I love when Paul says, "You going to get fined for this." Only other comment is what's up with the tube tv/vcr combo?

Besides his "Why!?" skit,  Shaq also had the following to say on the fine:

"I didn't say nothing detrimental to the league," O'Neal said. "All I said was No. 26 [official Bob Delaney] was the baddest [bleep] out there."

Paying the fine won't be an issue for O'Neal, although he admits the amount is pretty steep.

[...] "That David Stern tax, baby" O'Neal said. "That David Stern tax is a [bleep]."

JR 12/28/2010 08:54:00 PM Edit
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  1. Tate George says:


  2. tb727 says:

    That's REALLY funny. Love when he asks Semih why at the end!

  3. Three Toe says:

    hahahaha that is awesome. Shaq is the baddest dude around.

  4. In another rawer version you can distinctly here KG say "man WTF's wrong witchu shaq" while grinning on the floor.
    It adds allot to the already classic shaq vid.

  5. tb727 says:

    If Semih Erden got this fine, he'd be broke lol

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