We might not have any exclusive news on KGs' knee, but we have some on Nate Robinson's wardrobe. Yesterday we posted the pics of Nate Robinson rocking Shaq's mink fur coat and we joked about PETA going after Shaq. Well it looks like PETA has reached out to Nate and his agent and want the fur donated to them. After the jump is the official email that was sent to Nate (We received a copy of the email). Check it out and voice your opinion.

(Click on the letter to view with larger font.)

JR 12/30/2010 02:26:00 PM Edit
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  1. Rondo!! says:

    haha! Ironic.
    Will Nate send the coat? Or will Shaq let Nate send it since he did buy it?

  2. Pat Cummings says:


  3. tb727 says:

    When I first read that headline I thought it said "Peja wants Nate Robinson's Fur Coat" and it got me thinking that it's probably because it's cold in Toronto or that Boston was thinking of trading Nate for Stojakovic lol

  4. JR says:

    LOL TB. Only you.

  5. Rondo!! says:

    Oh my god, i just watched that video that is in the email to Nate. The one with Eva Mendes about anti-fur. (its the second blue link in the email, but you cant click it)

    If you havent seen the video, heres the site i saw it on. PLEASE watch it (The video is VERY graphic though). It really gives you a different perspective on how the fur clothing is made..


  6. Rondo!! says:

    or you can watch it on youtube. just type in 'Eva Mendes peta fur'

  7. Anonymous says:

    LOL tb727, you totally helped forget about KG's injury for a second there.

  8. Anonymous says:

    the second i saw those pics i knew this would happened! well written, and lol at her throwing nba names @ nate.
    will he do it?
    will he?
    im thinking yea

  9. Three Toe says:

    hahahah tb, nice. Peja is quite the fashionista. I'm anti-fur myself. Let's get all pissed off at Michael Vick for torturing animals for fighting reasons but hey if you want to do it to look good then more power to you. We are all just a world of hypocrites.

  10. JR says:

    I'm anti fur too. That's the only reason I haven't made a llama coat out of Pau Gasol.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think he should give the coat to PETA. Have you seen the video of what those poor creatures have to endure so someone can "think" they look good. Dude you sweat money go buy a different coat and think of something other than yourself!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Shaq! Omg I didn't realize he was so stupid. We need to stop supporting these idiots. If you see them on TV, change the channel. If their in a movie, don't go. I just noticed Paula Abdul advertising her new show in a white fur. Not watching that either.
    I don't even like faux fur because you never know for sure.

  13. I am also anti-fur and think it would be a great donation. Agree with Three Toe's comparison to Vick.

  14. Anonymous says:

    F*ck PETA. They should be genitally electrocuted for their outrageous propaganda. And why do we care that ochocinco is a spokesman?

  15. Anonymous says:

    You think they don't keep some nice items for themselfs?!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I agree with all you guys...I'm also hope Nate delivers and Shaq repents and Kevin gets well soon! I'm not that 'Anonymous' who believes in torture. I'll leave that for the old guard from Abu Ghurayb.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Man, I don't wanna hear that shit. PETA gets butthurt about anything that has to do with an animal. Keep the coat, Nate!

  18. captaincrunch34 says:

    I like the overall idea of not using fur, too. BUT: Come on, what's the point of Nate donating a coat he gladly received and seemingly liked to wear (on those pictures) for animal care purposes. I understand the good idea behind it.. but.. now that really doesn't sound hypocrite at all.

  19. mowfaux says:

    Omg. Shaq should keep his coat. Unless PETA wants to reimburse the money he spent on it, they need to shut their pie holes and keep it moving.

    They should be working on PREVENTING coats to be made instead of guilting the customer out of buying them. It's legal to buy fur. If you're anti-fur, don't buy them... but keep your opinions and beliefs to yourself if they're not requested.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Shaq was in the canadian wilderness starving when these mink showed up, so with some fine wine and sleeping pills he gently put them to sleep. After his meal he didn't want to waste the fur.
    So he had a coat made for Nate who suffers from chronic cold disease.

    These mink saved 2 lives.
    Thank You Shaq

  21. Anonymous says:

    If PETA has a problem with how some people treat animals that's fine, go after those people.
    They may want to remember the fact is we are predators we have teeth for eating meat along with a digestive system to handle it along with veggies and other goodies.
    Our eyes face forward only, like all predators.
    If you want to eat veggies great, but don't try and tell me I'm a bad person for eating what my body is made for.
    This conversation is making me hungry I'm going to have a fat steak, Se-ya

  22. Anonymous says:

    Animals used for fur die a painful and unnecessary death, fur coats/accessories actually look retarded as well.

  23. Yeah...and Nate should respond back to PETA that he is strongly considering granting them their wish , but only on the basis if they could grant him his wish for more height.
    Life is so unfair.

