The Celtics are approaching their much anticipated rematch of last summer's NBA Finals. The Green also gets to seek revenge against Dallas, who beat them back in November. There's no doubt that everyone is circling these dates on their calendars, but there happens to be four other less glamorous games sprinkled in between. A win in L.A. doesn't look as good if you lose in Sacramento, and a win in the Garden against Dirk won't make up for a home loss against... whoever the face is of The Cleveland Cavaliers.

Over the past 3 seasons Boston has had excellent starts only to slip against lesser opponents in the second half. Last year The C's had a Christmas Day win over Orlando without Paul Pierce, it was one of the highlights of the year. Rajon Rondo grabbed 13 rebounds. Tony Allen started at the small forward and played great on both ends of the floor. Perk, KG, and Sheed gave Dwight Howard fits as they held him to only 5 points... but they would follow it up with three straight losses on the road against The Clippers, Warriors, and Suns.

Doc has stated that he would like have the best record in the league, not if it means risking injury to his players, but it is a goal he has set. As of right now Boston is 33-10 with only San Antonio having a better record (37-7). Tim Duncan and The Spurs are about to go off on their annual insane rodeo road trip (11 of the next 12.), and that means a lot of consecutive road games for another team that's long in the tooth. For The Celtics it means no more performances like they had in D.C. against The Wizards. They can't look over bad teams, they can't only play for three quarters, and they absolutely have to win the ones they're supposed to.

Now obviously Boston is riddled with injuries. Right now they're missing Jermaine O'Neal, Kendrick Perkins, Shaquille O'Neal, and Delonte West. By my calculations that's about 20 feet of center, and a starting caliber combo guard who could be running the second unit. Even with all those pieces out, Boston is putting FOUR All-Star caliber players out on the court. There have been very few losses where you can say Boston brought it all and were turned away. To put it plainly... when Boston is focused they've come out with a win, regardless of injuries.

Jesse Dampolo 1/23/2011 06:00:00 PM Edit
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  1. JR says:

    Hey welcome Jesse. Nice first post.

    Everyone Jesse is going to be doing some writing for us, so please welcome him (Except Norman. You keep your mouth shut).

  2. tb727 says:

    Welcome Jesse, nice article

  3. I just don't understand why I'm not extended an invitation to write. Because people don't like what I have to say? I have more basketball knowledge than every writer on this site COMBINED. And yet I'm not given an opportunity since I calls em like I sees em.

  4. Thanks guys. I just noticed that a bunch of my videos are on here as well, so I guess I was something of an extended relative already.

  5. JR says:

    Oh you do videos? Sweet. Possibilities are endless now. It's like we signed a shooting guard who also can handle the point (aka. not Nate Robinson).

  6. Banner 18 says:

    Nice article Jesse. Keep it up! I will look out for more from you!

    And Norman, nobody wants to hear what you have to say cause you are always talkin shit about the C's. Why write on a Celtics blog when you dont even like the Celtics? Why even post comments on this site? JR, FL, TB, Karl, EVERYBODY who writes on this site does a great damn job, so we dont need you around here. We dont want you around here.
    And apparently you dont know much about NBA since you always say 'celtics suck' and what not. They are 33-10 (best in the East, 2nd best in NBA). How about you stop posting your dumbass shit on this site cause we really couldnt care less about you our what you have to say..But if you choose to keep posting your worthless comments cause thats all you do in your life, then so be it..FUCK you and FUCK your 'basketball knowledge'.
    Have a good one :)

  7. JR says:

    Banner 18 with one of this year's best comments. Nice.

  8. Banner 18 says:

    lol - everything he writes just pisses me off.lol

  9. Norman, I would like you to write some extensive articles with all your knowledge and send to my office. I'm running out of toilet paper here.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yeah the Celtics have a bad habit of underestimating bottom teams. Like yesterday. They did last year the same. Not sure why this is.

  11. Nice article. Welcome to the site. Norman, when are we grabbing that beer?

  12. Mike says:

    Nice article. Let's try not to lose to Cleveland again this week. Seriously though Friday back to back Suns game might be a let down game.

  13. Great post Jesse. We've managed to stay in the #1 spot in the East, mainly not because we're winning games, but because the #2-#6 teams are losing games... (specifically the Heat)

    This time around, we're gonna need to bring the rain in our road trips...

  14. Josh says:

    Norman, here's a tip: Empty vessels make the most noises.

  15. Jenda says:

    One of these days, JR.
    Good article Jesse.

  16. Bohemian says:

    Hey JR, maybe all of us need to witness the never ending talent of Norman...I'd like to see what he can write lol

    I think it's just an excuse to not have to endure the critics from all the people he has insulted since you created this blog. Let him illuminate us with the light of sports :P

  17. Bohemian says:

    By the way, nicely written Jesse

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