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"We have two premier big men out there today. He is pushing, I'm pushing. Let us play,'' O'Neal said. "If I was fan, I would be [peeved]. You pay all that money for good seats and you have two of the best guys in the country sitting on the bench. That's what happens when you have control freaks out there.''

O'Neal was referring to the officiating crew, and particularly veteran official Bob Delaney, who wears No. 26 on his back.

-- Shaquille O'Neal "I guess they (fans) come out to see No. 26 play. He was a great player out there today,'' O'Neal said. "They paid all that money to see No. 26 come play. My thing is, if you're going to call it, call it the same way every time. Don't pick and choose who you are going to call it against.''
When you're right you're right. Shaq makes good points. Delaney was calling fouls and T's like nobody's business this afternoon. Totally playing the Grinch center of attention role on Christmas Day. Let the players play! Not sure I'd call Shaq a "premier big man," but people definitely still pay to see him. Expect Shaq to receive a fine on Monday.

After the jump, Nate Robinson puts the loss entirely on his shoulders.

Nice to see Nate taking responsibility on himself, but not needed in my opinion. Shooters can lose their rhythm and have horrible games. It happens. We've all seen it happen to Ray whose one of the best ever.

Also one player shouldn't take all the blame for a loss. not to mention we win this game if we have one of Rondo, Perk, or Delonte. Heck we win the game if we have Semih over Jermaine.

"#WordDown" was a nice touch. Makes you want to give Nate a hug.

JR 12/25/2010 11:34:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nate is a good sport, his tweet was touching even though I do not feel like it was his fault at all. I agree with Shaq, the ref called a bad game but that's nothing new. 14 game winning streak was awesome, and we're still the BEASTS of the East! No biggie! (and the Lakers losing made up for our loss in my case!)

  2. Rondo!! says:

    I think Delaney was mad cause he didnt get the Christmas gift he wanted, so he took out his anger in this game with the terrible officiating (on both sides) >:-O
    Glad Sheed isnt here anymore! He wouldve got tossed in the 1st qtr! lmao

    But its just one game. I wish that winning streak would have leaked into the New Year, but ay, it was going to end at some point. Im just glad that it didnt end against a losing team.

    And we are exactly where we were at this time last year at 23-5. Hopfully the C's dont go 27-27 for the rest of the season like they did last year, then turn it way up in the Playoffs..They need to play consistent and win as much as possible so they can stay atop the East and get Homecourt advg thru the post season.

    Side note - i like what Ray said about the Heat and the Lakers matchup, 'Is it possible for both teams to lose?'

  3. Nice game from our guys!!! It's just, our shots not falling...

  4. Three Toe says:

    I agree with Shaq here. This is one of those rare games where if the free throw totals ended up uneven, it would have been because of accurate officiating. For instance, Davis caught all kinds of contact all game on offense and defense, but I don't even remember if he got one whistle. Pierce's T should have actually been a PF on Orlando. Avery Bradley simply exists for a couple minutes and picks up 2. Not saying we played without fouling at all, but it seems to me that the script for this game was written in advance.

    "This is why I don't watch the NBA" - My brother, general sports fan who watches all pro American sports except basketball, and a ton of other people who tuned in on christmas because they have masochistic family members who do watch the nba.

    With that said, Nate had a real tough night, and we could have overcome the clowns in gray as we did last wednesday if he shot even a little bit better.

  5. Anonymous says:

    dont c why everybody is starting to hate on J.O. i mean, if he knows he couldn't help the team when he was injured well why the heck he was going to play ? to aggravate his injury while not helping? thats stupid, i think he did the right thing(and no, i am not a fan of J.O.). don't know why but this remembers me of grant hill,, when he injuured his anckle way back when he was an allstar with the pistons, he decided to keep playing and ended up aggravating his injury and destroying his own team when they went against MJ and the bulls in the playoffs. so pick and choose.. i still say he is doing things right. its like expecting rondo to keep playing with a sprained wrist and still making all those grate passes, the same thing with J.O., dnt expect him rebounding or defending with injured knees.

  6. I hate Delaney. I bet he lives alone.

  7. Anonymous says:

    lol hahahahhah! @Mike

  8. Anonymous says:

    Lol, gotta love the Semih over Jermaine comment. And how it is actually 100% true....Fuck you J.O.! Play with some passion once in a while. Celtics were probably better off spending their middle level exception on Erick Dampier instead....

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