  24. Anonymous says:

    heres an idea for PETA, instead of allocating 'funds equivalent to the coat in order to pay for veterinary care for dogs and cats owned by low-income people in the Boston area' why dont they donate the funds to the homeless shelters in Boston. like seriously, animals have more rights than we do for crying out loud..they use the furs for 'educational displays and as bedding for orphaned animals' instead of giving them to the homeless first. 'Although nothing can bring back the animals who were killed for these coats, we believe that we can honor their lives by giving back to people who have no other way of staying warm.' it feels as if once they run out of all kinds of stupid ideas to use the furs for they finally help the humans. imagine if PETA spent money on helping the well being of people instead of animals, built homeless shelters instead of getting furious of every person who even looks at an animal wrong, and if you touch an animal they would rip your head off, come on people of PETA open your eyes, you know the world is messed up when people care more about a dog or cat instead of a human..

  25. Anonymous says:

    To the person that says " heres an idea for PETA, instead of… like seriously, animals have more rights than we do for crying out loud "
    That's like telling any non-profit they should be giving their donations to a different non-profit. The government (we) with our tax money give plenty to the homeless and poor so I am happy that PETA is willing to step up for all the sh*t that happens to animals that most people have no clue about.
    Also, you need to reread para. 4 since they do give some of those disgusting dead animal coats to people.
    I think that most people that buy those coats wouldn't buy them if they had to watch them (or a video of them) being skinned in some cases alive.
    Open YOUR eyes, people can care about people and animals. I donate my time and money to both causes.
    It doesn't hurt to ASK for the damn coat - he can ignore or at least think twice about taking pictures. BB

  26. I think most people who were interested in getting a fur coat would continue buying them no matter what kinda video you had them watch and not give a shit about what the animals went through. At least I would.

    Here's hoping Nate keeps his coat.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Nate go tell PETA to go pound sand. Keep the coat. People are so self-righteous. I wonder if they wear leather belts, eat lamb chops, or eat their holiday dinners on grandmother's bone china. Gimme a break! If its not your thing than don't wear it, but as for me and my fur.....kiss my grits! I wish some PETA WHACK JOB WOULD roll up on me trying to throw paint on my mink or write me some silly letter. Last I checked this was America ....PETA and its followers need to get over themselves. It is what it is...Be thankful you're at the top of the food chain and move on. Now... who is up for Banner #18? And Btw...I have a cat and have had 2 dogs...loved all to death...I'm normal.... have a gr8 kids...and saw the video years ago. I also have seen human beings suffering on the streets and people feel comfortable stepping over them and pretending they don't exist. So sorry I'm not overly impressed with the crusade to save a mink from becoming a shiny coat. Sorry....

  28. alscorcho says:

    to the anonymous poster that suggested animals have more rights than humans, i would suggest you learn something before spouting BS

    A human blastocyst (look it up) has more rights than a fully grown animal

    assuming you are in america, there are more concerns each year in your country each year about aborting undeveloped embryos and using undifferentiated cells to cure disease than there are about testing drugs or cosmetics on animals

    i'm not a vegetarian either, but anyone who argues that humans are 'predators' are dumb too, i don't think heading to the supermarket and buying a steak constitutes 'hunting', nor does breading animals in an enclosed paddock and killing them for food, nor does hiding and shooting an unsuspecting deer with a firearm.

    Sorry for the rant, but uninformed shouting is annoying, and i hate to say this, but Americans get a bad reputation for it worldwide because of people like these anonymous posters

  29. Three Toe says:

    All of you tough-talking ignorant Anti-PETA goons would join up immediately if someone strapped you to a chair and forced you to watch these manufacturers make these coats. What if it was your pet? God forbid a group of people send a letter asking for the coat, trying to stop animal cruelty. The group has this stigma because of idiots and their uninformed shouting, as the above poster put it, and unfortunately some of these idiots made it all the way to TV.

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. Scott says:

    So typical of PETA, wait for a celebrity or athlete to wear fur and then bitch about it. PETA has funded A.L.F. terrorism and tons of euthanasia every year. Why do I have to remind people of this? Look up a no kill shelter or anti-vivisection douche-bags because PETA is about money, fame and publicity. Also, how many trees were used to make your stickers and other propaganda? How many insects died cutting them down? Continually throw shit at a fan and eventually you are covered in your own shit.

  32. Brittni says:

    Scott, Kevin and Anonymous:

    If you do not agree with what PETA is going then get the f*ck off the website and go do something with your pathetic and insignificant lives. At least we are doing something worth while. Now you idiotic know-it-all's run along, watch some over-paid and under educated basketball hood brotha's, eat the antibiotic and hormone filled corpses you call food, and snuggle your pets while you wait for karma to run its course. Obviously your parents were also idiots if they raised you to have such a narrow and selfish view of the world. Enjoy heart disease, cancer, impotence and all the other health benefits associate with eating meat you dirty bastards.


    P.S. when have you ever seen a human wearing the skin of one of the poor helpless people suffering on the streets? YOU DON'T!

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