With the season a little more than a month in and the Celtics off to the type of start I know I expected I am about to say something that I didn't think I would...at all...ever again.
I want Rasheed Wallace back in 2011.

Was he a disappointment last year? Yes. Did he piss most of us off consistently? Yes. But when push came to shove and we needed him, he did put it on the line for us in certain situations. My feeling comes from two things: First, game 4 of the 2010 Cavs Celtics series is on in the Dime Magazine office right now and second, my gut that says Jermaine O'Neal is just not going to work out for the Celtics to well this season.

While Shaq has been terrific, will we really get lucky with Jermaine as well? And with Perkins coming back having another 5 man that takes up space instead of one that can make jumpers (in case we need it) makes some sense, that is if Sheed is planning a comeback ala P.J. Brown 2008 (In my NYC circle PJ is known as straight '93 Mafia)

As I am all talked out about tonight's Miami Cleveland soap opera I thought this may stir some interesting dialogue.

If Jermaine continues to ail and Sheed is in shape, would you want him back?

Lets discuss before we are subjected to an evening of insanity in Cleveland.

By the way, tonight is another reminder of why we have the greatest team in basketball to support.

Celtics 4 Life.

The Coach 12/02/2010 06:07:00 PM Edit
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  1. Jenda says:

    There's no way whatsoever 'Sheed is in shape. He wasn't last season and he was active! Well, sorta.

  2. tb727 says:

    Yeah I'd take Rasheed back, just because at least he can make it onto the floor, something Jermaine hasn't done and I don't doubt will continue to do (cough, cough, wait til Jermaine's contract year lol).

  3. Anonymous says:

    if he is in shape, of course. better than semih anytime

  4. Karl says:

    If we could replace him for Jermaine sure. No need either way with Garnett and Shaq playing at the level they are. Interesting topic though.

  5. JR says:

    Jenda, how do you know that he's not in shape? My sources tell me that he's walking to his mailbox to pick up his weekly Celtics contract buyout checks with the same energy and speed he walked down court last year. ;)

  6. RoswellSounds says:

    Can´t be objective with this one... I would kill to see Sheed back with the C´s. Never wanted him to leave. Of course, the team needs some dedication & work ethic from Sheed. It´s the character missing in the pic right now. The lockeroom is getting totally bizarre right now, imagine if we add Wallace in the jam session!

    It would be historical. But he wouldn´t last ten games before being banned for life with this ridiculous tech foul rule.


  7. its me says:

    i miss sheed but i still think J.O will work out for us this year, just as long as he's healthy for the playoffs. i liked his D in the whole 2 games he's played in

  8. Brad says:

    Sheed coming back in time for the playoffs I would take in a heartbeat.

  9. celticfam wordaapp says:

    i do miss sheed and his ridiculous antics...his overall cliche sheedness style. but ill never forget being at the united center watching him put the ball in our own hoop against chicago...to put it nicely i was appalled and yelled. would be pretty great to add his name to the potential banner 18 march though.

  10. The Coach says:

    Good chatter, better than the Heat ass kicking of the Cavs.
    That was an embarrassment... thankfully it is over and we are back tomorrow night.

    I want KG to kick the sh#t out of Noah tomorrow night, really go to work with Shaq upfront and set the tone.

    With that being said Sheed with these personalities and the tech rules would be basketball entertainment of historical proportions...

  11. Bohemian says:

    Bring back the Sheed!! It would be awesome :)

    Still, it's early to say that the JO experiment has failed. He should be back in some games and his D will be big for this team

  12. Three Toe says:

    I was gonna say, Sheed got out just in time before the new tech rules. Also, what's the difference between J.O. not making to the floor to play and Sheed making it to the floor to not play? I remember he had a couple games in the regular season where he randomly showed up, and game 7 of the finals. Man if we had had that little low post bank shot that he was automatic with in the rest of those playoff games, maybe it wouldn't have been such a struggle.

  13. ronit07 says:

    HAHAHA first at jr's joke of the mailbox =D,I hope the JO will work for us when its playoffs time hmmm...talking of the heats, I saw a pic of lequeen smiling on the FT line while mo will was sad lol look here if you guys wanna see:http://www.nba.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/1012/gameaction1202/content.9.html

  14. Anonymous says:

    If available later in year and if needed [injury, etc.] otherwise the team is very balanced.....when Perk is ready physically to return then bring him back slowly [the first year after a bad knee....example KG.....always is slow/tentative, better to boost confidence and develop strength then blow it all....plus everyone mentions Perk doesn't have the strong offensive game as the great experienced Big Fellah in the middle......when Perk is healthy what better teacher than the Master of all time big men available today.....Perk stows his ego and works within the program and the Celtics pound the wannabes in the Playoffs and recharge the two big fives in the ring, and develop theyoung Turkish one in rotation.....can use the other Oneal as serious presence ala PJ, etc. off the bench as a Defensive stopper at 4-5 as necessary......these guys get 90% healthy and it gets really scarey for every team in the league.

  15. ronit07 says:

    Hey guys If you wanna have a laugh with the Cleveland cavs watch this vid,its really funny:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLXQf9RAzBM&feature=related

  16. Bohemian says:

    * Need for 'Sheed?: Old friend Rasheed Wallace visited the Garden for Friday's game and made a couple of appearances in the Chicago locker room to see old friends Tom Thibodeau and Brian Scalabrine. First Wallace crashed Thibodeau's postgame press conference, shouting, "I need a job!" Soon after, he peeked into the Bulls' locker room and mimicked the often-heard chant of "Scal-a-bri-ne!" to his former teammate.

    Did Thibodeau think he was serious? "I don't know," he said with a chuckle. "He's a good player."

    Wallace retired during the offseason after the Celtics bought out the final two years of his contract and waived him in August. Mounting injuries have left some wondering if Boston might give Wallace a ring to bolster its own frontcout down the road."


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