The Celtics came out on fire offensively and with a stifling defense. Since its the NBA, the Nuggets made a little run in the 2nd quarter, but the Celtics cruised to a 105 to 89 victory. In his post game interview KG credited the Celtics win streak and blowouts to their defense. Offensively, Ray Allen was unstoppable finishing with 28 points.

Rondo returned from his assortment of injuries and finished with 13 assists, but looked noticeably bothered by his hamstring and/or plantar fasciitis. Personally I would be giving him the time off now. The C's didn't rest Perkins last year when his plantar fasciitis was bothering him throughout the year and by the playoffs he wasn't the same player he was earlier in the season. Who knows? Maybe his foot problems led to some overcompensation and was a reason for the knee injury. Tangent over. Thanks for indulging me.

KG had a solid 17 and 9 and Baby paced the bench with 16 and 6. Carmelo Anthony was a late scratch for the Nuggets who were led by Ty Lawson's 24 points.

Line of the night goes to Big Baby, who after getting into verbally with Nene (and avoiding a lame Nene head butt) was heard saying "Watch your mouth homie!" Next game tomorrow night in Philly.

JR 12/08/2010 09:48:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dirty move by Nene. Usually he isnt the dirty type of player, but that was uncalled for. Good thing he missed, or that would have been another injury the Celts would have to deal with!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Did anybody else see Rondos first assist of the night!?!??!?!
    That AMAZING PASS BEHIND HIS HEAD to Ray wide open for the 3!! Play of the night for me!

  3. tb727 says:

    Tirico and Barry are GOD-AWFUL. UNLISTENABLE. They take "horrendous" to new depths. Get them away from microphones, they're abysmal...

  4. Anonymous says:

    lol @tb727
    Yea those guys arent the best huh.lol MIKE BREEN, MARK JACKSON, JEFF VAN GUNDY ARE THE BEST ON ESPN!! :D

  5. RoswellSounds says:

    Amazing start, horrible 2nd quarter and a really solid second half. To see Ray Ray play like today is a hell of a way to spend your day...

    ESPN? Can´t stand any of those scrubs. I would take Mike & Tommy over every single asshole working for ESPfu__ingN. Or rather hear only the sounds of the game and the stadium. Unless you need someone to explain every single play for you!

  6. Jenda says:

    that rondo pass was bananas! it sat chauncey on his ass! Pay of the week by all means.

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