of $487,221.13, equal to 10.5% of prior contract’s last year value)
    $6,101,872.10 (raise of $487,221.13, equal to 10.5% of prior contract’s last year value)
    $6,589,093.23 (raise of $487,221.13, equal to 10.5% of prior contract’s last year value)

    Total: 4 years, $23,433,046.14

    Just to make sure, I reviewed the actual CBA, and it’s in line with the above:


  4. dirtyundeese says:

    I think the celtics could sign dwight howard.Howard knows he's never going to win in orlando.The only way howard wins is if he signs with the celtics next year.After the big three rondo and howard can atract another big name to boston.Thats a win win situation for howard.

  5. Who the crap are Roy Hobbs and Larry Coons? What makes them some basketball experts? Sound like a couple of dunces to me.

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