This Celtics current 14 game winning streak hasn't been a thing of beauty. They've had to claw out most of their victories in the final minutes. The Celtics have been without nearly half of their top rotation players at some point during the streak. Still they battle on and keep winning games.

14 wins in a row is an amazing accomplishment in the NBA especially for a team as old as the Celtics. One would think they'd take a night off or a couple bounces wouldn't go their way, but somehow they've been able to pull out these victories.

For some this might be a sign that they aren't as dominant as their record indicates. For me, it is just the opposite. I'd rather win by 2 than 30 because it is better preparation for the playoffs. We're not going to blow out the Heat, Magic, Lakers or Spurs or whomever else we play in the playoffs by 30 every night. It is going to come down to a few possessions at the end of games. Whoever is most battle tested will win.

We need home court this year. I know that last year we were able to turn it on, but we just can't expect that to happen two years in a row. Luckily, I think we can still get home court without our starters logging too many minutes. Our depth this year is just so good.  Before the season I would've said we couldn't go more than a game or two without Rondo, but Nate has done a great job as his back up. With Delonte and Perk back after the All Star break and Glen Davis playing like a man on a mission,  we'll be able to rest the Big 3 more. All in all, though these close games have given me several near heart attacks, I see it as a positive and something that will benefit this team down the road.

What do you think? Would you rather have the Celtics be blowing out teams or squeaking out victories?

Karl Dillinger 12/23/2010 11:56:00 AM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Amen Karl!
    Good call on having mini heart attacks during those close games! (I have them too!)

    But I dont mind the C's blowing teams out. It gives Doc the chance to rest our vets and it gives LUKE and Bradley more minutes (along with the regular reserves: Semih, Baby, Nate, Quis, etc).

    But you are right, the Celtics wont blow out the Lakers, Heat, Spurs, etc every night when we reach the Playoffs. (maybe they will for 1 game or two: Lakers-Celtics game 6 2008!)

    And I do like when the C's grind it out and close out the games with Pierce and/or Allen - hell, even KG and Baby. They have all hit game winners in the Green uniform.

  2. Three Toe says:

    It's nice to have a few close games during the regular season that remind the team what the play-offs are like. And sure they are fun to watch, and for us fans, that's really what it's all about. But for me, I'd like some more blow outs. I say this because I want to see our starters get more rest. Also, I think our veterans have been to the playoffs enough by now to remember what it's like. They don't need reminders.

    Let the bench play more and get better. That way when it's play-off time, we can feel more comfortable resting starters, knowing we have a bench that has logged major minutes of experience through-out the season.

  3. Anike says:

    I agree...and it gives my heart some pre-playoff anxiety experience too! lol

  4. I agree with Three Toe as well, but I will say these victories have further proven the fact that this team can execute plays in late-game situations. They will need to do this in the playoffs, so it's good experience, but the 76ers should not be giving us that much trouble.

  5. MLB says:

    I would only expect a blow out if the other team was not a strong team. There are so many talented teams that you almost always have to grind out a win. A win is a win. Plus, a lot of blow out wins would give us a false sense of security. You can never be too confident in the NBA. With so many great players, and injuries that can occur that you would never expect, you can't take anything for granted.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anbody know where Norman Dale is?!? lmao!

    Since we have been streaking he has been invisible! But as soon as the C's lose a game he shows his face! lol
    Lets have a toast for that douche bag!!

  7. Bohemian says:

    Great piece and big question at the end, Karl. I always prefer to win, that's all. Plus, Doc is gradually giving people rest to get over their injuries. First it was JO, now Rondo...Perk and Delonte will be back by February instead of January, not forcing them to do anything crazy. The focus is on the playoffs but this team plays to win always

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