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JR 1/07/2011 10:46:00 PM Edit
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  1. Rex says:

    Rondo is a turnover machine. 6 more tonight. Only guy in the league averaging over 4. His stardom is greatly exaggerated.

  2. He still has the 5th highest AST to TO ratio at 3.34:1.

    My reaction to the interviews: Luke loves Doc. Doc loves Luke. I love both of them.

  3. atheos says:

    well, that goes for the whole of the NBA, "stardom" is exaggeration.

    But rondo is playing great overall and
    and can only get better He's much improved
    from last year already because he's more
    of an consistent offensive threat...
    besides all the steals he's getting...
    makes up a little bit for the fumbles.

  4. JR says:

    And both Luke and Doc love Stephen Bailey.

  5. Banner 18 says:

    What, Rex?
    Just because he turns it over 4times a game doesnt mean he is a bad player. That just means he has a few bad passes.

    If you didnt know, he is avg nearly 14 assts. he is one of like 4 guards shooting 50%+ from the field. He is the best defensive PG in the NBA..just sayin..

  6. shelbyl says:

    I totally agree with Rex. You know who else's stardom was exaggerated? John Stockton. His turnover/game stat revolved around 3.5 at the heights of his career.

    Oh, and don't even get me started on Magic Johnson. His career turnover/game stat is 3.9. What an exaggerated star. Tsk tsk tsk.

    People say Rondo is averaging 14 assists per game and he has a really high assist/turnover ratio and that's what counts. What nonsense, that's like totally made up. Those people should be banned from watching basketball. They apparently don't know anything about this game.

  7. Karl says:

    Good for Luke. Great to see. Bottom line with Rondo, he steps up in big games. I don't care if he has 17 turnovers against the Raptors if he dishes 22 dimes against the Spurs.

  8. I'm holdin out hope for Valentine's Day JR...

  9. Three Toe says:

    hahhaa that retahd rex is postin that shit here too!? I already had to set him straight on the last post!

  10. Rex says:

    For all intents and purposes, you could count every time Rondo overpasses as a turnover too. There's no stat for this but every time he passes up an open shot (layups which are like every third game and jump shots which are multiple times a game) to make a pass that leads to a poorer shot, you can consider that somewhat of a turnover in it's own right.

    Then lets talk about his ft shooting. The guy is shooting 41% from the FT line. 41%! How dare you compare him to Magic or Stockton. That number makes Shaq look like a decent foul shooter. Has there been a "top level point guard" to shoot so poorly from the foul line? So everytime the hack-a-rondo comes into play and he misses at least 1 foul shot you can also consider that somewhat of a turnover.

    Comparing him to Magic Johnson and John Stockton is outlandish. He's probably about the 7th best point guard in the league today. Nash, Westbrook, Rose, Felton, Paul, Williams are all better and once Devin Harris is in a new place he will be better too.

    Stop hyping him.

  11. EvZilla says:

    lol Rex is obviously a bit sour. Rondo's an all-star, HOF'ers think he's a fabulous player, he chews up defenses, averaged a triple double in the playoffs, topped Celtics records in steals and assists and every analyst from Boston to Japan puts him in the top 3 of the elite PG's. But hey, if Rex says Free Throws are turnovers (Shaq must be a terrible player too hm?) and Rondo's overstated as a great player, he's entitled to that ridiculously unfounded opinion it doesnt matter if Doc wants him to be more of a distributor (I mean it makes PERFECT sense that Rondo would shoot with two of the best wing shooters in the NBA right? so what if the shot goes in, it's a turnover lmaooo). Great game last nite, we've finally decided to play every team.

  12. Jenda says:

    Oh Rex, you are so annoying. Wouldn't you say that Magic's illnes, that cut his superstar career short is a major turnover? Just get your head out of the ass of the ass whose head is in your ass. Raymond Felton? Russel Westbrook? Devin "Who the hell is that" Harris? It surprises me you don't mention hockey players. Do you even know how basketball is played? It doesn't seem so.

  13. tb727 says:

    Wow I've never seen so many comments on a video post lol. Devin Harris and Raymond Felton Rex? All I can say is you must live in the NYC area lol...

  14. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Rex, you're clearly a retard. You're the one who brought up turnovers and now you're jumping to free throws? How Dissociative are you?

    "Rondo's overrated whine whine whine" Stop crying already, bitches. Celtics win so shut the fuck up.

  15. Rex says:

    A defensive bunch don't we have here huh? I said free throws AND poor judgment are additional turnovers not counted for. So if he's averaging over 4 turnovers a game it's probably closer to 6 or 7.

    If he was as credible a ballplayer as everyone here seems to make him out why did they lose to the Lakers? Because Kobe realized play 10 feet off him and roam and help on everyone and he's useless because he can't knock down jump shots.

    He's a huge liability vs LA. Hoping you don't face them again this year since he'll be exposed yet again.

  16. tb727 says:

    Wrong Rex, the only reason the Celtics lost to the Flakers was because Chris the Buffoon Wallace giftwrapped Gasol to them without taking back any rotational players. Why don't you stfu and leave.

  17. EvZilla says:

    From my recollection we were up 11pts and couldn't get any rebounds which is why Gasol and Bynum led them to the win. The guards and wing players were non-factors in Game 7.But, hey if you think they should change what a turnover is- more power to you. And for the record Magic himself said Rondo was the best PG in the league. Is he exaggerating too? It's funny when he loses one argument he rolls into a completely new one. Im having fun debunking your nonsense. GIVE MORE REX!!

    P.S: I'd saying being even a TOP 10 PG in the league of hundreds would say he's 'credible' or..do you not know the word credible means? lol

  18. Rondo's more valuable than any point guard in the sense that he rebounds like crazy. He's led the C's in assists AND rebounds on multiple occasions.

    But, all stats aside, the fact that as a 2nd/3rd year player he earned the respect of A. Head coach Doc Rivers (former PG), B. Owner Danny Ainge (former PG), and C. Three future HOF'ers should be enough.

    Any of the five could have easily said they wanted to bring in a veteran PG to run the offense, but they didn't.

  19. shelbyl says:

    Ah Rex. You enlighten me.

    Rondo has shot %63 FT's in the past 4 years quite consistently. This year, he shot 41 FT's so far, and made 18. To give you an idea, he went to the line 282 times last year.

    Now, I don't know if you know statistics or not, but that percentage can get drastically better in about 10 games really. Play around with numbers and you'll see.

    Rondo has to improve his FT shooting, no question about it. Yet the way you present your argument fails on many aspects.

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