Though never a Celtic Jerry Sloan could have both been a terrific player and coach for the green and today he steps down as head coach of the Utah Jazz. This is tough if you are a Jazz fan. Even tougher if you are Al Jefferson, Deron Williams and the rest of the young core. The Jazz have been struggling of late playing very inconsistent ball. This is quite surprising though as Sloan recently signed an extension. Should be interesting to see where the Jazz go from here both record, style and personnel wise. Anyone else really want Gordon Hayward coming off the Celtics bench behind Pierce and Ray?

The Coach 2/10/2011 02:32:00 PM Edit
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  1. RoswellSounds says:

    For real, Coach? Bizarre! I tought the Jazz were giving Sloan a year extension of his contract... But then, maybe it´s time for a change in Salt Lake. It would be really tough to do this in the mid of the season. Maybe Jerry decides to postpone his decision...

  2. Really surprising to hear this. I read it on nba.com earlier. Not sure how this will affect the Jazz.

    I dont think Gordon Hayward will be coming to the C's.

  3. Three Toe says:

    Man I wouldnt have stayed in utah for anything. that place sucks.

  4. Jenda says:

    Three toe just hit the nail on the head.

  5. tb727 says:

    At first I figured Phil Johnson would take over, but he left too. They're attached at the hip lol.

  6. The Darkest Man Alive says:

    I'm the new head coach!!

  7. Wow, this is really out of the blue. Sloan is the last guy I'd expect to resign, he's been there for 23 years. I don't know how Jazz will take this.

  8. celticfam wordaapp says:

    I would love to have gordon thatd be awesome. Cray about sloan. Want to see the press conference

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