Obviously this was before his Boston days (Notice the absence of rolls), but this rendition of "Jingle Bells" is too good not to post. Plus it will make tb727's and Bohemian's days (I think it's time for another Bohemian column. You have until the end of the weekend...Poland time).

Make sure you stick with the video through 'Sheed's remix. Props to anyone who can name all the other players.

JR 12/15/2010 02:57:00 AM Edit
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  1. Bohemian says:

    LOL! I'm working on something :P

    Missing Sheed!!

  2. Bohemian says:


  3. tb727 says:

    Amir Johnson, Jason Maxiell- not sure who the little guy is. It's not Will Bynum.

    Sheed needs to come back. Just waive Jermaine O'Neal at this point lol.

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